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October 28, 2017 3:27 am

Another Liberal Joins Nomination Race in Cariboo-Prince George

Saturday, July 11, 2015 @ 4:35 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The race for the Liberal nomination in Cariboo-Prince George is heating up.Matt Shaw

This as Vanderhoof native and long time Prince George resident Matt Shaw has thrown his hat into the ring.

So why come forward now?

“Basically I feel like the current government has really lost touch with the needs of average people,” he says. “The thing that really drives me is that I feel working families are getting squeezed quite a bit by high taxation and by the escalating cost of living.”

Shaw spent over twenty years teaching adult education for the Prince George School District and is also a counsellor and an author.

He’s the second person in as many days to express an interest in the nomination.

The other is Exploration Place CEO Tracy Calogheros. Shaw expects the party to hold a nomination meeting sometime next month.


Name recognition.

Matt Shaw, Tracy Calogheros; Matt Shaw, Tracy Calogheros. Hmmmm, let me see.

I am not going to try and take anything away from these two people…kudos to them…
but unless the party gets a WELL KNOWN NAME…. they, I feel will have no hope of winning the election….
That actually goes for all the parties, but that is another story…
good luck …

lets just hope there are no more majority governments…that just gives them licence to do as they like with impunity…..

I’m glad to hear Calogheros is in the running. Finally we will have a public view into staffing issues at The Exploration Place.

Okay….what are the staffing issues at Exploration Place Grover ?

They may go back to the issues of retention/salaries, etc. that they addressed about 10 years ago and received an award for.

Whatever they are, this is a federal election, not regional district or city. Perhaps Grover will propose that the Feds provide a subsidy to the Museum?

Kudos to both of them to have the courage to step forward. They will need a very thick skin to deal with all the things that will be said about them. i am glad that two locals will be running and not a parachute candidate.

Hey Grover, I don’t know what you’re referring to as issues with staffing at The Exploration Place, but everything about my operation is public. If you’ve got any questions give me a call when you’ve got some time to chat. 250 981-5910. The award we won had to do with being proactive about work-life balance with an eye to retention, and its worked great! I have an awesome team. No place is perfect but we are a tight team.

Maybe Grover means future staffing issues when Todd Doherty applies to be the CEO of Exploration Place. :-D

Don’t bother voting for a no hope distant fourth placing Liberals in the next federal election, up here the Liberals have abandoned their party, both provincially and federally anyway. They lost their provincial party status more than a decade ago when Conservative Gordon Campbell booted Liberal Gordon Wilson out of the party and its’ been Conservative- Reform ever since.

Federally, it has become painfully obvious as to the extent Liberals have abandoned their Liberal Party, when this notable Federal Party cannot garner enough votes to beat the Greens in the Prince George Cariboo riding that says something. No I would vote for the candidate that has the best chance of defeating the Conservative candidate, I would vote ABC. This means voting NDP, they are the official opposition and have the best chance of replacing the fascist Harper government.

Sophic, Campbell didn’t “boot” Wilson out of the provincial Liberals, Wilson self imploded. He blew it in the debates & with his ill advised tryst with Judy Tyabji. That was over 20 years ago. Interestingly, if I remember correctly, Wilson also tried a run with the NDP as well.

You are right detoe44. Gordon Campbell defeated Gordon Wilson in a leadership contest. Wilson then ran for the NDP and was, if I remember correctly, a cabinet minister and later ran for the leadership of the NDP. So, you see Sophie the revisionist history that you spout isn’t believed by all.

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