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Friday Free For All – June 19th

Thursday, June 18, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Here we are,  at the  end of another week, and  heading into what  looks to be a very  busy weekend.

It is your day to speak up on the issues that matter to you.

It is time for the FRIDAY FREE FOR ALL.

You pick the topic,  but please, there are only three simple rules to obey,  and  we expect you to  honour them:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying


L E T   ‘E R   R I P !!!


Thank you to our City Council for acknowledging the past by moving forward and renaming Fort George Park to Lheidlit’enneh Memorial Park.

The following numbers are from the credit market summary data table released by Statistics Canada last Friday:

At the end of March, 2015 the total household, government (all levels) and business debt in Canada (bottom line of the credit market summary data table – total debt outstanding) was $5.89 trillion.

In the first 3 months of this year the total debt outstanding in Canada increased by $122 billion. For that 90 day period it increased at a rate of $1.35 billion per day.

In the calendar year 2014 the total debt outstanding in Canada increased by $258 billion. In 2013 it increased by $287 billion. In 2012 it increased by $272 billion.

The start date of the data table can be changed by clicking on the “add/remove data” tab at the top of the page.

(Remove the space between http and : and put into your computer’s address bar.)

http ://www5.statcan.gc.ca/cansim/pick-choisir?lang=eng&p2=33&id=3780122

Editorial: Public inquiry needed now on health ministry fiasco

(Remove the space between http and : and put into your computer’s address bar)

http ://www.vancouversun.com/opinion/editorials/Editorial+Public+inquiry+needed+health+ministry/11147620/story.html

Pressure mounts for inquiry into health firings

Former deputy minister says full public airing of facts needed

(Remove the space between http and : and put into your computer’s address bar)

http ://www.vancouversun.com/Pressure+mounts+inquiry+into+health+firings/11148809/story.html

Here’s a big middle finger to City Council for renaming a park without any sort of public input, furthermore those Councilors I personally know please do not be offended when I do not address you by your given name. I am in a name changing mood this week so I guess you will find out your new name when we meet next.

My apology’s to Councilor Kohler. I didn’t vote for you because I thought you lacked the guts to stand up, you did and I was wrong. The rest of you can look elsewhere for a vote, you shall never have mine again.

I think it would be great if at some point in time 250 News becomes more user friendly when people post comments which have links in them.

Last week I promised I would make a good news announcement / comment about the Harper Government, and what I am about to reveal to you here and now is truly remarkable and amazing, ladies and gentlemen;…. the Harper Government has eliminated poverty in Canada!!! OMG, OMG… yes it’s true, and you can hear it, and see it, with your own ears and eyes here:

www. youtube.com/watch?v=ncUtF2E7D8Y

This is, of course, our very own Chris Alexander; Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Just a short survey here folks; how would you best describe Mr. Alexander’s grasp on reality:

A. Out of touch
B. Delusional
C. Both of the above

Oh, and have a great weekend :-)

I would describe neither Sophic nor Sage’s grasp on reality as both out of touch and delusional.

How about that YRB. Didn’t they do an awesome job on the blacktop repair over the Wright creek bridge on Hwy 97 north of PG? And what about the line painting crew employed in our city this year? Are they drug addicts or do they need a seeing eye dog to help them get the lines painted correctly? My goodness, what a bunch of cluster $%^%$$#&((*^

Got to love knee jerk reactions to renaming a public property without consultation all to appease a minority of the population who once again get their way with some pouting.

I think its great to have new lines painted this early in the season. The wiggly or misplaced ones I have to sort of attribute to someone operating who is just learning.
With the way so many drivers disregard the lines anyway, I suspect the mis-painted ones will soon disappear.

Posted on Friday, June 19, 2015 @ 12:34 AM by charles

I think it would be great if at some point in time 250 News becomes more user friendly when people post comments which have links in them.


An ignore button would be a god-send. That way, when people continue to post links to someone else’ opinion, we don’t have to wear down the scroll wheels on our mice.


If you reference a link in a post and leave a line or two above and below it then you do not have to add all the http, dubya dubya dubya and slash. For example:


If people don’t recognize it is a link and don’t know enough to. C&P into new tab then they should box their computer and return it to the stor

well said billyinpg

if you negative nancys put as much effort into REAL civic pride as you do complaining about this name change then you might realize that this city is doing some great things right now.

