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Friday Free for All – June 26th

Thursday, June 25, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Here we go again,  another Friday ( the last one in June) and time  for  the open thread.

It is time for the FRIDAY FREE FOR ALL

You pick the topic, but please, obey the  three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying

On this last point,  may I  again stress,  comments  which  contain derogatory remarks  about other posters,   will be removed, and  the writer risk  losing  commenting privileges.   Be respectful of each other,  even though  you may not agree with  another opinion.  If  you cannot  be civil and respectful  to each other,  comments will be deleted, and  privileges will be withdrawn.






Thank you for that last point under bullying, site moderator. There are some on here that seem to follow other posters around and “attack” them with their comments. The name calling on here is disrespectful as well, something that I have not experienced, on other national and provincial news blog sites that I frequent.

Now for my Friday Free for All Comment, and there is so much material in the news that I could comment on; Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro being sentence to jail is just one obvious example. However, I am here to look for and expose the lesser known facts and truths about our federal and provincial governments performance. To this end I submit the following:

Did you know that even pilots, who fly our military aircraft, are being replaced with cheaper Temporary Foreign Worker Program labour? Apparently nothing is off limits for our, corporate and business lap dog, Harper Government: “Temporary foreign workers were recruited to work as pilots at the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario, records obtained from Service Canada show…”

“They strip you of all your dignity at the airport security gate and pass draconian bills like Bill C-51… all in the name of security,” a veteran pilot in Hudicourt’s group, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of any employment repercussions, said. “But then hands our military aircraft over to foreign workers while many Canadian pilots remain unemployed.”

http: //thinkpol.ca/2015/06/23/tfw-pilots-hired-at-canadian-forces-base-in-ontario-records-show/

So the Harper Government ramps up the fear on terrorism, then imposes human rights violating Bill C-51 security measures on us, yet at the same time hands over the piloting of our own “military aircraft” to temporary foreign workers. Can anyone please explain to the rest of us this apparent breach of security? Can anyone please explain to the rest of us, why our own Canadian Military pilots face unemployment by being replace with temporary foreign worker pilots???

That report has a beautiful spin on it which implies that the Canada personnel transport plane which is shown in the picture will be flown by non-Canadian Forces pilots. Show me that the military handed “over the piloting of our own “military aircraft” to temporary foreign workers”.

When one reads the letter attached one see the following words. The letter, BTW is dated July 2012, almost three years ago.

“…… contract in support of parachute training for the Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre. As you are aware the requirement is for 6 to 10 of August 2012 at Canadian Forces Base Trenton.”

The letter ends with the following: “The requirement for aircraft in support of para training would normally come from our own resources but we have found ourselves relying more and more on contracted resources, often due to unforeseen cancellations.”

Then we do one more thing to be diligent in our understanding of who is actually doing the training. We go to Rampart Aviation’s web page at rampartaviation.com/rampart-services/government-services and find who they train, including the US DOD and see images of the aircraft used to train what I will assume simple parachute jumping for novice troops to provide them the basics under non-combat simulated para-drop conditions. I assume that training will come AFTER the basics have been covered by professionals who do this, and virtually only this as a specialty which means they would have plenty of practical experience.

Of course, if we would rather keep people in the armed services as trainers when the call for that training is very low and the currency of their training ability is rusty unless they train, train, train in order to keep busy and current, then we have to keep paying for that luxury.

Does anyone know what is happening west of town, they have a floating drill rig in the pond along the side of the hwy. I am speaking of the pond just before Cycle North.

Nuffsnuff1 you and Palopu got it all wrong yesterday on the first past the post thread.

Do you guys even know what a preferential ballot is?

Nuffsnuff1 so you say you’ve never seen the preferential ballot used in BC? This means you never followed the 1952 BC General Election where the Socred League of independents upset the party system using the preferential ballot voting system. Its part of BC history if you are willing to learn about it.

The liberal party and the conservative party desperate to hold onto power with a rising socialist co-operative and not wanting to split the vote on the right implemented the new preferential ballot system with the intent to have liberals and conservatives vote for the other as their second choice… but it didn’t happen that way.

As it turns out independents perform strongly in the preferential balloting system. Once people get by the partisan preference on their first choice, then the second choice usually goes to the best candidate… the socred league candidates took the majority of liberals, conservatives, and ccf first choice voters second preference on the ballot. They went from the numbers we see greens get today on the first ballot, to governing party in the tie breaker on the second ballot.

