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October 28, 2017 3:38 am

Winter Games Finished In the Black

Monday, June 29, 2015 @ 3:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The 2015 Canada Winters Games  wrapped up with a surplus of $200 thousand dollars. city hallThe details of the expenditures and  the  success stories will be part of a  presentation to Prince George City Council this evening.

Finances  are the focus of this evening’s meeting with  not only the report from the Canada Winter Games, but  details on the City’s finances as well including the  annual  report on  salaries and expenses ( see previous story).

Annual financial reports will be presented by the Northern Sport Centre,  Initiatives Prince George, the Prince George Library and Tourism Prince George.

Council will be asked to  approve the  questionnaire  that will be  used to gauge public support for a variety of services  and  departments.  The annual survey is  one of the  pieces of information used by Council when setting annual  budgets.

There will be a call for a change to the permissive tax policy,   the change would remove the  requirement that a potential  tax exempt service  has “substantial enrollment” and  the  requirement that “there are  no significant barriers to participation in the program or service”.



Excellent..then that little tax should be gone…

If you are charging me higher taxes then it didn’t finish in the black..

The winter games tax was only for 5 years.

Five years is correct . So they collected roughly $15 Million in taxes for these games. We will have to see the actual numbers to see where they show this $15 Million. It will be interesting.

So, without each city landowner/taxpayer subsidizing the Winter Games, it would actually be in the red for $14.8 million!?!
Now that is what we can call fancy dancing – of course, City Officials along with Winter Games officials will tell us that the Winter Games will certainly pay off —— eventually.

For all the grossing and whining that went on here on 250 about the Games you’d think you’d recall that the City’s contribution went towards capital projects (mainly Kin #1 upgrade).
Not only did we get an excellent facility out of the deal (and many more great upgrades) the Games were in the black. On top of that we saw the largest showing of civic pride ever and our City shone on the National stage. Pretty great but haters gotta hate!

the $200 thousand should go into the tax coffers at city hall!…why do I suspsect it will become a wage bonus for someone?

Realitycheck. You need a reality check. The hockey buffs in Prince George may have gotten a great facility, however they are a very small portion of the population of Prince George. Its one way of getting sports facilities without borrowing the money or going to a referendum, however that doesn’t mean everyone favoured the idea.

I would say that (if) Prince George shone on the National stage, it was for a very short time, then it flickered, and then the light went out.

As for the facility itself that you refer to as an **excellent** facility, perhaps you could explain why if you sit in the first row of seats you cannot see the ice or players. This looks like a serious design flaw to me.

“The hockey buffs in Prince George may have gotten a great facility, however they are a very small portion of the population of Prince George”
On that train of thought I guess we should close Pine Valley. Golf is dead.

I think P Val nailed it, how can it be in the black when there was a related raise in taxes.

Reality check needs to be in businesse for awhile. Its the taxpayers of PG that paid the shot. A great example would be IPG. They boasted how they made a profit last year when it was $1,000,000 given by the city which in turn was paid by the taxpayers. So read my lips people Its not a profit earned, Its charity at its finest, loved by socialist sometimes educated people. I believe we have swarms of these types of people amongst us. They want to be important at everyones expense
Once again, I want to thank all the generous taxpayers in pg for making all this
possible. By the way, It would be so interesting to see just who in this city payes taxes. Also how many work. Have a nice day.

A hater, lives to hate. A lover, lives to love. A whiner, lives to whine. An optimist, losses a finger and happy to have 7 left.

Thank you for the organizers and volunteers to the winter games. You did a great job. For those two weeks, we all were very well entertained.

did we make money, did we loose money. the shifting sands of time makes it all disappear any way.

No one is criticizing the people who worked to make the games happen. Especially the volunteers. What we are criticizing is the cost of the games and the amount of tax dollars spent and the creative accounting used to get the project into the black.

I happily paid my 200 bucks. holy crap ppl.

I’ve yet to see a list of full time employees of the games and their salary and benefits package.

I suspect that the salaries were very indeed very generous. They would have to be, in order to entice people to leave other employment for basically a short term job.

I suspect that it would be very interesting to see and review the wages, benefits and expense account summaries.

That’s just my opinion!

Another BS accounting performance. Kin 1 was how much over budget? No way they accounted for all the work done to the CG plaza, security, performers etc. NO WAY.

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