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October 28, 2017 3:49 am

“Thousands” Participate in Anti-Terrorism Town Hall

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 @ 11:10 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Over three thousand people took part in an “anti-terrorism” telephone town hall in NDP MP Nathan Cullen’s Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding last night.

NDP MP Nathan Cullen

NDP MP Nathan Cullen

He says the focus was on Bill C-51, which just passed the Senate last week, and says the town hall allowed people to ask questions.

“The questions we were asking were should the bill be rescinded, should it be amended, are you in favour of it and it was overwhelming, more than 70% are opposed to the bill in Skeena.”

Cullen says the one of the most powerful questions during the one hour conversation was from an ex-military veteran.

“One caller talked about how he had served in the Canadian military for more than 20 years protecting democracies across the globe and couldn’t believe that in Canada he’s seeing this happen,” he says. “That kind of testimony is incredibly powerful and persuasive.”

Why hold the town hall after the bill has already passed?

“Because people keep asking me about it either out of concern or they don’t understand what it will do, allowing the spy agency to spy on Canadians, tap their phones and read your emails.”

Cullen also notes the NDP have pledged to rescind the bill if they win this October’s federal election.


Not 100%? I can be sure not one conservative called this gong show, so why the lack of support within the lemmings?
“One caller talked about how he had served in the Canadian military for more than 20 years protecting democracies across the globe…” Hyperbole much? Flying a desk in a supply depot is sure heroic work, apparently. Who knew?

Bill C-51 is stupid. It does nothing substantive to fight terrorism; it is simply a pre-election scare tactic.
“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
Benjamin Franklin

I wonder if Ben’s 2 coloured “servants” felt like they enjoyed much liberty.

Bill C-51 will be used as soon as protesters try and stop the pipelines…. that you can be sure of….
terrorism isn’t under the criminal code so you don’t get the same rights, so you can be locked up for as long as the government likes with out any courts etc…

Ouch – Jimmy. It’s Ben Franklin man – you can’t question anything he said. Wonder what the relatives of the 3000 people that died in 911 think about this topic. Besides, Harper amended the bill with the changes the Liberals asked for.

Jimmy, the 70% opposed was of those in Skeena. The article did not say it was 70% of those who called in. Please do learn to read.

Do you know who this military veteran is, since you are so emphatic that he was a desk jockey in supplies? Please do enlighten us with the details of his service. If you don’t know him, perhaps you should apologise for your rather ignorant defamation of a veteran who fought on our behalf. Having freedom of speech does not give you the right to insult people when their opinions don’t result in them kissing Harper’s backside, as you so obviously want. Even if he had been in supplies, he has done far more for Canadian democracy than Harper and his ilk have ever done. Even supplies staff get killed in war, or don’t you know that? Perhaps you just don’t care!

While I am not a veteran, I do identify with that group and as such feel entitled to speak on their behalf. I don’t recall (get-it?) mentioning the Prime Minister in any of my comments. Please quote me.

ammonra; I don’t think Jimmy will be replying to your comment any time soon as he has shot his load early, and has reached his ten (10) alloted comments per day… thank goodness!

Hey moderator; Jimmy is at comment number 11 today please give us a break… LOL.

‘Anonymous’ says it cyberattacked federal government to protest Bill C-51

Hey Cullen there is proof that we need bill C-51 right there, black and white.

70% of Skeena well we know most of them are a bit out there protesting everything while running around in their petroleum based fleece. That 70% doesn’t amount to much.

Bcracer so you support violence to stop the pipeline is that what you are saying. Careful how you reply, Harper is watching. Who says you get to pick and choose your violence.

C-51 is all about suppression and ending free speech. Its sad when you think about what is happening to Canada the Canada my father, brother and Grandfather fought to protect, from the very laws this government has enacted. have the good fight on election day but don’t use laws that suppress the voice of Canadians whether you agree with their points of view or not. Canada was the voice of reason and had support and respect from nations all over the world, today we have no direction, no real principals were just trying to be something were not and that’s a world military power, its a sad day for sure.

The opposition to Bill C-51 is earnest and deserves to be heard. The merits or lack thereof can be debated without getting hysterical and invoking Godwin’s Law.
Remember we are only a few threads removed from the Truth and Reconciliation topic, where Canada’s past governments hardly covered themselves in glory. So before you slip into ridiculous hyperbole, be reassured that we enjoy far and away more governmental transparency than we ever did in the past.

Jimmy, Harper introduced and was responsible for Bill C51. That is how he comes into it. Secondly, you do not represent veterans, you speak for yourself alone. To claim otherwise is narcissistic in the extreme. I do not get your “recall” reference. Please explain.

You don’t say? Adopting the persona or cultural tendencies of another group without enduring the same societal struggles is wrong? Who knew? The progressive handbook must have been amended, since…yesterday!
Seems like you are the only one uttering the Prime Minister’s name. Again.

Not much understanding about the bill here. I have reviewed it and it needs changes in some parts but over all its about catching up with technology.