Preferential ballots do not favor incumbency, so we only ever had one election with it as the ballot choice in BC. 1952 BC General Election.

And Palopu you got it all wrong when you say voter turnout would drop under the preferential ballot. When one increases choice, voter turn out increases. Look at the conservative nomination process that was also done with a preferential ballot… or the voter turn out in Ireland and Australia where they also use the preferential ballot in their elections.

Chloe- testing so that they can finally put in a right turn lane there.

So Zimmer ought to be feeling some shame this week.

The UN comes out with a report on the Gaza conflict last summer and declares that Israel committed war crimes attacking civilians and civilian infrastructure.

We all remember the part Bob Zimmer played in the propaganda piece to sell the war crimes… over in Israel hiding out in a bomb shelter with tv cameras getting all the coverage, meanwhile Israel is using phosphorous munitions on highrise apartment buildings and UN hospitals. He played his part well for Israel.

I guess he wins some though, because Harper announced Canadian trainers will be training the none-military private contractors in Ukraine. This is code for right wing fascist groups like the right sector and azov battalions… groups the Americans recently said they will take no part in training only days after Harper announced he would be training them.

Good for Zimmer he was able to nix the UN small arms treaty that would have had guns on the international market tracked to their country of origin. Now Harper and Zimmer can ship Canadian arms to their trained none-military actors in Ukraine (neo fascists) and not have it traced back to Canadian participation….

Council made a colossal mistake a couple of weeks ago in renaming Fort George Park. Saw yesterday’s advertisement for the July 1st. Canada Day activities, with the new Park’s name. Ridiculous, most people in Prince George cannot read or pronounce the name. Why do we in this city try to erase our identity that took a 100 years to build? Just does not make sense.

Its good to see Sheldon entering the race for PG Cariboo. I like him and think he is a straight shooter that has his heart and mind in the right place as a patriot for Canada first and foremost.

I think there are things we do no agree on, but Sheldon may be able to transcend that. Its great he is giving an option to those that can not vote for a conservative considering the government it would enable.

I think it would be even better if Sheldon Clair could evolve into a spear head for other like minded independents in the vein of the social credit revolution in the early 1950’s. A standard barrier against the excess of party power over the control of our democratic institutions.

I would like to hear more about his views on free enterprise principles, the middle class, fair trade, democratic reform, and of course his views on the pressing foreign affairs issues of the day like Ukraine, Israel/Palestine, isis, the Saudi/Yemani war crimes, Iran, North Korea, and China.

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2015 @ 6:48 AM by Cheetos

Council made a colossal mistake a couple of weeks ago in renaming Fort George Park. Saw yesterday’s advertisement for the July 1st. Canada Day activities, with the new Park’s name. Ridiculous, most people in Prince George cannot read or pronounce the name. Why do we in this city try to erase our identity that took a 100 years to build? Just does not make sense.


It’s over and done with. There is nothing anyone can do about it. Those of you who are truly upset can vote them out in 3 and a half years. I suspect that for the majority of people in this town, this is a non issue.

Get ready for the heat people, going to be a hot weekend. Keep your kids, pets and yourselves safe :)

To some of you that use bike lanes, do you have to ride right on the white line in a bike lane (foothills) you have 4 feet of bike lane use it, before you get hit with a truck mirror.

Cheetoos that history is much longer than 100-years… the history of Fort George predates the city of PG by a 100-years. The settlement was the third European settlement west of the Rockie Mountains.

The hypocrisy behind those that support the process to rename the park is astounding.

They use innuendo to create a political narrative… purely driven by white politicians that are race baiting for a conflict in which they can portray themselves as the ones righting a wrong.

The name change supporters wash over completely the fact that there was a long process in the transfer of the IR2 to IR3, all done with transparent votes, legal paper work, due process, and with full consideration for their relocation.

Instead the name changers try to rewrite history to involve unmarked graves in the park arguments, some politicians even used the genocide word to justify their actions… all complete hog wash narrative to justify their solution that makes them out to be fixing historical wrongs.

Then the name changers complete the hypocrisy by monopolizing the process in the lead up to this historic renaming of Fort George Park, avoiding any disclosure of the agenda at election time, bring it up for discussion and then voting on it with no input from other community stakeholders… anybody that opposes the totalitarian process is called a racist… so in fact no due process. Nothing that can hold to the standard of due process our ancestors had in the original land deal.

