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October 28, 2017 3:42 am

Expanded Smoking Ban Under Development

Thursday, June 25, 2015 @ 3:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Banning smoking from places like parks and soccer fields has been a smoldering issue in Prince George for nearly two years. The issue will be back before City Council before the summer is over. 

It was August of 2013 when the initial direction was given to staff following a presentation by the Canadian Cancer Society.  Council  voted unanimously that “the matter of an enhanced outdoor tobacco bylaw be referred to Administration for a report on the implications of instituting such a bylaw in the City of Prince George.”

At that time, then City Manager Beth James, said it would be a priority. But it wasn’t until more than a year later (September 2014) that Council would direct staff to “prepare a draft bylaw for preliminary discussion purposes together with a public consultation process with various stakeholder groups for Council consideration.”

A steering committee was formed earlier this year, and has been working on that request. The Committee plans to bring its draft bylaw and consultation plan to Council in August.

Meantime, the City of Quesnel has given first reading to a Smoking Regulations Bylaw that would ban smoking at some City owned properties.

The Quesnel bylaw would ban smoking ( including e-cigarettes) from areas such as Lebourdais Park, Spirit Square, all playgrounds, all playing fields, the West Fraser Timber Park, Quesnel Youth Soccer playing fields and the Fraser River Foot Bridge.

Quesnel is just rolling out its consultation plan, which will see that proposed bylaw emailed to Business Improvement Associations, Neighbourhood Associations, Quesnel and District Chambers of Commerce and health stakeholders. The proposed bylaw will also be placed on the City of Quesnel’s website, and social media channels.

Quesnel is proposing a $50 dollar fine for anyone caught in contravention of the bylaw.


They don’t enforce a lot of the no smoking laws now…so we get more laws not enforced…good going……

Does this apply on bad air quality days, or is there going to be a bylaw about that?
More laws to not be enforced, by bylaw officers that do not enforce existing bylaws, if the officers even exist.
But it will make council feel good.

Looks like the days of smoking in Ft George Park are numbered.

Do these rules and regulations (bylaws) also apply to pot smokers???

Palopu good one.

Ft George Park -where’s that?

Agree. By-law officers have occasionally been spotted making trek from police station to Tim Hortons and back, other than that, hard to find.

It always makes me laugh to see people addicted to native medicine and killing themselves with it . And the government making a bundle off the dummies that can’t stop . Hard to believe that the tobacco peddlers are still in business . Smokers must also lean right . The only smokers that I know ( acquaintances ) ex coworkers are/were dummies . Three dead as a result of smoking that I know personally . So righties keep on smokin . Keep the nonsmokers taxes low .


Wow. That’s quite the generalization.

I work in the civil engineering world. The last time I had to follow a smoker out to the smoking area was an engineer. The only smokers I know are highly educated, some of them have Phd’s.

Matter of fact the last bridge project I was on was run by a very articulate, highly educated contractor who is a gifted excavator operator that is also a health nut triathlete. Never smoked in his life, and the wellness and safety programs he has for his crew are the best I’ve ever seen anywhere.

Oh, and being that he is a producer, a job creator, and cares for the 20 or so people that he has on salary and their families, he is a staunch conservative ( righty ).

Engineers smoking . I find that hard to believe . I guess there are dummies in every career choice . I watched four co workers go bankrupt but then they were not only smokers , but drinkers and also gamblers .

Have fun policing the natives smoking in their new park, you just named after them.

Leroyjenkins – you nailed it. How do you say to someone – you can’t smoke, camp, drink, etc., in a park that bears the name of your band. You can’t.

BTW – I read elsewhere, and wonder if this is true – that the whole park at one time was a burial ground, and that the graves were bulldozed over, and the bodies never exhumed, and are not located just in the current graveyard, but throughout the whole park, in which case, I do understand why they’d be pi**ed.

OMG you people have wild imaginations. How about this:
“I heard they are opening a chop shop at the park. Probably turn the area into a grow op as well. I mean how can you say no, the park bears their name”

They changed the name of a park people, they didn’t grant the area a sovereign nation.

Bonk bonk bonk

This just in….

The new park going in behind the Wood Innovation Centre will be called….

Sheri Green Park.

ski51 that is a wives tale or urban legend as they are called, never happened. The graveyard area a few acres in size (along with the rest of the reserve) was surveyed right after they bought the land and these surveys exist for perusing online today.

“Sheri Green Park.”

Who’s Sheri Green?

the happy hour version of Shari I guess.

Wow Ataloss, you’re really out in left field today, aren’t you!

Your comment about smokers “leaning right” is ridiculous! Drive by any government office/agency at coffee time and you don’t have to look too hard or too far to see members of the unionized work force huddled together outside having a smoke, even in freezing weather!

Ataloss, your generalization is ridiculous, but that’s something that is often the case with you!

Hear, hear Hart guy. If there was ever any doubt that ataloss has a mental disorder, it is now officially gone. Wow

Smokers . Almost fifty percent of adult Chinese men smoke cigarettes . Smokers heaven . You guys should move there . I bet the smokes are cheap as heck there . They even have a brand called Double Happyness . Just think how that would cheer you Grumps up . It was so nice that I was able to spend 6 happy years of the last years of my career not having to breath the second hand smoke of my coworkers . From what I remember they were righties pissed off with the company and government policy. Smokers rights ? Aaahaahaaa.

Hart guy search ” closed shop ” .

Ataloss 6 Years of the last years of your career.

You must have had quite a job if you sat around and watched co Workers smoke, drink, and gamble and go broke.

Looks like you were able to survive by doing nothing. Not unusual for a leftie.

Hart guy next time you drive by and see union members . Honk and wave . They are likely harperettes . Then look up at the windows and watch guys/gals like I was , hard at work while my coworkers were outside feeding their addiction . Smoke breaks . Who pays for that ?

It was the best of times , it was the worst of times . It was the tale of two realities . I mostly read books on my down time Palopu and tried hard not to emulate the losers I met along the way .

Ataloss, you are so lame tonight, haha!

Feeling ok? Off your meds? What’s up?

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