OMG ammonra, the Harper Government introduced Bill C-51, and Anonymous attacked the federal governments computers because of that Bill; then this means *gulp* that the “root cause of terrorism” is the Harper Government… OMG!!!

I completely support the right of Jimmy Hughes, to write whatever ever ignorant tripe he wants to. That’s the great thing about freedom of expression; it ensures that you can identify who the fools are so that you can steer clear of them or just put the ignore button on whenever they speak or write. In a place of censorship, you sometimes don’t know who these people are until it’s too late.

The Canadian Forces veteran who was poised to run for the federal Liberals in the northern Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova has resigned as the candidate over his opposition to Justin Trudeau’s support for Bill C-51.

Veteran resigns N.S. candidacy in protest against Trudeau’s support for security bill

(Remove the space between http and : and put into your computer’s address bar)

http ://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/veteran-resigns-ns-candidacy-in-protest-against-trudeaus-support-for-security-bill/article24956480/

Bill C-51 has passed and is now the law. Get used to it.

Its time people quit blaming Harper for all their problems, it becomes so boring. Harper did this, Harper did that, Harper is bad, Harper is a dictator, and on and on it goes. Most of the people who criticize Harper haven’t got a clue as to what they are talking about.

Canada is a Country that is very free to live in. I defy anyone of the posters on this site to give any example where any of their freedoms were taken away by this Government or any other Government in Canada.

Time for people to grow up and realize there is no threat here. Most of the opposition to this bill comes from the political left, who are using any issue they can to try and get elected.

I can understand the political angle, however I don’t understand how some people can actually buy into this C-51 will take away your rights.

So I wait with bated breath for the first case of C-51 being used against a law abiding citizen. I think I will have a long wait.

Yeah, okay Will Kempe. Thanks for coming out, I had a bit of a laugh.

Sine Nomine. Give us some examples. You like a lot of posters are big on hyperbole, but short on facts.

You should just be grateful that people are willing to take up the defense of your freedoms, even if you’re not intelligent enough yourself to realize when they’re in jeopardy, and then be silent. You’d rather hang on to your ideology like a dog with a bone, rather than be circumspect about whether or not your leader actually represents YOUR interests and the interests of the majority of your countrymen.

If you aren’t up to speed on the abuses that have been carried out under Bill C-36, then maybe you should stop wasting (what must be hundreds of hours a year) of your life typing the same nonsense over and over again on this site and read something other than neo liberal propaganda for a change.

For a democracy to exist, you must have the rule of law, and government that respects it — the Harper government does not respect the rule of law. If they did, they wouldn’t continually write legislation into law that offend the spirit and principles of liberty enshrined in the Charter and the Constitution. For any one organization (with little to no oversight) to be able to suspend due process without explanation is very dangerous and a slippery slope.

We don’t need terrorism laws that suspend our civil liberties at will, we need better foreign and social policies. We need leadership that respects the rights and freedoms of its citizenry and works to strengthen them, not weaken them. It’s already been demonstrated that the government has been sticking it’s nose where it doesn’t belong, this legislation is just about shielding themselves from being exposed and prosecuted for breaches of the Charter.

Harper needs to go, and I don’t care what hue and cry the people rally around to oust this corrupt man from office. I’m personally far more angry about the China-Canada FIPA deal that Harper used his royal prerogative to ratify and ties us to the agreement for 31 years with or without Harper. C-51 can be rescinded by anyone who gets into office, as I expect will happen, but we’re stuck with that FIPA until 2045. Have you read that? I suppose you figure China won’t exercise it’s discretion there either?

Run along now jester and either do some back flips or read a book for a change.

Oh dear sine won’t be able to sleep tonight in his rage.

Short on examples.

Very short on examples I would say. Same old hum drum. Knocking an agreement with China, when most of the jobs in Western Canada are dependent on Chinese exports.

China and the rest of the world will move forward with or without Canada.

Harper in just a Canadian politician, a cut above most, but still just a small timer in a big game. He does however have the sense to see how terrorism will change in the future, and is doing something about it.

The world keeps evolving Sine Nomine, and we need to evolve with it. That means we need up to date technology to ensure that we are on top of the situation.

This can all be done without anyones rights being trampled on.

Why don’t you just admit that you are a disgruntled Liberal or NDP’er and you hate the idea of Harper and the Conservatives running the Country.

If blaming Harper for all our problems make you feel good, then carry on, however there is more to life, that playing the blame game.

You might think that we don’t need these laws, but who the H are you. I think that at this point in time I will stick with Harper.

Sine Nomine. Democracy does exist in Canada, we do have the rule of law, the constitution and the charter. In fact we have had these things for quite sometime.

If you think that your prattle on this site will make Harper and the Conservatives worried you need to do a rethink. I suggest that you get off your butt, and actually do something . Perhaps you could run for Parliament and make some changes. I wish you luck

“I completely support the right of Jimmy Hughes, to write whatever ever ignorant tripe he wants to.”

That’s awesome Sine! :-)

Pal you’re continuously telling others to get off their butts and do something. What have you done?

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