This park renaming was as close as we will see in modern times to the book burnings of the middle ages. An effort by those that don’t even know their history to snuff out its vestiges from the past in favor of the partisan narratives that fit with the hidden agenda of those that operate for powers sake, rather than respect for others.

as to the name change of the park…
the last time I seen city council do anything this fast was when they voted themselves their last pay raise.

What next? rename Prince george?

So with Big O’s burger restaurant opening up at 10th and Central… anyone know if the city ever plans to put street lighting on that stretch of busy pedestrian area between Central and Abbu along 10th avenue… not a single street light on either side of 10th.

Its a good dark location for the criminal element lingering around outside the liquor outlet… a dark spot that wouldn’t be tolerated in any other city.

We have the money as a city to put in 5km of street lighting on the Willow Cale North that has never been activated… we have another 5-10km of street lighting on the new Boundary Road that has never been activated… yet we can’t find a way to put in two or three street lights on the busiest pedestrian intersection in the whole city?

PG priorities at their finest.

One would have thought when they had the sidewalk dug up for Big O’s they would have put in a street light at that time….

Have to agree with Eagleone on this one. The people who voted on the name change have no idea what the history of the are is. They merely voted for because they could not figure out how to vote against, without betting flack. Hmmmmm.

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2015 @ 7:03 AM by doneright

To some of you that use bike lanes, do you have to ride right on the white line in a bike lane (foothills) you have 4 feet of bike lane use it, before you get hit with a truck mirror.


Yes, we do. Take a look at all the crap in the alleged bike lane.

@ Eagleone – ‘Its a good dark location for the criminal element lingering around outside the liquor outlet… a dark spot that wouldn’t be tolerated in any other city. ‘

So now the criminals are waiting in ‘dark spots’ waiting to attack people? Dark spots aren’t tolerated in any other city? You don’t get out much, do you?

Eagleone:-“Preferential ballots do not favor incumbency, so we only ever had one election with it as the ballot choice in BC. 1952 BC General Election.”
Actually, we had TWO, Eagle. The 1952 election that first resulted in Social Credit gaining office, (which had more to do with WAC Bennett getting to the Lieutenant-Governor first, and convincing him that his group could form a government, than with the way they’d been elected), and the following election. Where the then incumbent, minority government, BC Social Credit League attained a clear majority. After that the government went back to ‘first-past-the-post’. And we never did get actual ‘social credit’ in BC, despite all the other great things WAC Bennett was able to accomplish.

Eagleone:-“And Palopu you got it all wrong when you say voter turnout would drop under the preferential ballot. When one increases choice, voter turn out increases. Look at the conservative nomination process that was also done with a preferential ballot… or the voter turn out in Ireland and Australia where they also use the preferential ballot in their elections.”
In Australia you are fined if you do not vote. And are the good people of Australia more satisfied with their government because they have a Preferential Ballot? Or those of Ireland, either? Not from anything I’ve ever seen on Australia from numerous correspondents I’m in touch with regularly. Nor from ones in New Zealand, where they also have a form of so-called ‘proportional representation’. That’s not to say the latter country doesn’t occasionally get a few more minority party yaps in their Parliament, but nothing of any consequence to the betterment of the electorate changes.

If a person can’t read or say Lheidli T’enneh, as Cheetos suggests, perhaps these people should stay away from sharp objects.

bcracer,heard a rumour that street names were next.

Haven’t seen many rants about the left lane hogs on the Hart lately. :-) I happened to go up the Hart a few times in the last couple of weeks and on one occasion saw a police vehicle driving in the left lane right at the speed limit. What I didn’t see were the drivers who maintain their right to drive at whatever speed they choose (flow of traffic?). Perhaps they did not feel secure in their position and did not want to honk their horns, flash their lights, give the finger or otherwise intimidate the “slowpoke” in the left lane to move over. Second thoughts perhaps?

Cheetos: 10,000, 100 years . . . erasing?

The latest polls show the NDP out front if an election were called today. It is no wonder Harper and his conservatives are in third place given the Duffy affair and the failed cover up, and the disgraced former conservative MP who has now been sentenced to 30 days in jail. No doubt this is just the tip of iceberg of conservative misdeeds. So much for open accountable government.