I agree phje. I really don’t see the problem with the name change. Make an effort to learn how to spell and pronounce the name. Google Lheidli T’enneh and learn about them and how they manage themselves. Open up your minds a bit.

I just read in the Citizen that Noahs Ark adventureland is closing down this September. If you have not been there and have little ones, make the quick trip up to visit the farm. They will be missed.

On the topic of Road Paint- Why does the paint wear off so quickly? After sections of our roads get re-paved, and the initial lane markings are applied (the 10″ white separation markings about 8-10ft apart), the paint on these “temporary” lines far outlast the “permanent” markings. After one winter, often the initial markings are still visible long after the road paint is gone.

Dearth said, “Got to love knee jerk reactions to renaming a public property without consultation all to appease a minority of the population who once again get their way with some pouting.”

Hilarious, considering that all the opponents to the renaming of the park are a small minority, pouting as they whinge away about not being asked for their permission and threatening to take their ball home if they’re not allowed to be in charge.

If you don’t like it, run for Council at the next election on the issue of restoring the old name. Let’s see how much support you get.

why do road paint disappear so quickly. because the bleeding hearts took all the good stuff out of the paint. Thus it no longer has the ability to adhere well, nor fight of the UV.

Take house paint for example now. No more good old Enamel paint. The oil gave the paint the elasticity to deal with the sun, and thermal expansion. Of course they took the lead out of the paint last decade. Pretty soon, it will be water and food coloring.

Well put ammonra

why do the new turning lanes on the street all have big wow on them now. Is it intentional or is the contractor have consistent hiccups.

Ammonra. I suppose those who ran for Council last election, told the public that they proposed to change the name. Not bloody likely.

People are entitled to some input in what takes place in their community. This name situation was not handled correctly and has been in the works for some time. You will note that M Krause never mentioned it until after the election. Hmmmmm Must have been an oversight on his part.

In any event it is what it is. The City will have to find another way to recognize the arrival of the Hudson Bay Trading post etc; Perhaps now that Central Fort George, South Fort George, Fort George, and Prince George are all one and the same, we can find a new name for Prince George.

Nine people shot and killed by a person welcomed into their freaking bible study, but yes – what a horrible tragedy it is that a park has a new name. It truly is the end times. :|


You DID have input, you elected this council. We elect council to make decisions on our behalf, and this one, was the correct one.

Who cares about the renaming of the park, world news right now, some kid got a hair cut.

A few months ago the city announced what streets are getting paved. On that list it listed 4th Avenue between Winnipeg and Queensway. That must be happening soon because they just did the line painting. Nice job.

The road paint that is being used now is ironically enough water based as someone in their infinite wisdom decided that oil based road markings were harmful to the environment so now instead of replacing the markings every 3-5 yrs it is now done yearly

It’s only a name change. It’s not as if we gave them the title to the land. We just titled the land with a name.

In the grand scheme of things, the park is still going to be known as Fort George Park to most of the people here. Like earlier posting, it is going to take a couple of generation or three before the transition is completed. By then, so many of the first nation people will be intergrated into the mainstream, they will have their own struggle trying find their own identity.

All we need is a phonics lesson on how to say it.

This park renanaming has irritated me to the core. Council has lost this voters support ..and I actually DO vote.

phje. Nice try phje. I agree we elect Councils to make decisions for us, however we also expect them to give us some indication of what they stand for, and what they would like to do while in Council. We need some basis for making the decision in the first place.

In the case of M Krause, he never indicated that he was proposing a change to the name of this park before the election, even though that was his intent. Did he not mention it because he thought it would cost him votes. Quite possible.

In any event we don’t (or shouldn’t) just blindly elect Councilors to make decisions for us. We need to have some indication as to what they stand for.

We will have this Council for the next three and one half years, and I have yet to hear any of them indicate what it is they hope to accomplish for the Citizens of Prince George during that time frame.

Honestly Pal,

Get over it.


That’s only $168,285.71 for every man woman and child in Canada. It is so simple to live within ones means,and fully 40% of the population does. Unfortunately the electorate votes in like minded idiots instead of fiscally responsible people. Any politician that actually ran on fiscal truths would be ridiculed and thown to the curb.


Have to agree that the current mayor and council have not made their goals and objectives clear. On the city’s website the myPG Stratigic plan includes everything but the kitchen sink and not one names the person responsible to ensure progress is made and worse yet no way to measure any progress or lack thereof.

