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October 28, 2017 3:24 am

Recreational Fire Ban Rescinded in Prince George

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 @ 11:29 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The recreational fire ban  that was put in place in Prince George on July 5th  has been rescinded..

Weather conditions have improved to the point that  the City is no longer tinder dry.  The ban  meant there were to be no “campfire” style  burns throughout the city.  The Clean Air bylaw bans all other kinds of burning.

Prince George  Fire Rescue Chief John Iverson says  during the ban,  his team responded to numerous calls about  backyard  recreational fires, “None of the people were aware of the  ban, and all  doused the  fires immediately.”

Chief Iverson says  his department will continue to monitor the situation and a  recreational fire ban could return  if there  is a return to the hot  dry weather experienced earlier in the month.

Editor’s Note

 For clarity, this  rescinded  camp fire  ban  is for the  City of Prince George  and properties within its city limits  which are  serviced by the Prince George Fire Rescue department.   The camp fire ban  for the Prince George Fire Centre ( outside City limits) remains in place.


Ok, still be careful out there. Burning up a 5 Hectare of good timber is like taking one person years worth of work in the logging and lumber industry.

This needs some clarification!! As far as the BC Wildfire website is concerned the fire bans are still in place. People are asking on other social media sites due to this article if they are now allowed to have campfires. Is this strictly for the CITY of Prince George boundaries that the ban is lifted? or does it apply to the Prince George Fire Centre (Provincial area) as well.

The Provincial wildfire centre has no jurisdiction to declare a fire ban within a city’s limits. This is STRICTLY within City limits in the boundaries serviced by Prince George Fire Rescue.
The Province wide burning ban remains in place throughout BC with the exception of Haida Gwaii and the area known as the Fog Zone along the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Thank you Elaine. Perhaps you can edit this article stating that very clearly. People read “Prince George” and assume that if their mailing address says Prince George they are okay to have a campfire. My mailing address is Prince George but I am NOT in city limits therefore still cannot have a campfire.

Cheers to you be spoke. Thank you too Elaine. You did clearly state the recreational fire ban in Prince George is lifted. There is no clarification needed. Anyone who thinks they are getting news from social media sites is poorly poorly informed at best to be kind. People are asking on social media sites? Tell them to get a life.

Just link to this

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