Good morning to all my friends in George. It’s a balmy day in Abby with the temperature going to around 30c.

First I wish to aphorize to all my friends and the fine people that I worked with and lived with over the more then 30 years that I lived in Prince George. To those in the New Democrat Party that I met and am a member of. I do have a special alcalde for Pal the new mayor has certainly shut him up. Green who was of his ilk he constantly tore apart that tells me the PC eat their young.

Today is pay back time. I have been accused of making derogatory remarks, poor grammar, bad spelling and the list is endless which is just pure bull. I have commented as others. I have commented on some of the things that the City of PG does as have many others.

I have been called a retard just recently and many other things that I have ignored. The City that I live in has constantly been maligned. The great Pal told us that the emblem for our city should be a cow pie with blow flies on it.

The City of Abbotsford has almost 200,000 people living in it and its growing. We have social problems, we have crime it appears to be a culture of all Canadian cities. Here is Prince George with a population of 72,000 and its shrinking in size as I have said before a friend of mine that has also lived in PG refers to it a sh***t city.

1.Prince George is at the top of the list for crime in Canada and you don’t even have the Bacon boys to contend with.
2.The air quality is the worst in Canada as a Doctor once said, 33 people die each year from respiratory illness. 3. I have never seen a city where asphalt was used for sidewalks that slop so badly it is easier to walk on the street.
4.The City has a hundred or so green belts that they call parks. Fortunately the pine beetle improved these green belts by killing all the pine in them.
5. Public property along your streets grows weeds and willows.
6. Residents park their vehicles on their front lawn.
7.There are front lawns that have never seen a lawn mower.
8.Bicycle lanes are used for parking.
9. A city that one can drive across in 10 minutes seems to have major traffic problems.
10. You are to lazy to clean out your own driveway after the street is plowed the city has to do it for you.
11. The sidewalks down town are covered with ice in winter in summer with chewing gum and cigarette butts.
12. A bunch of bush bunnies that support the likes of harper and all they have in his support is sarcasm.

Look in your own back yard before you start to malign others.

Retired 02. You have serious issues and you should probably seek help (or you’ve stopped taking your meds). There is more to life than moving from one city to another and then taking every chance you can to malign where you used to live. If you are retired and this is the best thing you have to do with your time I wish you a short retirement and an expedited exit from this life.

First of all Retired 02, the city’s name is Prince George, not George. The truncating of the name that you doe each week is really getting on my wick. If you want respect, you can start by respecting the name of the town.

Second, why do your care so much what people in PG think of Abbotsford? You moved away so it should be of little interest to you.

I kind of get the bike lane complaint. Fact is the first two feet are gravel and garbage. You on the other hand have plenty of room to move over or slow down if there’s oncoming traffic. I realise cyclists steal precious seconds from your commute that you’ll never get back But look at the bright side If you need bypass surgery chances are I won’t be in your way on the waiting list On average cyclists live 4 years longer and healthier than car commuters. And added bonus it’s easy to pass a bike, what if I started to take my car instead and drove the speed limit.

02 you really do have a problem that needs looking into. Really I mean it seek help.


Friday, June 26, 2015 @ 9:20 AM Retread 02 said in part that,The great Pal told us that the emblem for our city (ABBY) should be a cow pie with blow flies on it.
Now that is funny, Is it true Retread that your tourist bureau is handing our barf bags for all those unsuspecting tourist before driving through on the highway.

Resident why are you ignoring the indiscretions of the other political parties? Do you really think one party is more moral than another? What brand of rose coloured glasses do you wear? They are giving you selective vision.

Whoe, my world is spinning, I agree with an Eagleone post, the one about the name change.

The name change, no thought, no planning, no history research. A sad sad commentary on this administration. Can they be trusted?

Alrighty then. I posted this before but under another story, but curious to the answer…

My family on both sides have been in canada since the 1800’s. My heritage is a mixed bag from Europe. I am proud of my heritage from England, Scotland, Yugoslavia, Russia. I am &100 Canadian and very proud to be.

Now it’s been proven that North America was settled from immigrants from Eurasia.. Supposedly was Inuit then other natives followed.. Why do you never here of any natives being proud of where they actually came from? Why do they ignore their real roots ?

All you PS have to defend your stupidity is sarcasm.