Council priorities are from 2014…..Hello!!! We are half way through 2015 with a bunch of new faces around the table might be time to plot a course.


Most dog owners know that it is tempting but not too smart to open the door early in the morning to let the pit bull out to roam the streets and do his business!

They know that there is a leash law and that dog owners are responsible for any personal injury inflicted on people out for a morning walk! Their laziness could be their financial ruin and harm or even kill a person! Yet, someone still likes to gamble by breaking the law!

Sparrow, may be they are using the Opinion 250 blog site to measure their success, and how people react too their decision making.

Where natives consulted about the name change or steam rolled as in the past?

I get a kick out of the posters who criticise those who question the name change, as if they have no rights. Get it.

Boycott the “New Park”

“awesome job on the blacktop repair over the Wright creek bridge”

So I’m not the only one who suspects that the YRB crew left a large rock projecting above the roadway and paved over it?
Just kidding, but there sure is a large, hard bump in the south bound lane just off the south end of the bridge.
Can’t steer around it if traffic is coming northbound.
Don’t these people check the results of their own work?
I know the M.O.H. checks on these things, hope they notice this poor finish soon.

I have a young relative deep in student debt trying to work and going to school, no holidays for him. Congratulations to the young Dr. who made it, article in the Citizen today. I just wish all students had the help and encouragement she had.

Speaking of YRB….is there anything they can do about the 3 feet tall weeds growing out of all the traffic islands and medians ? I was really thinking how bush league it makes the town look. And then I saw the paint lines on the city streets…….


Have a look at this following link. Might be some relief for your relative if it applies to there studies and occupation.


There may not have been a long consultation period, but the proposed name change was extremely well publicized and Council received lots of input. It was announced and debated here, at the Citizen,, and on Facebook, at least. The councilors and the Mayor all reported receiving hundreds of emails, phone calls, and text messages about the name change. So it seems to me that it was hardly snuck onto the agenda or passed without debate.

Call it Lheidli Tenneh – Fort George Memorial Park and please everybody.
Recognizes local native history, and local settler history.

Good morning to all my friends in George. Lovely sunny morning in Abby this am. see you have some grey cloud over PG. hope it clears up and all the whiners on the site cheer up.

What they need to do with Fort George park was to increase the maintenance and get rid of the plantain. They cut the grass so short and water so little that the only growth is weeds. But then that’s Prince Georges way of doing things.

I will leave you there and check back later to see all the negative comments by harpers friends That think its OK to act like morons.

metalman; Right on why did they not think of this , it would have saved a lot of conflict and money. I wonder if conflict is what some people wanted to be used as a tool to get more wants. What happened to Gus??

Hey the biggest hypocrite on the site showed up to call us a name and poke a little insult at our city AGAIN. But don’t dare say anything bad about their dear old Abby or they get all butthurt and cry and whine that we are mean. I actually feel sorry for how sad your life must be R02. Try to have a good weekend.

For every person singing the praises of renaming the Park, I can assure you there are hundreds that don’t and never will agree with you. For those of you that see this act as progressive or forward thinking, I think you need to look closer and see it for what it really is. A political move of some sort and nothing more. One can only guess at the motivation behind this.

LT park ! Simple . Hopefully the young folks that will inherit the park and all the hate that a simple name change has generated on the right , are more intelligent , better educated and more tolerant than are their parents .

Politicians and diapers need to be changed often, and for the same reason.

Here is an interesting read on how “science” is turning into a joke


I just read the Krause guest editorial in Thursday’s citizen, the only issue of that heavily biased paper I thumb through since it shows up free. He sounds quite happy with himself for pulling off this name change but also celebrates the progressive and caring community Prince George has become in the last 100 years. I am thinking now that he has said that he should be happy for the suggested name,” Lheidli Tenneh – Fort George Memorial Park” to recognize both cultures unless there is bias involved.

Thank you intercepter I knew there would be some harper lovers that would have to comment and don’t give me the image that PG is super clean an does things properly. I lived there for more then 30 years and know how things are done in the Northern Capital.

If you think my remarks are derogatory I can fill an entire book on PG on how they do things. Heavens they don’t even know how to drive or know the motor vehicle act. Keep left except to pass is about the extent of your knowledge.

