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October 28, 2017 3:34 am

Search For Missing Swimmer Suspended

Sunday, July 5, 2015 @ 2:59 PM
Missing boy's father and uncle watch RCMP Dive Team and SAR efforts Sunday morning.  Photo 250News

Missing boy’s father and uncle watch RCMP Dive Team and SAR efforts Sunday morning. Photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – The search for a 15-year-old Prince George boy who went for a swim with a buddy on a hot summer day has now been suspended.

The boys, both 15 years of age, were swimming at the mouth of the Hudson Bay slough around 4 Friday afternoon when one boy disappeared under the water and failed to re-surface.  Prince George Search and Rescue, aided by the RCMP and Yellowhead Helicopters, has been conducting ground, water and air searches for the past 48 hours, but without success.

The area the boy disappeared in, right at the mouth of the slough, has a trench running about twelve feet deep beneath it, too deep for search crews to be effective in.  In that light the RCMP Dive Team from the Lower Mainland was contacted and this morning the four-member team conducted a 45-minute search along the bottom of the trench in extremely muddy and murky water which provided visibility of about six inches.  No sign of the boy was found there and the dive team effort was curtailed.

RCMP Cpl Craig Douglass says in light of the dive team results and the fact the Fraser River current runs much too fast for the team to be able to work in it, the search for the boy is now suspended and he is considered missing until he is found, meaning the file remains open.  Cpl Douglass says “given the circumstances it’s unlikely that he, at this point, made it out of the water.”

Police have not released the teen’s name and Douglass says that is something that will be determined after speaking with the boy’s family.

Police have issued a description of the youth:


156 cm  (5’5”)

54 kg (120 lbs)

Short blonde hair

Last seen wearing blue jeans, gold and black DC running shoes and a black T-shirt.


Police are asking to speak with anyone who was near the slough (Hudson’s Bay Wetland Nature Park) on the afternoon of Friday July 3rd.


Very saddening, so young.

Was he swimming in shoes?

Perhaps easily accessible and attractive places for swimming should have signage warning about strong currents, steep drop-offs, and other hazards? And perhaps some good, safe spots could be marked as such?

I also wonder how well most kids can swim. It’s one thing to be able to splash around in a pool – another to swim in a strong current or for a distance. What percentage of kids are getting serious swimming instruction?

The frazer gives and the frazer takes . Keep an eye out for him R2 . There is nothing worse than losing a child . Not finding him must be unbarable . Stay strong .

Thank you to all search and rescue volunteers who gave up a beautiful weekend with family and friends to instead spend it looking for someone else’s loved one. Your efforts and sacrifices are greatly appreciated!

Many kids have been taken from that spot. I knew a guy from high school taken from that very same spot. There is an incredible strong under current there.

I have long said the city should work that back channel at fish trap island as a safe place to swim on the nechako if it had some through water ability. It could be done for so cheep and would give a safe outlet for kids like this to swim in the city… Tradgiclly this kid will not be the last one lost on the Fraser as this city has its head stuck in the mud on the issue.

It’s another sad loss. My condolences to the family.

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