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October 28, 2017 3:41 am

Mayor Pleased with First Community Consultation

Thursday, June 25, 2015 @ 3:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – “Excellent”, that’s how Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall feels  his first community consultation went last night.

Together  with members of  council and staff,  Mayor Hall  met with residents  of the Hart for  a two hour session that  collected ideas and concerns from the  people in that neighbourhood.  (see previous story)

The turnout was impressive with  residents of all ages  showing up at the Hart Pioneer Centre.

The evening saw staff  move from table to  table, to collect thoughts on a variety of issues, including parks,  utilities,  social development and community  partnerships. “I thought the discussions from table to table were great.” says Hall, ” We walk away from here with  some great things to look into.”

Mayor Hall says he really wasn’t that surprised about some of the topics that were discussed and some of the comments made,  “We’re looking at things from safety to recreation, and it will form  part of our budget discussions this fall, but there are some  things we need to look at right away, like the skateboard park”.  That  is  a project he  suspects will  cost   somewhere in the $500 thousand dollar range.  The Nechako Rotary is on board to  help raise funds for the project and it’s hoped it can be built  near the Darren Fitzpatrick Bravery Park.

Mayor Hall says  there will be a discussion with Provincial  Minister of Transportation Todd Stone in the coming weeks about the safety issues  along Highway 97 ”  A couple of the comments were about the safety of pathways along Highway 97 and it’s obvious we  have to involve Mr. Stone so we need to talk to him about that.  That’s  a safety factor.  You’ve got a busy highway for people to cross, but also a busy highway  for people  to travel along either by bike or by foot, and those pathways  need to be safe.”

Mayor Hall says  he is hopeful the meeting with Transportation Minister Stone can take place  in the next three weeks or so.

The information  gathered from last nights session will be compiled and  made accessible on the City’s Website.  The next community consultation will take place sometime in September or October but there’s been no decision on  where the next meeting will be held.


Now why couldn’t they done that for the park instead of knee jerk reactions

we need the RCMP up here to stop all the excessive speeders then it will be safer, then put lights on the hwy.

Dearth the only knee jerk reaction was from the Prince George racists, tell me why should city counsel entertain such hate speech?

s.319 Criminal Code of Canada

Oh, I wish I had been there. We were out of town on family business.
I would have given him a basket full of ideas; That I have seen working in other towns our size or bigger.

The success of this type of program lies with what happens after the meetings. There has to be follow ups and results.

Any parks get renamed, oh wait that doen’t come up for discussion.

Maybe those who call the people that criticised the rename racist should look in the mirror. It’s about how the rename went down and the name does not show the history from both sides.

suck it up buttercup!!!I was not referring to the way the name was changed, I read the comments on this site and it was not simple criticism it was down right name calling and stubborn resistance to recognizing Aboriginals. I don’t blame counsel for not having a public discussion it was embarrassing to hear some of the crap flying around here……look in the mirror…..funny

this comment has been edited to remove foul language.

Not only foul language …just foul period.

Wow, its almost as if the elected Mayor and Council actually care about the concerns of the people who voted for them. Strange… it seems kind of democratic in nature where the people who get voted in care about the issues of the people who voted them in, and actually giving those voters an opportunity to voice their concerns… wow!!!

This is definately not like federal politics where you vote the MPs in, who don’t represent you, but represent the central party in Ottawa and do it’s bidding. When was the last time Harris or Zimmer had a community, or riding. consultation? When was the last time they actually listened to their riding members and represented their riding’s concerns in Ottawa?

The answer of course is NEVER. They are just puppet backbenchers mindlessly, and obediently, following the Harper party dogma, collecting and cashing their paycheques until they retire on a lucrative taxpayer paid pension plan.

^ but our riding will continue to blindly voting in a conservative and not care about their actual performance. As long as we’re tory blue, who cares


I suggest that calling everyone who disagrees with you a racist, is in fact racist itself.

In a free and democratic society we are not compelled to agree with the so called **status quo** or the **learned pseudo intellectuals** that never took the time to read any history in this area.

Sophic Sage. Why don’t you bring back Ignatieff and get him to run with Trudeau, or perhaps Ed Broadbent to run with MulCair/. That would spark some interest in this election. Ha Ha.

To listen to you complain, you would think that the Conservatives are the only ones getting a pension in this Country. Hmmmmmm.

Some people were complaining the dust from the Industrial Park North of Yellow Head Road and Bridge was drifting into their yards and getting into their food to the point they can no longer eat outside. Hmmmm.

Wonder if this came up at the meeting.

Good ole Palopu, cross-posting does not seem to be a problem for you, I see nothing in my comments on this discussion thread that would indicate racism… oh… you must be refering to another discussion thread, now that’s called cross-posting.

Usually frowned upon on other blog sites, but apparently anything goes on this one. Palopu, not even a mention of my earlier 2:39 pm comment, the contents of which are the truth. I am glad Mayor Lyn Hall and Council are doing these community connection sessions, almost makes a person feel like they are living in a democracyn doesn’t it?

Sage… maybe if you took the time to read the posts you would realize Palopu was replying to Boudicca in the first half of his/her post. Time to stop foaming at the mouth and apologize seeing as you cannot remove or edit your post

Way to go, Sage!! Now you have to be the bigger person and apologize!!

Man, that’s going to hurt!

That’s a fact, and a truth, haha!

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