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October 28, 2017 3:49 am

Victoria to Add Aboriginal History to School Curriculum

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 @ 8:34 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The provincial government has announced plans to add Aboriginal education into the new K-12 curriculum.

It will include teachings on the history of Canada’s residential school system and is about to be released to teachers and schools.

The Province has received input on this initiative from the First Nations Schools Association, First Nations Education Steering Committee, the BC Teachers’ Federation and the Aboriginal Education unit of the education ministry.

“With education comes positive change,” said Peter Fassbender, Minister of Education. “Through the revised curriculum, we will be promoting greater understanding, empathy and respect for Aboriginal history and culture among students and their families.”

The changes come on the heels of Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report and its “calls to action.”


Will be interesting to see how it is presented. We barely learn anything about Canada.. this topic should be very short.

I told you: No more popsicle stick forts and trading posts. HBC a genocidal company..etc..etc…But at least now when the disruptive child with a learning disability creates havoc for the teacher and class, the school can excuse it all, because of the hardship their ancestors endured. Now the rest of the class can understand why some kids act out the way they do. It will solve everything. Wasn’t that easy?
I had to laugh at the suggestion that the BCTF had anything to contribute to this curriculum. I highly doubt it. They will reject it, without even looking at it, and accuse the government of perpetuating residential school policies. It is the progressive way: Notice how it has become ok to refer to the residential school system as genocide? Notice how, the diatribes from the left avoid any use of the word “cultural” to preface the word “genocide”? Now it is simply genocide, and apparently “we” killed thousands of aboriginals. With every apology and recognition comes a desire to increase the hyperbole and see just how ridiculous the commentary can get.
I did notice on the CBC how comments were permitted on the stories about Prince George’s white guilt and the native women who persevered even though they are victims in a million different ways, but as is the case with all media outlets, (this one included) comments about the need for audits of urban First nation aid societies were not allowed. What was it that MK has been involved in for years? Urban FN aid societies.

In School District 57, at present what seems to be covered by way of First Nations is some broad anthropological material, e.g. the different culture areas of North America. There is very little specific to BC or to this area, and very little about the present day. For example, to my knowledge there is no point at which students in this school district read, or learn about the content of, the Indian Act. The limited exception to this is the cultural content of the Carrier language courses and some other activities at Nusde Yoh. I have encountered UNBC students born and brought up in Prince George who literally had no idea what kind of native people live here. The level of ignorance is astounding.

Anyone who considers the Hudson’s Bay a genocidal company is just plain ignorant. The HBC was dependent on the aboriginal population for furs. The HBC influenced native life not only in introducing foreign ways but in pushing native people to devote more of their time to trapping than was traditional. If the aboriginal people had been wiped out, there would have been no supply of furs and the HBC would have been out of business. As a result, there was never any attempt by the HBC to kill aboriginal people on a large scale though of course there were small scale conflicts that involved bloodshed. Genocide only makes economic sense if a conqueror wants to replace the native population with its own. Trade or even colonial exploitation is impossible if the people you want to trade with or exploit are dead.

Though this might be okay, I still think parents should have the choice to opt out their children as they can opt out of French language ( unless they have changed that too?)….

Heard of the USA? They managed to colonize the west and simply imported the workforce. First from Africa, and now from Central and South America. I don’t believe the indigenous population played much of a role either way, except to get herded onto reservations.

What a mess, we have a well paid White Guy running the show , and the real Natives that know the real story are all dead. Most of the Native women married white guys.So who is a real First Nations person??

who’s history will be taught?

found a comment on cbc article that I find relevant:

“the most overlooked point made in this article, and one that i found incredibly compelling is that victimhood is a currency, and a closely guarded one at that.”

Jimmy Hughes the natives are never going to make you a second class Canadian citizen but your hero Steve just has . I highly suggest you google bill C-24 . All or any immigrants can now be deported at the pleasure of the government . No judges needed . You righties alway seem to worry about the wrong things .

Actually, in some parts of the western US there were two stages in the arrival of Europeans. First came the fur traders, who behaved like the HBC did here – it traded with the native population. It was later, when Europeans arrived with the intention of settling, that they began to displace and/or kill the native population.

Yes Loki, but did someone with Phd at the end of their name say it – or just one of the hard working ordinary Canadians that politicians like to court once every 4 years.

I have pondered this concept. I meet someone from Africa, who were raped, tortured, village burned, fled, made their way to a refugee camp, managed to get taken in as a refugee to Canada – and learn the language, get some skills, take a low paying job, save their money, move up, and are full fledged contributors to society – no mention of special treatment for what they endured. Why can’t FN victims do the same?