R2 I hope your local girl Sophie Schmidt recovers before the next match . Who’d have thought team canada would make it to the sixteens ? They are up against the Swiss . Theyre tough customers and tall enough to play basketball . Hard to believe they are being made to play on artificial pitches . The men would never agree to that . Breathing in all those ground up tires bits is really bad for your health .

Boundary Road. Watched the discussion at the Council meeting and couldn’t help but notice the confusion on the part of Councilors Merrick and Skakun as they tried several times to get answers from Wells and Dyer. They wanted to know if this deal was going to cost the taxpayer. It was amusing to note that Wells and Dyer were contradicting one another while trying to answer the questions. Merrick and Skakun finally gave up.
Rempel,a private developer from Vancouver who owns 498 hectares of land along Boundary Rd, invested $6 million as part of the $28m development thereby, “allowing” the project to be eligible to receive $15million in prov and fed grant money with the City footing the rest ($6.9 million)
Now, the City has entered into an agreement with this developer paying back his contribution to the project making this development wholly paid for by the taxpayer. The City’s spin is that they’ll recoup that amount minus the $18,900/hectare they’ll have to pay Rempel when (I’ll add if) other investors/developers buy property in this development.


If everyone “lived within their means” probably a huge number of people nowadays would have no “means”.

I love Sophie Schmidt, Ataloss. It makes no sense to engage with those that have no vision. I’m out of here and you have your laugh and listen to the ignorant rage .

R02…those Abby drivers are at it again. I was thinking how empty your life must be when you waste so much of it by criticizing anything and everything about “George”. Sucks to be you.

Glad to read at least two of us are association football supporters . As for listening to ignorant rants . I never use my text to speech program in comment sections . It makes them sound even more stupid in mono tone . It is funny though .

More like at a complete loss. The Canadian Women are ranked number 8 in the world, why wouldn’t they progress to the round of 16? They won a bronze medal at the last Olympics. Oh yeah you are not a fan, but rather a troll.

Now Abby is the center of the bible belt and the city righteously covered the homeless grounds in chicken sh+t. Nice place, nice people, not.

Those so concerned with keeping the history of the fur trading post seem not to know it. People keep talking about the Hudson’s Bay post. It was originally a Northwest Company post, established in 1897 by Simon Fraser. Such notables as Alexander Mackenzie, Simon Fraser, and Daniel Harmon all worked for the Northwest Company. Fort George only became a Hudson’s Bay Company post when the two companies merged in 1821.

Oops. Finger slipped. The Northwest Company post here was established in 1807, not 1897.

On the line marking issue, an article in the citizen noted that the contractor had successfully bid on the line marking contract which apparently required the contractor to have demonstrated experience in this type of work. My question is who at the city offices did the due diligence before the contract was awarded? Having seen some of the many examples of the poor workmanship around town by this contractor, I suggest that next year the city just tie a brush to a pigs tail and let it loose. Same result. Does each contract not have a performance clause and if so why is it not being used to cancel it? Perhaps council should have a look into this. Perhaps local is better.

I guess with the latest report tabled by the RCMP in regards to “Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women” and to whom the blame lies 100% of the time in, all solved cases, having the word “Memorial” included within the new name of FG park, seems appropriate.

Retired 02 had to go change his diaper again. He’ll be back…

Speaking of Missing Women not all are Native, What is happening with the Anita T case?? her car was found at the willow river at the rest stop and still no sign of her.

Update: Police rule out murder in disappearance of woman on Highway of Tears

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980
Shane Woodford
December 02, 2014 02:29 am

Prince George RCMP say they do not suspect anything untoward, after a woman vanished in the area last week.

Corporal Craig Douglass says the search for 49 year old Anita Thorne was called off Sunday even though a car belonging to her was found.

“Along Highway 16 where it crosses the Willow River. This particular section of the Willow river is very rough rough, rocky faced, and very powerful. There is a popular trail that sort of goes along that river.”

As for anything ominous in her disappearance..

“In this investigation there is no reason at this point to believe there is any foul play involved.”

Douglass says until evidence or new information is found to focus a new search, things remain on hold.

In this press release, I found it interesting that the RCMP would state; “… there is no reason at this point to believe there is any foul play involved”. They must be assuming she comitted suicide by throwing herself into the river? Or she accidentally fell into the river? Given the history of murdered and missing women up here, I would automatically assume there is foul play involved.

Sophic, any idea what foul play means? Don’t you think they researched this in ways you don’t have knowledge of? It simply means they have no evidence at this point in time a murder has been committed.