Can’t talk right now 02. I’m wasting precious water keeping my lawn green. It’s good to have water 02.

Retired 02. Not sure what an Alcalde is, could you be more specific, or did you mean accolade.

Slope is spelled with an (e) Slop is what they feed to pigs in Abby.
Sh*t has one star not three.

Don’t lose any sleep over the new Mayor. We have a four year term, and a lot of water will go under the bridge between now and the next election.

Nice to see your happy with you New Democratic friends. That’s good because after the next election you will need them to give you a big hug, and a bundle of crying towels.

I agree with most of what you said in 1-12

Flush twice…..Habitsford needs the water.

02 are you a troll? Or are you just miserable with your choice to move to “Abby”? I think you really miss it here and secretly hate “Abby” and that’s why you continue to post on this site. I could see it if you were posting mainly about provincial stuff, but it’s basically just your repeated maligning of the town you chose to leave. Or did wifey make that choice for you and because you are feeling insecure and have lost your personal power you have decided to try to inflict your feelings of malcontent on others. What ever gives you a buzz, I guess. Yes, I think you miss your old hometown. Sure seems like you are overly attached to the City that you left for greener and smellier pastures.

I guess the teachers figure they are getting the last laugh. Pro-D day today. What a joke. I wonder what they will be discussing? Maybe how they are going to spend their two month holiday.

Seven posters so far trying to bully Retired02 off the site . So much for no bullying on this site . We had to move from PG because of health issues with our sons breathing back in 1985 . It cleared up only weeks after leaving . I’m sure R2 has his reasons too. The best thing we enjoyed in pg was Gladstone school and its teachers . They were the kindest ,most wonderful teachers we had ever met till then and now .

All the renaming hubaloo – now in the states they say paying homage and naming army bases as a form of reconciliation over 100 years ago was wrong… in 100 years will there be pressure to change it again?

Like all the natives I have spoke to say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it’ and they will continue ue to call it by its former title even if the signs are down and the maps are changed.

Sorry if my phones autocorrect messed up some words

Retired02, your beloved city must have an opinion site like this one! Would you please send me its web address so I can post mean and derogatory comments, the kind you “contribute” regularly to 250NEWS?

I agree with the comments above which question your motives.

If you have nothing worthwhile to contribute why don’t you find an alcalde who can be the judge of your disruptive behaviour and assess the proper treatment?

(An alcade – as mentioned by 02 – was a municipal magistrate in ancient Spain – don’t ask me what that has to do with Canada and 2015).

Abbynews.com knock yourselves out .

Congratulations to Dick on his retirement and the pension of $10,000 per month!

You may ask Dick WHO and I wouldn’t blame you for being puzzled!



You should also congratulate Baird and Elmers kid . They are pretty good at math as well . They retiring now instead of after the election will collect our money ten years earlier . That’s a cash gain for them of two million ~ dollars each .

Sophic; “Thank you for that last point under bullying, site moderator. There are some on here that seem to follow other posters around and “attack” them with their comments”. You’re joking, right? I don’t post on this site that often anymore, the last post I made was about how racism is a human problem & almost immediately you put in a post that not only includes an attack on me but refers to others of a political persuasion as somewhat less than intelligent. I’m all for civilized discussion, see if you can follow your own request.
Retired02, if you’re going to post negative comments & attacks on people & their choice of where they live, expect some negative feedback. As for PG being at the top of the crime list, you’re a few years behind the times. Last time I looked we aren’t even in the top 10.
Everyone else have a safe weekend, stay hydrated, it’s goona be hot. Cheers.

And Dick will be spending it all somewhere else . Most likely Florida or corpus Texas with a few summer months in the OK .

They’re planning on incorporating aboriginal studies in the public school curriculum with an emphasis on residential schools and who all had a part to play in it. Now, has anyone considered the effect on say the 4 white kids in a class at Harwin elementary, when the teacher tells the class – mostly aboriginal, all their problems stem from the Europeans, 4 of their descendants sitting right here and now. I realize the teacher won’t phrase it that way, but in the 60’s when we studied the 1st and 2nd world wars – both started and lost by the Germans, recess didn’t go well for any kids with names like Schmidt. Children seem not to be able to resist an opportunity to torture other kids.

