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October 28, 2017 3:22 am

Disturbance Led to Fatal Shooting

Friday, July 17, 2015 @ 10:10 AM

Dawson Creek, B.C. –  IIO  investigators   are expected to arrive in Dawson Creek  this morning to investigate a fatal police shooting.

Initial reports from the RCMP  indicate that around 6:30 last evening  Dawson Creek RCMP  responded to a report of a disturbance at the BC Hydro Site C open house at the Fixx Urban Grill.

Police  were told a man  was  disrupting the event and damaging property.

When police arrived,  they  encountered a masked man outside,  the man  was believed to be connected to the complaint. RCMP say   attempts to de-escalate the situation failed,  there was a confrontation, and the man was shot.

The male was taken  to hospital  and  died.

No police officers or  members of the public were injured during the incident.

The name of the deceased has not been  released.

The scene was secured overnight  pending the arrival of the IIO.

This is the  5th police shooting in B.C.  since April.




Was this person armed? if not maybe no need to shoot and kill him.

some how I can’t see them shooting for nothing….

maybe give them back their tazers might prevent this in future?

how about letting investigators do their jobs and stop second guessing things….

good point bc racer

I second that, He spoke. on a day to day job; the things they see and have to deal with. Not most peoples idea of a fun job.

Really BC RACER, ou can’t see the RCMP shooting someone for nothing? You’ve heard of Ian Bush, Clay Whilley, Kevin St Arnaud, Robert Dziekanski etc…

You might want to ponder the statement that this is the 5th police shooting since April.

I can remember a time when we would go 10 years without a police shooting.

Something is seriously wrong here.

I think a lot of people don’t realize that you can’t threaten a cop, whether it is with a firearm, knife, car or your fists. I remember reading an article about the Bush incident where the cop says he was beaten down and getting overtaken. Well, you simply can’t do that with a cop. I always gathered that they will take deadly force against violence directed towards them, and I don’t blame them. Just shut up and do as they say, probably never have a problem.

Many people they are dealing with have mental problems. I think the police have to back off sometimes and not try to manhandle a person and then find out they can’t so their only escape is to shoot in self defence. I think too many times they rush the situation especially when a person is not armed. Let the person flip out and give the person time to settle down and not charge in like a bunch of bullies.

Oldman1, I agree! If there is no one in imminent danger, then backing off might allow for a better outcome. Too often it SEEMS like guns are drawn and bullets are fired as a first resort, instead of as a last resort.

With that being said, we don’t know all of the details of this incident and it would be unfair and unreasonable to pass judgement until more is known.

I concur with the majority of comments on this. It should be noted that no one was hurt or assaulted by this man, was he destroying property? Yes, but property crimes should not result in a death penalty, other forms of less lethal response should have been used. Not to worry, the IIO will investigate and side with the RCMP as is usual.

Valuable insight, watch video in link below.
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https: //youtu.be/q63GKKbBSgk

It is a good video and I agree not every situation is the same. In this situation maybe the officer should have taken some time and called for backup before getting involved. When you look what happened in the Vancouver airport in a secured area to D. there was no justification for what happened to him. Nobody tried to talk to him or find out what his problem was or back off until he settled down.

Evolution; Fox News is hardly a source for legitimate information, as soon a I seen the Fox News logo I stopped playing the video.

Perhaps our RCMP should be schooled in other forms of non-lethal submission and arrest methods. The man fatally shot in Dawson Creek had a knife, the man in this video has a Samurai Sword, yet he was disarmed and arrested without the use of lethal force.

www. youtube.com/watch?v=QtRgweQxXi8

Oh, the bull I read from those who don’t have a clue. Every situation is so much different, yet, blow your minds on what could have been, armchair quarterbacks with no experience. Do you know it takes 1.5 seconds for a guy with a knife to get to you from 30 feet away? Do you know in a knife fight you’re gonna get cut?
Sunshine, were you at the inquest for Wiley? He was a victim of cocaine.
Bush, the constable was fighting for his life. St. Arnaud was higher than a kite on booze, crown determined it was justifiable. Robert Dziekański was the most disgusting piece of police work I’ve ever seen.
Robinson should never have been hired.
Yet you folks with no experience in critical incidents have all the answers. That is what’s sickening.

Give all the rcmp body camcorders for crying out loud. BTW I’m fairly certain this idiot was no big loss to society, job well done RCMP

From what I have read about this incident I am not impressed.

You see basically, the suspect with the knife has an escape route: back into the grill where there are innocent people. As a police officer, you cannot allow the person the opportunity to get in there and hurt someone, kill someone, or take a hostage.

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