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October 28, 2017 3:23 am

Mud Slide North of Likely

Thursday, July 16, 2015 @ 3:57 PM

Likely, B.C.- A mud slide  on the Cariboo Lake road north of Likely has  destroyed a home.

The slide is said to be 150meters in length and  about 6 feet deep.  While a home was destroyed by the slide,  there are no injuries to report.

The Cariboo Lake Road is  closed at the 21 km mark as a result of the slide.  There  is no word on when it might reopen.


That whole area is a write-off as far as I am concerned. Sorry to the family who’s house got destroyed.

Oh don’t be dramatic Sophic.. You probably havent set foot in likely in your life..!

I certainly don’t want to now, and so would a whole bunch of other tourists, if you can get the meaning behind that “fact”. Realistically, who would want set foot in that area now northman?

Stunned sage, I just drove that road from Barkerville to Likely 10 days ago. Absolutely beautiful. Landslides have been happening since time began. I guess that leaves a lot of places of your holiday list. The Ghost lake waterfalls and Caribou lake made the bounce worth while. It takes some effort to get there and drive it so it won’t see many electric cars. You really should make the effort to see that country. I am sure your canned spam would change. Oh who am I kidding, your so far gone you’re never coming back. Self righteous trolls never do. Even if you did, who cares.

Dow….I agree, beautiful country. the view of the falls from the bridge is stunning.
How about that dome lodge by the Ghost turnoff?

Not sure frank. Looked vacant to me. Do you mean the yurts on the west side of the road?

Yes,late last fall looked like the occupants had just left, was curious if they had re-opened this year. Makes for a nice loop drive.PG, Wells,Likely then through to Horsefly on the ditch road and back home to PG.

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