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October 28, 2017 3:39 am

Cullen Plots Summer Tour

Saturday, June 27, 2015 @ 1:22 PM

Smithers, B.C. – Nathan Cullen will be busy this summer.CullenNathan_NDP_(40th_Parl)_thumb

The veteran Skeena-Bulkley Valley New Democrat MP plans to visit all corners of his 300,000 square kilometre riding.

“I’ll be doing the full span of B.C. from Prince George to Haida Gwaii all the way up to Atlin and down to Bella Coola and Bella Bella with maybe a few stops in Vancouver and Vancouver Island,” he says. “I’ve looked at past summers order the last 11 years, it’s actually not all that much different for me.”

However he acknowledges with fall election coming up (October 19), his travels may have a different tone this time around.

“There’s a bit of campaigning of course because people are looking to the next election and wondering what’s going to happen.”

And despite the fact his party is riding high in the polls (an aggregate of polls this week released by Global projected the NDP could win 130 seats and win a minority government), he says the party hasn’t been busy measuring the drapes at 24 Sussex Drive.

“The exact opposite. I get asked from time to time about a government and what I would do and I happily answer I’m not thinking about it,” says Cullen. “We’ve seen mistakes made in the past where a party is doing well or up in polls and seen as the favourite and gets too far ahead of themselves.”

In fact he predicts “a hard fought campaign” though he says the winds of change seem to be blowing.

“Yes, I’ve felt that wind since at least Christmas where voters, regardless of how the parties were polling, there’s a growing dissatisfaction with the government.”


Pole by Global, now there is joke considering it is very anti conservative.

““We’ve seen mistakes made in the past where a party is doing well or up in polls and seen as the favourite and gets too far ahead of themselves.”

and what party may that have been? He can’t even bring himself to say it.

Today there are many anti pc’s and rest assured that harper will not be the next prime minister. Remember Alberta?

Retired, there were many last time and the time before. What happended?

Retired 02. Dont confuse Alberta Federally with what happened Provicially there will be no splitting the right vote in the Federal Election in Alberta.

The split will come in Quebec with the Liberal, NDP, Bloc, Greens, and Conservatives all plying for votes. Quebec voters now know that voting for the NDP in the last Federal Election did not do them a whit of good. They basically wasted their votes. If it wasn’t for Jack Layton they wouldn’t have gotten any seats in Quebec. Jack is gone, and MulClair doesn’t cut it.

The NDP are going into this election with their fingers and toes crossed, hoping for a decent showing, however deep down inside they know they cannot deliver the goods. I see the Liberals and NDP getting all cozy before this is over. Mulcair and Trudeau on National TV holding hands, and threatening Harper with a coalition Government.

Enjoy this while you can.

Palopu , deliver what exactly . Your guys there in Harpervalley have delivered dick . As a wise old rude man once put it . On the front page of the Smithers interior news is an article reading , Prince George construction company to build four story hotel in Smithers . At least the west is keeping you guys going . Your cons , not so much . If they thought for a second that the wool was not permanently over your eyes , they would at least throw you a bone . Small bone but a bone . Did you see the emergency boat building contract in Quebec . That’s what hedging your bets gets you . Cash , big cash .

Ataloss. What has building a hotel in Smithers got to do with Federal Politics??? Are you in some sort of dream world????

For one thing, you don’t ‘win’ a minority government. It’s not a good deal for anyone. The taxpayers of Alberta will find out what an NDP government is good for: government employees. BC suffered big time from those goofs and so will Canada as a result. 50 years of NDP socialism in Greece and Spain got them what? 25% unemployment, and their economies are in a shambles.

I see the NDP in Alberta had to hire David Dodge, ex Ceo of the Bank of Canada, and ex Liberal Deputy Minister to look after their finances. Seems they don’t have any capable people. They also hired some dude from BC to look after their Civil Service. Again no capable local people.

You read like you do your own dentistry Palopu . I see it as using logic by hiring the right people for the right positions . David dodge doesn’t have any melt down on him . And as for no capable people in the civil service to run things . That’s a stretch . They hired David because they don’t want to make any mistakes .

