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October 28, 2017 3:51 am

PG School District a “Leader” in Innovation says Fassbender

Monday, June 15, 2015 @ 1:16 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George School District is one of the “leaders” when it comes to innovation in the classroom.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender - photo 250 News

Education Minister Peter Fassbender – photo 250 News

That from Education Minister Peter Fassbender during today’s K-12 Innovation forum at the Coast Inn of the North.

“I think part of it is by necessity,” he said. “You’ve had declining enrollment so that brings a challenge. By the same token you’ve got partners in industry and business and other community agencies that are willing to step up and support the future, which is the kids.”

He says a good example is the relationship forged between Harwin Elementary and forest giant Canfor, which introduces grade 7 students to carpentry and electric trades.

“People like Canfor, who stepped up on the partnership with Harwin. You see these partnerships coming together where education isn’t expected to do it all on its own.”

Other examples of innovation shown during the forum included project based math at Duchess Park Secondary School, project based cultural learning at Nusdeh Yoh, and the explorations program at Heather Park.

Fassbender also addressed ongoing funding concerns raised by the Prince George School Board noting they’re “not always in agreement” with the Province.

“But we’re all here for the future of young people.”

He also didn’t close the door on future funding opportunities, acknowledging there should be a different provincial strategy when it comes to education in the North.

“Absolutely, and that’s one of the things we are talking about. Rural communities have different needs,” said Fassbender. “They want the same outcomes for their students but things like technology, access to high speed internet, all of these things that will help kids in rural communities getting access, we’re working on.”

Launched in the fall of 2012, BC’s Education Plan seeks to better engage students through more personalized learning and teach skills that apply in “our ever changing world.”

Prince George is the fifth stop in a series of provincial forums


Mr. Fassbender, 26% of students enrolled in School District #57 are Aboriginal, only half of those entering grade eight actually go on to graduate.

Let’s celebrate that innovation shall we?

Hey Mr. Fassbender; parents of special needs children are opting for home schooling in increasing numbers in this school district. They are saying their children’s needs are not being met, and funding levels are insufficient. This is not just problem in this school district but is a province wide problem.

www. cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/special-needs-kids-forced-to-leave-public-school-system-advocates-say-1.3038077

Let’s celebrate this innovation shall we?

Sophie, we set up an aboriginal school in PG! Perhaps you should go there and ask them what they are doing to improve attendance and ultimately the graduation rates of our local Native students?

It is thanks to the teachers and workers in Prince George. No thanks to the Liberals. Liberals have a hate on for the teachers and it shows. Yes, many parents opt for home schooling their children.

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