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October 28, 2017 3:48 am

Underwater Search for Vehicle a No Go

Thursday, June 18, 2015 @ 2:41 PM

Quesnel, B.C. – The  RCMP’s Underwater Recovery Team,  will not be  heading into the Quesnel River to look for a  vehicle thought to have  plunged into the water.The team was called to Quesnel  by the Quesnel RCMP  to determine if  in fact a vehicle  went into the Quesnel River  as   was   suggested by a set of tire tracks leading off Baston Road.

Police were first alerted to the possibility on Sunday morning when a  resident called to say  they had noticed the  tracks  while on a daily walk.  The caller said there had been no such  tracks  the day before.

Police attended the scene and did locate a BC license plate, but have not been able to  connect with the  registered owner of that plate.

When the Underwater Recovery Team arrived on scene, it was determined the river is  running too high and too fast at the moment, making it too dangerous to  safely conduct an underwater  search.

The Quesnel RCMP with the assistance of the Quesnel Search and Rescue (SAR) will monitor water levels and speed in order to determine the best and safest time to enter the river to conduct a search.

The RCMP is requesting that if anyone saw a vehicle enter the Quesnel River near Baston Road the morning of Sunday June 14th, to call the Quesnel RCMP at 250-992-9211.



Any engineering student pranksters around?

A nice challenge to produce a set of tracks appearing to lead one way only which are show a car type of force on the tracks without leaving tracks anywhere nearby.

The only reason I ask is because for some reason or another a license plate was left behind. I am assuming it has a current or relatively current validation left on it unless it is from the front.

Grad time, and engineers used to love pulling that kind of prank.

It’s not a prank, there’s a very real person missing.

Please go to sleep gopg2015. This is a real case, not a prank. Family and friends are hurting.

Sorry, I did not realize that family and friends of the license plate owner and/or driver of the vehicle were involved to confirm that someone associated with the suspected vehicle was missing.

So far the only person written about is the person who reported the tracks.

If family and friends are hurting then must be a missing person case. Why not state that?

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