Drove in to town this morning and got stuck behind a bunch of logging trucks who decided they owned the road. Two loaded trucks in the left lane were keeping pace with the three loaded trucks in the right lane. I left the Highway at 5th and they were still going straight through. Wonder what they were doing, I usually don’t see that many idiots in a group.

I predict a short life span for the idiot in the white SUV who decided that the two or three car lengths between two of the rigs was meant for him.

I would think that Antia’s case was not assigned to the E-PANA division, because if they had assigned it to that division, they would be suspecting a Highway of Tears connection.

It’s a good thing anyway, as this Christy Clark government made cuts to that investigation unit, laying off or reassigning many of it’s investigators.

I agree with Sopic, I think something has happened to Anita as I do not think she took her own life , this lady was full of life and had everything to live for. Grizzly I do not agree with you ,do you think they will ever have evidence of any kind.I hope the police have not given up.


Sadly, I can not argue with you on that point.

Rest in peace…
Ethel Lee Lance, 70
Tywanza Sanders, 26
Daniel Simmons Sr., 74
Senator Clementa Pinckney, 41
Rev. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, 45
DePayne Middleton-Doctor, 49
Cynthia Hurd, 54
Myra Thompson, 59
Susie Jackson, 87

I would say if Anita’s ex was an RCMP member… then maybe its the new independent investigators that should be investigating, rather than the RCMP themselves?

Billposer… the 1807 date was also significant in that it was only the third European settlement west of the Rockies… so a significant part of all of our history that deserves recognition.

With respect to my first comment about Chris Alexander saying the Harper Government has eliminated poverty in Canada; perhaps we should buy him a one way airfare ticket to Attawapiskat First Nation, so he can find out what it’s like to squat and chite in a bucket in the corner of some shanty shack room.

Perhaps while he is having his “movement” he will have the epiphany that his right wing ideological rhetoric is not reality based? 50% of First Nation’s children live in poverty in Canada, we still have inuit scavenging through garbage dumps up north looking for food scraps, BC has the highest child poverty rate in Canada, and homeless people do exist in Canada.

This man, and his party, are delusional.

I think the big failure of council was in their discretion to throw out due process for such an important central aspect to PG’s culture and past.

Murry Krause is is guilty of a gross violation of the spirit of a democracy. He states he had it in the plans for 3-years, and yet monopolizes the process through his hidden agenda during the election when people were to be informed of what kind of mandate was being voted for. The guy represents the worst aspect of those who show a complete disrespect for the democratic system of government.

The rest of the council is guilty of the same charge if for no other reason than to go along with this without any formal community participation that involved all the stakeholders and all the various perspectives from learned professionals that can make qualified statements rather than the mess of conjecture ideology that has passed for fact on the issue.

Conjecture ideology is when we say they were burned out of their village… not that the land deal was done in an organized contract of law and they already had homes built in the two years between the contract signing and the clearing of the land. Lets remember they had no motorized equipment to clear the land with in those days, so fire was the simplest way to reduce to a manageable level. Now some take it to the extent to call it a genocide truly dishonoring any culture that actually faced true genocide. Since 1807 when the white and the native first came to meet there was never open conflict and to try and rewrite history for politics is disgusting.

Conjecture ideology is to name priests that were involved and try and tie them to the abuses of the residential school system by association. No direct accusations that can be sources… just guilt by association politics… again its just disgusting to see some people go to that argument in the name of defending a shame of a process to rename the park in such a one sided manor.

I think the land deal signed by the natives at the time worked in their favor over the long run… they still have their band lands… had they held out its likely they would still be fighting for that because there is no way they would have withstood the progress of time as their situation was. We will never know for sure, but its always easy to second judge history.

Another aspect to all of this is that truly the Lheidli Tenneh may only make up 5% of the native population in PG. PG is the population center for all of Northern BC… from Carrier bands through out the region and beyond. So that should be kept in perspective as well when trying to recognize founding nations and peoples.

I like Metalmans and Palopu’s idea of Lheidli Tenneh-Fort George Park in reference to a joined history that is historically accurate and respectful of both founding cultures… I think this will be the work of the next council righting a wrong made by this council on an agenda they had no transparent mandate to undertake in such a totalitarian fashion.

Its was a sad week for PG civics more than anything… and to loose our connection to our history was just another terrible aspect to this sorry excuse for what happened.

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