And then what about Richmond, 20 Asian kids, 4 white kids, and the Asian kids find out they have to support the FN’s with their taxes because of the white kids forefathers behavior and those damn Catholics.

I suspect for those people who can afford it, the private schools are going to do a booming business after this policy is instituted. I suspect teaching this subject in school, will not cause reconciliation, but retaliation – keeping in mind, children do not process like adults.

One almost has to wonder if this would fall under the definition of hate speech, signalling out an identifiable minority and causing others to hate them.

I might as well join in on the retired rant …..

I lived in Abbyville for a short time or as some refer to it as Shitford …… as a City it did not have a lot to offer …. what was referred to downtown was almost non existent, it was over run by druggies and hookers in the evening. Night life was almost non existent with local bars being burnt down in a local turf war.

On the upside…. there is the view of mount Baker, easy access to all the amenities and beaches of the Vancouver area ….. shopping in the US and in its day cheap gas for all commuting to Vancouver.

Driving in to Abbyville from a day of work in Vancouver you could see the smog backing up against the mountains …. as far as air quality it is probably on par with Prince George. Here the bowl suffers mainly form particulate trapped in the bowl area during inversions ….. effecting a small population base. As far as the health concerns …. drinking, smoking, excess partying, shift work probably shortened a lot of the lives of us from the good old days when PG was booming.

While not perfect and lacking in a lot of areas, especially use of the riverfront for restaurants, and a good concert hall and maybe a stagnant City workforce not unique to PG, overspending politicians riding the gravy train … yes Mr Harris that be you representing us from the OK Valley …. we have an abundance of green space, a nationally rated university which brought me back north, no traffic jams unless Peden is blocked on a snowy day. 10 minutes to everywhere, excellent dining options, more than adequate air service to escape when need be …..

Off to enjoy the Sun shop local and dream of the view of Mt Baker and a day at the beach in Whiterock ….

Play safe in the Sun all …. it is going to be a fun summer in our little northern City ….. get out and enjoy it!

Something that has stood out to me recently that is disappointing in light of the double pedestrian fatality this past winter is how inconsistently and poorly marked the uncontrolled pedestrian crossings remain. In some places signage is placed several meters in advance of the crossing as if to signal “Pedestrian Crossing Ahead”. In other places the signage is placed literally on top of the crossing to signal “Pedestrian Crossing Right Here!!!”. In almost all cases the tell-tale white lines that make a crossing stand out far better than the signage are totally obliterated save a stripe or two of badly faded paint at curbside. Ultimately it leaves the driver trying to guess if the crossing is at the sign or at some point beyond the sign.

Why do people in PG continue to claim that it’s “10 minutes to anywhere”? It sure as heck wasn’t when I lived there.

Maybe if you lived in Westwood and were driving to the mall, but not if you lived in College Heights and were driving to Aberdeen to golf. Not if you lived in the Hart and were driving to Westgate to shop. Not if you lived in Southridge and were driving downtown or to the mill to work. Not if you lived downtown and were driving to CN Centre to watch a hockey game.

Maybe time stands still in PG? Okay, I kid my hometown in that one, LOL :)

Have a great weekend folks and go REDBLACKS!

Wonder how honest those aboriginal studies will be, a rewrite of native history?
Oh sorry not allowed to criticise the self indulgent politically correct.

gopg2015; congratulations, other than using my quote which contains the phrase “Temporary Foreign Worker Program” your comment avoided the use of it altogeather.

From the linked news story; “The Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre awarded a contract to assist parachute training to Rampart Aviation based out of Franklinton, North Carolina, on the understanding that the American company would be hiring TFW pilots.”

“Rampart Aviation used that letter (from our Department of National Defense) in support of its application for temporary foreign workers submitted to Employment and Social Development Canada as an urgent request, which ESDC approved in just a week.”

No doubt about it, while our Canadian pilots remained unemployed and grounded, Rampart used Temporary Foreign Worker pilots to fly our troops during parachute training. Under this Harper Government, anyone can, and will be replaced with Temporary Foreign Workers!!!

@detoe44; I was merely quoting a scientific study. If this scientific study offends you, I am sorry. By the way, was it this scientific study?

www. psychologytoday.com/blog/millennial-media/201304/do-racism-conservatism-and-low-iq-go-hand-in-hand

seamutt, I wonder about that as well. Will they teach how neighbouring bands fought over territory or even how bands tried to wipe out other bands or how native peoples struggled to survive during cold winters?

