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October 28, 2017 3:36 am

New Union President “Ready to Serve”

Thursday, July 2, 2015 @ 3:50 AM
PGDTA president Richard Giroday - photo 250 News

PGDTA president Richard Giroday – photo 250 News

Prince George, B.C. – There’s a new face atop the Prince George District Teachers Association (PGDTA).

Richard Giroday ran unopposed for the position back in April and started his new job this week.

Giroday is no stranger to the PGDTA, having spent the previous two years as first vice-president and says his priorities won’t change in his new office.

“Our focus is to support our members. It’s very important we are advocating for public education.”

Previous to his years on the executive, he was a math and physics teacher at both DP Todd and the Centre for Learning Alternatives.

Giroday didn’t actually enter the profession until he was nearly forty years old.

“I came to education very late, I didn’t start teaching until I was 39. I’ve owned a logging truck, built log homes and worked in the computer industry.”

So why the new change?

“Every now and then in your life you have these moments come and you think to yourself, do I really want to do this? I felt I needed to serve the membership.”

Giroday says he plans to serve the membership by taking some big issues head-on.

“One of the critical issues we have moving forward is supports for students,” he says. “Our system is definitely under-funded in comparison to other regions. We see cutbacks that continue and it’s seriously impacting what we’re able to do.”

Giroday says the impact those cuts are having on students and teachers “can’t continue.”

He acknowledges another issue of concern is the recent facilities report.

“The facilities report is dictated by the ministry,” he says. “There are recommendations in there that are a bit disturbing or upsetting (ie closing schools, changing boundaries, moving programs around) that have a huge impact on people and children.”

He adds what’s even more worrisome is when combined with the recently passed Bill 11, “the minister has powers to actually direct things in that plan to be done if he so desires.”

As a result he says “the School Board has a big challenge ahead of them.”

But despite all the uncertainty moving forward, Giroday is looking forward to his new position.

“I’m excited, I’m looking forward to the work, I enjoy being able to support our members.”


Wishing Mr. Giroday all the best in his new role. He is a great advocate for education.

Advocates for education are numerous and are all over the world.

More likely he is an advocate for higher pay, better working conditions, better benefits, etc; etc; etc;. That’s a Unions function,.

Concerning himself about the education of children doesn’t fall under his responsibility. Lets leave that to the Government and the parents of the children, and taxpayers.

Palopu, how would you know what motivates Richard Giroday, and what his underlying reasons for doing what he is doing are? Are you actually serious about the “government being concerned about the education of children”?

We have a Premier who has a grade 12 education, what does that say about the importance of education to a political party, and government, who would choose a leader with that level of education? Canfor requires that it’s production labourers possess high school education, is Christy’s level of education not more suited to working in a sawmill, rather that being our Premier?

This Lib-Con government’s track record of; cutting and slashing public education funding, provoking teachers to strike, and then fighting them in court, are anything but productive to providing a positive learning environment, and a better education for our children!!!

Giroday ran unopposed! I think of that as good news as it suggests that the vast majority of teachers have no use for the BCTF and are far too intelligent to run for this position!

I agree with Palopu! The BCTF tell us that it’s “for the children”, but history shows that the vast majority of increased education spending simply ends up added on to teacher’s paycheques. But hey, it’s “for the children”!

I’m not sure what motivates Giroday. I’m curious as to whether other posters know for sure?

As for our Premier, I find it interesting that a woman, a single Mom at that, with a Grade 12 education has managed to elevate herself to the position of Leader of a political party and Premier of our amazing province and others seem to have only risen to the level of Opinion 250 posters!

I’m happy with my lot in life as I have no aspirations to become the leader of a political party or the Premier of our province. I would suggest that some posters here of the I-know-it-all variety, get off of their butts, run for and win positions of power and then get on with the task of saving the world!

If a single mom with a Grade 12 education can do it, why on earth are some know-it-alls boring all of us here when they could be our next Premier and be boring us all at a much higher level?

Most teachers are too busy dealing with increased work load issues to have the time for such a position.
Few people would say that the education system is adequately funded or that they have not heard of the problems in the classroom that have resulted from the current funding structure.
If you want the next generation to be able to take a proper order from you at Starbucks, you should ensure that they have had the proper education to allow them to do so.

minion, many of the current and past generation seem unable to take a proper order at Starbucks!

The next generation is already unwilling to take jobs at Starbucks. That’s one part of the reason that we have so many TFW’s working at places like Timmie’s, McDonalds and Subway!

The next generation has had things handed to them, by their parents, by their education system, by the courts and if they had their way, by their employers!

They have been taught that they do not have to do anything that they don’t want to do. They don’t have to listen to anyone. They don’t have to turn in assignments as failure seems unlikely as an option. They have no need to excel in any subject. They need not worry about sporting competitions as nobody wins, and nobody loses!

Our education system and those involved in it, seem perfectly happy with this situation!

But, this is Opinion250, and that’s just my opinion!


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