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October 28, 2017 3:31 am

Heat Stress Alert Issued By WorkSafe BC for PG

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 @ 3:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The heat is on,  and there is no  break in sight and WorkSafe BC is advising  employers and employees to take measures to avoid  heat stress.

“Last year, there  were  27  cases  throughout the province that  were heat stress related time loss claims and one claim is too many”  says WorkSafe BC spokesperson Trish Knight-Chernecki.

 While  anyone working outdoors is susceptible to heat stress,  she says those in  forestry, construction  and  transportation make up  the majority of the claims.

Symptoms of heat stress include: excessive sweating,  dizziness and nausea.   When temperatures are  high,  workers are at  risk of  developing heat cramps,  heat exhaustion  or  heat stroke

The tips sound obvious  says Knight-Chernecki  ” Drink plenty of water,  we’re recommending one glass every 20 minutes.  So you can set it up on your smart  device and set up a little alarm if you are working outside in the heat.  Wear light coloured, loose fitting clothing made of a breathable fabric.  Take rest breaks in  a cool, well  ventilated area  and allow your body to cool down before   resuming your  work.  Do the hardest physical labour  during  the coolest part of the day.  One I found very interesting, is to know  your  personal  risks, for example if you are on medications that could  make you more  likely to get heat stroke.”  

She says people with skin disorders that make it difficult for their body to release heat   could  be  more prone to heat stroke, and the same danger exists for those who don’t get enough sleep. She adds there have been studies that those who are physically fit  do better in the heat, and  advises  those who have  pre-existing medical conditions to check with their doctor to see how they might be affected by the heat.

With  workers required to wear proper safety equipment, she says employers  have a critical role to play  “This is  where employers need to come in and do heat stress assessments and as  appropriate, have  a heat stress mitigation plan and take into consideration the work that needs to be done and how to do it in a safe way by  either providing personal  protective equipment, education and training and by recognizing the symptoms of heat stress and  heat stroke.”





NOT to worry boys, im sure they have your backs just like the Lakeland workers.

It really was an eye opener to work for a non Union mill. Guys would make themselves sick trying to get work done in a high heat situation while the boss sat down in his nice air conditioned office barking out orders. Say what you want about unions but that just doesn’t happen in the place I work now.

It’s ridiculous in this day and age where care and safety for your workers is an afterthought…..

Whoa up there mercenary, stereotype much!

I am a non union employer on a large construction site as we speak with all union employees.

My employees are everything to me, looking out the window from my sweat shack I see the following with the union guys:
Junk/broken down filthy equipment everywhere (Lent them a new manlift because I felt sorry for the workers)
Barely 2 coffee breaks (maybe ten minutes each)
Expected to start a half hour early with no pay
Have to purchase their own tools, so they purchase big box junk tools
Have to buy their own ppe

My employees:
Make way more money, almost double (also RRSP and health plans)
All new equipment
I give (4) 40 minute coffee breaks and an hour for lunch (12 hr shift)
I buy all the very best ppe and tools
I provide cool drinks and tons of food
I pay them an extra hour a day for hot or cold weather (OT as it hits
I pay my people full rate to travel (OT as it hits)
I gave them fuel cards with no limits

You get my drift, I belonged to three different unions throughout my career and watched this crap. Union reps coming to site with snakeskin boots and gold belt buckles with promises in the dark! never again


My employees make double and triple more money than these union guys,and yes, that’s net

Wow you must be John Galt checkitout, however, your non-union outfit is the exception rather than the rule. Every single outfit abusing the Temporary Foreign Workers Program are non-union, why do I know this? Because a union outfit would never stand idly by while their members get replaced with temporary foreign workers.

Here is what non-union construction companies are doing in Edmonton:

www. edmontonsun.com/2015/01/15/edmonton-ironworkers-claim-jobs-given-to-temporary-foreign-workers

Copy and paste the link to your address bar, then delete the space between the www. and the e

Sorry, reality just doesn’t jive with your view of the non-union world checkitout, cheap labour via temporary foreign workers means more money and profit into the pockets of non-union business owners.

Heat related sickness is no joke. Take care of yourself in this heat.
Worksafe does not care one bit about employees or their health. They care about keeping every cent of premiums so they can pay the ridiculous salaries of their management and give themselves bonus checks. As I say this, I now realize that I need to contact Worksafe BC… about getting a job with them. What credentials do you need to be able to say “denied” or “please supply more information”? All these years I have missed my calling!
All kidding aside, this heat will no doubt cause sickness to many. Know your own limits in the heat, because it will hit you after the fact and the effects can be very serious.

Well SS, I agree, I don’t care much for the TFW program in the oilpatch and mining. I don’t do oilpatch and stopped building mines due to watching that crap and watching non talented management play games with peoples jobs. I am rare being an owner on site with my people to take care of them. Back to the heat stress deal, I find it doesn’t slow production to pay my crews till 7 pm and send them home at 5:45. If big business thinks that is a waste of money, they are stupid idiots. My people are fit, healthy and happy.

“My people are fit, healthy and happy”
Ever hear of a fella named Lincoln he freed the slaves over a hundred years ago!

Freeing the slaves was highly cost effective. In the old days, pre-Lincoln, those good ol’ southern gentlemen owned their slaves. Mistreat ’em and they were devaluing their own property. Nowadays they just rent ’em. And the modern day wage slave bears the full cost of his own upkeep and depreciation. Small wonder so many of the socialist persuasion are so anxious to be slaves permanently.

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