Or will they just teach the “good” stuff?

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend …Live for the moments that you can not put into words …enjoy the little things in life they are truly the big things :)

Did you know that the harper government also loves tobacco . 2012 must have been mana from heaven for big tobacco . Macleans.ca why would any government be for an industry that kills its own citizens by cutting funding to smoking abatement programs . Or maybe their base contains smokers and their enablers .

Some how I dropped the the title . Here it is again . How the conservatives are gutting tobacco control . Macleans.ca . If you smoke tobacco , then Steve is your guy . Kind of funny , no? Or is that disgusting or what ?

Sophic, if you were merely quoting a scientific study to refute or add to what I had written, no big deal. It’s your opinion & you are more than entitled to express said opinion. When you start your post with ” I don’t mean to insult your intelligence”, then go on to point out spelling/grammatical errors before you get to the scientific study, then continue in subsequent posts to attempt insults as to my & others intelligence, well…you can do the math. If you want to carry on meaningful debate, fine. If you want to sling sh*t, that’s fine too. Just expect to get hit with some of the splatter & don’t whine when you do.

does anybody know why the rcmp would leave a police car that is unattended in a parking lot with the engine running?

Maybe a mechanic is testing it out.

Checking the air conditioner.

Big dog, maybe PGs version if bait car? Worst part is someone will probably try to steal it :)

I see the Citizen had a picture of a bird in an oil spill but yet to see any mention of the tens of thousands of birds chopped up by wind powered generators. Wonder why?

not a mechanic testing it out i watched the man do it. He had yellow stripes

I think we know from Simon Fraser’s writings that there was a small band of “Indians”, as they were called then, settled at the confluence of the rivers, but not at the high ground that he chose for the trading post which he decided to call Fort George.

It seems that Fraser and several others were quick to embellish the status of such a claim in order to give the impression that it was a military or police post rather than a trading post.

I am led to believe from our museum that the Northwest Company’s trading post was either nearly inactive or totally inactive until HBC took over the territory.

I also suspect that the Indian Village, as depicted in photos taken before or around the time of the sale of most of IR#1, did not become the permanent settlement of the local band until the HBC took over the post.

When the IR was sold back to Canada, who then sold it to the Railway, the Lheidli T’enneh (as they are now called instead of “Indians” as they were then called) were given two years to relocate to the new reserve and the Government was given the same two years to build the new village for the move. It was when some refused to leave (and this is recorded in the newspaper(s) of the day) that one or more of the houses were set on fire. Once former inhabitants were relocated, the rest of the building were destroyed by fire.

That is what I have found from reading various sources. I am not confident enough to say that is a fair summary.

I am, however, seeing no attempt by City Council, City Administration, Exploration Place, the Heritage Commission, the Library, UNBC or any other local authoritative organization that should be able to access relatively reliable data. Then there is UBC and its various faculties as well as the BC Museum in Victoria and other such provincial organizations.

The TRUTH part of Truth and Reconciliation is most certainly the first victim in the exercise. THAT IS THE TRAGEDY!!!!

And we have not even touched the Residential schools yet and the policy of the federal government and the Catholic Church to remove the Indian from the Indian.

Is there anyone in this community who cares? Or do most want to actually continue to sweep it under the rug and just start flying flags and renaming places and think they can whitewash the whole thing by doing that?

Very well said gopg, the truth is a very dynamic thing, at most times is dependant on who is recording it. The best advice, as far as getting things straight, that I ever received was that the dullest pencil is by far & away a better substitute for the sharpest mind. In all likely hood we will never know the full truth of what really happened just different viewpoints ( is that better Sophic ;) ).

Duffer.. So what do you think the teachers did today? Please share us all your information that you guarentee is genuine. Or you just talking out your butt? Please remember, I used to work for the school district and I participated in pro d days.. Please enlighten us all .. I am waiting :)

More news about ABBY, a senior was held in her own home during a robbery in Abbotsford, a 62-year-old woman was restrained and robbed after going out of her home to take out garbage.

PGFMA view of Baker on a good day then there are the days the closer mountains to the north are barely visible. Driving to Whiterock, well the traffic is not for me and then trying to find a parking space. Wall to wall people on the wharf not for me but is a nice walk in the morning before the crowds.

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