I am coming to the opinion that it is not in the best interest of: Federal Government employees of DIA, FN leadership and assorted FN governments, to ever help their people to become self sustaining, because like welfare, it’s an industry now, and it needs fodder to keep on keeping on. I think we European descendants don’t have to hang our heads low with shame much longer, once it becomes clear that government employees, and FN leaders, worked hand in hand, along with well paid lawyers, to keep the merry go round moving.

I met Manny Jules 25 or so years ago – and he talked with me about his plans for his people (and he really wasn’t anyone at that time) – go take a look at the Kamloops reserve – a people who hold their heads high, self sufficient, lots of jobs – because way back when, someone cared about them and fought the DIA, Revenue Canada – and prevailed. FN need a few more leaders like him.

“we have a well paid White Guy running the show” who?

“the real Natives that know the real story are all dead.”

That’s true everywhere in the sense that the people who directly experienced history of more than two or three generations ago are now dead.

“Most of the Native women married white guys.”

Really? There has been a good deal of intermarriage, but “most of the native women”? Any documentation for that? That certainly isn’t the case in the genealogies I have seen.

I never said I was concerned about being a second class citizen. I was born into a country (Zambia), where I was a minority. I lived for years in another African country (Malawi), where I was a minority as well. I don’t care what the ethnicity of the government is, as long as it is interested in the continued prosperity of this province.
Oh, and that included attending a boarding school where the “white” population was in minority as well as having corporal punishment. So, I have a little bit of experience seeing things from the other side. Unlike the doe eyed progressives in here, who haven’t experienced anything but what they have lifted from the internet.

I don’t see why everyone is so concerned about Bill C24, I’m not a terrorist or criminal so what do I care!

So don’t bother reading the bill jimmy . It’ll take two minutes away from your selfindulgence .

billposer; You are right most of the Native women diden’t marry white guys but lots did and lots of Native guys married white women , I know this as my brother and sister are married to Natives. The question is how many true First Nations people are left?? The seniors I have met are pure Gold.Lots of people wish they had Native blood in them to get the benefits as they have sure helped my Family.

One thing HBC did was when immigrants where coming to canada if a man of marrying age was single he had to marry a native.. HBC actually tried to make both race work together.. I have a few great great great uncles who married natives on their arrival to Canada.. and that is why I am a small part Metis.

I did some research when I found this out.. its was very interesting and was cool to read what my relatives did way back when.

Jimmy Hughes.. if there is a way you could be more wrong I dont know it..lol dont be scared to do some research once in awhile..you may learn something and in turn your posts would be worthwhile. as they certainly are not at this time.

As for the content of the curriculum for native teaching I hope its factual and not written as a sob story.

What am I researching, Valerie? English grammar and comprehension? Next.

“History is written by the victors…” Nothing new here.

LOL.. its always funny when someone attacks ones spelling or grammer on here.. that means they have nothing left to say.. next I would expect a personal attack…LOL

Any adult that uses LOL in a web posting, email, etc., especially twice, should be ignored. It’s embarrassing, actually.

Oh look the Kool-Aid drinkers are supporting their favourite premier’s curriculum changes. This is what gets a progressive all tied up and not knowing which way to turn. On one hand it is obviously racist to oppose the new native curriculum, but on the other, it is being tabled by that jack-booted Dame in Victoria. Oh the quandary. Cue..much navel gazing and hand-wringing.

Valerie..you of all people should realize I NEVER run out of things to say. I call everything out and take the time to phrase my posts in such a way as NOT to get them deleted, so feel free to continue making it up as you go along. Next.

Can someone tell me what job in this day and age needs the retirement of now the FN language. Seriously if someone wants to take the language in school they can just keep it out of the curriculum because there is a lot more important things to learn in life.

Just put of curiosity is all this FN stuff happening so the oil and gas can be put in?

Ski51 I think nailed it, native issues have turned into a lucrative industry and notice how the whoe is me crowd never seem to mention the successful bands and mass media like the CBC just keep feeding this misinformation.

I agree though more native history should be taught but will history be rewritten. Before non natives this was no garden of Eden in North America. Wars, slavery, genocide, hey the natives had it all.

What if north America had been invaded by a Genghis Kahn?

Education overcomes ignorance everytime. I am glad to see they are going to be introducing Native History, and specifically Residential School cultural genocide, into the school curriculum.

Judging by the comments yesterday on the renaming of a local park, I am hoping the next generation will be more understanding, and empathetic to our Aboriginal people.

Oh c’mon..I couldn’t resist: “our”??? You just can’t help yourself can you?

You can see how the residential school program became an institution. Progressives thought of the FN as their responsibility to care for. What that form took, depended on the morals of the day, but there remains little doubt, that mentality persists to this day.

VOR get with the times..daddyO. Lol it’s hip,it’s cool, don’t be a square .. That better for you ? LOL

A young policeman has just lost his life leaving behind two sons, the pain of losing a loved one is nearly unbearable , who cares about the name change of a park or history in Schools. We have to get on with what is going on now.

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