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October 28, 2017 3:49 am

Government Servers Under Attack says Report

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 @ 11:32 AM

Prince George, B.C.- According to a report  on CKNW in Vancouver, several  Federal Government  computer servers are under a “cyber attack”.

The  report  says  Treasury Board President Tony Clement has confirmed that several  Government websites have crashed, including Environment Canada,  the Department of Foreign Affairs and Shared Services. He has advised that until full service is restored, the public should use 1-800-OCanada.

The Government’s  Acting Chief Information Officer, Dave Adamson has issued a brief note,   confirming the attack “On June 17, Government of Canada websites were affected by a denial of service attack, impacting e-mail, internet access and information technology assets. We are working on restoring services as soon as possible.  We continue to be vigilant in monitoring any potential vulnerabilities.”



They are at a loss to figure out who it could be.

Anonymous has posted a video taking responsibility for the Denial-Of-Service attack, in protest of the Gov’t anti-terrorism bill.

you would think the government would know enough to protect their servers and if not the servers at least the information they contain…
it is pretty simple actually….
Don’t Store sensitive Information on computers that are accessible from the internet….
I am not computer brain but I got that much figured out.

@bcracer a denial of service attack does not hack into a website or server it makes the network unavailable to users, it sends so many requests at the same time that the network can’t keep up.

‘Anonymous’ says it cyberattacked federal government to protest Bill C-51

Then people wonder why we need bill C-51! Proof in its need is right there, black and white.

Telus Shared webhosting was down for all of Canada today also. Was back up at 2pm PST

“Then people wonder why we need bill C-51! Proof in its need is right there, black and white.”

Thanks for my daily laugh!

So you laugh about government servers being compromised, maybe your medical records next. Hey maybe your income tax info. Laugh away.

seamutt, the “root cause of terrorism” is quite clear in this instance; The Harper government brought into law Bill C-51, the group Anonymous attacked the governments computer sites because of Bill C-51, therefore we can definitively say the root cause of terrorism is the Harper Government. :-)

anniemartin if all the important computers were not on line there wouldn’t be a denial of service or a hacking or anything else….if it is not accessible it can’t be messed with

Ha ha!

Computers not on line?

If the computers are not online then what good are they? How can you access the needed information? Go back to snail mail? Crow carrying a note :) We have given up our privacy the minute we logged on for the first time.

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