Posted on Saturday, June 27, 2015 @ 6:26 PM by Palopu
I see the NDP in Alberta had to hire David Dodge, ex Ceo of the Bank of Canada, and ex Liberal Deputy Minister to look after their finances. Seems they don’t have any capable people. They also hired some dude from BC to look after their Civil Service. Again no capable local people.

Apparently they hired 3 capable people. What has local got to do with it? Are people only capable if they are local? Don’t other parties hire experienced people or do they fly by the seat of their pants like the Harper Cons and Crispy Libs?

Hey Cullen what is your carbon footprint going to be? Hypocrite.

Remember Pal, “Prentice is our man”. He went down like a ton of bricks so be careful on your predictions.

Palopu .the point was . Prince Rupert , terrace , kitimat and Smithers to a lesser extent are in building booms and Prince George is not . Hotels and business are popping up like mushrooms . I haven’t seen anything like it since the seventies in the lower mainland . Try and buy some commercial real estate here and maybe you might just get it . The ship building contract/harpy photo op came because of harpies shaky ground . You know , buying votes with our money .

I would argue that PG is growing as well. Hopefully there are new businesses going into the new mall on 16W.

So why are Prince Rupert, Terrace, Kitimat, and Smithers growing? Could it be because of the LNG or mines in the area or?

Ataloss, if Prince Rupert, Terrace, Kitimat and Smithers are in a building boom, I would suggest that it has absolutely nothing to do with the NDP and NDP policies, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Perhaps you might explain what the NDP has done (if anything) that is contributing to any economic growth in those areas?

Also run of the river projects , ports expansions both in kitimat and Rupert . Trucking companies . Helicopter companies . Airport expansion . Branch offices. We’ve even got rush hour morning and afternoon . Never had that before . Three hotels nearing completion , two more to break ground as soon as the permits are approved in terrace . Two hotels and a huge hotel shopping complex in kitimat .

@ hart guy I’ll try to get through to you using an analogy . Andrew Carnegie was once asked why he never contributed to political parties . His answer was . I don’t for the same reason that I don’t tip taxi drivers . They will get me to where I want to go whether I tip them or not . I hope thats not too deep 4ya.

In other words, Ataloss, Andrew Carnegie was telling us that there’s really no difference whatsoever in the overriding ‘policy’ of ALL political Parties. That their only difference is going to be found in the ‘method’ of its application. Hardly a ringing endorsement that a Party like the Greens or the NDP are going to do things substantially different to the benefit of the electorate, is it?

This analogy was from the point of view of a rabid anti social misfit capitalist . So I guess you missed the point Socredible . We have two parties on the right , one party on the left and the greens in the middle . Three are little more than whiptalkcracies . Well whipped into one opinion ,one voice . The Greens will never be whipped , so says Liz May . Their certainly are differences .

Green’s aren’t in the middle, they are in outer space.

Kitimat can’t even fill the mall they have. Hopefully for them LNG gets moving, their retail, restaurants and hotel can’t keep surviving on summer fishing forever. The expansion has kept restaurants and hotels full but with that nearing completion it is back to LNG to be the driver.

Dumbfounded and Ataloss – you don’t think staffers and ministries are full of rodeo cowboys do you? There are plenty of capable people working in those offices. Problem is as Palopu pointed out, there isn’t the kind of money available to fulfill any promises from the NDP without drastically raising taxes like the old admin was trying to do. They NDP have to bring in hatchet men and very expensive gurus to massage the books unless the price of oil jumps up to fill the coffers once again and saves their bacon.

The Dippers always complain about the Conservatives cutbacks to transfer payments. Perhaps the dippers can explain how the tables contained in this link suggest otherwise?

remove the spaces

http: //www.fin.gc.ca/fedprov/mtp-eng.asp

Slinky , if you are willing to work with anyone , any spectrum or stripe that have sound , logical ideas without political bias . Then you are in the middle . In fact the Greens are the middle . The libs like to sell themselves as the middle but support bill-51 . I’ve never bought the libs in the middle bs . It doesn’t get any more right than that .

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