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October 28, 2017 3:21 am

IIO Says Shooting Victim Not the One Who Caused Disturbance

Saturday, July 18, 2015 @ 10:58 AM

Dawson Creek, B.C. – The Independent Investigation Office says the man  shot by RCMP in Dawson Creek Thursday night, was not the man  who was the subject of a complaint about a disturbance  at the BC Hydro  Site C open house.

IIO Investigtators  are still in Dawson Creek and have recovered   some evidence.

The incident happened Thursday evening , when  officers responded to a call about a man causing a disturbance inside the Fixx Urban Grill where  B.C. Hydro  was holding a public open house.

According to the IIO, the suspect  who caused the disturbance had  left  the scene before  officers arrived.  According to reports, when the RCMP did  arrive  on scene they  encountered an adult male wearing a mask  outside the  building.  He was said to have approached  officers in an aggressive manner and did not comply with  orders from the officer,  and was shot.
IIO investigators have released the scene. A knife was recovered along with other physical evidence. Several interviews have been conducted
with civilians and witness officers. Other investigative tasks include obtaining and reviewing any video evidence from businesses as well as
those members of the public who may have been in the area when the incident took place.

Meantime, in Surrey,   IIO investigators  have been called to  the scene of a police  involved shooting  from early this morning which resulted in the death of a man .  Initial reports  say there was a suicidal male  near the District 5 RCMP office in South Surrey.  He appeared to be in significant distress.

According to police, officers who were in the office went outside where the male was subsequently located. There was a physical struggle. The affected person was shot and did not survive his injuries. An RCMP officer sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound – the circumstances of which are under investigation. The officer was transported to hospital for medical treatment.

This is the sixth officer-involved shooting that is under investigation by the IIO since April 1, 2015.
* April 9 – VPD (death)
* May 13 – Burnaby (serious harm)
* July 3 –  Salmon Arm (serious harm)
* July 8 – Port Hardy (death)
* July 16 – Dawson Creek (death)
* July 18 – Surrey (death)


This will sound odd but the reason cops shoot suspects who are unarmed or armed with a non firearm weapon is cops have guns. Sounds simplistic but bear with me. The problem a cop has when attacked by an unarmed suspect is if he loses the subsequent fight, the suspect can take the cops weapon. So just the fact the cop has a gun elevates the stakes. The cop cannot afford to lose the fight. So,instead of trying to physically subdue the suspect he/she shoots him. Why there seems to be more shootings now than say 40 years ago is probably explained more by the loss of respect of authority in society than cops being gun happy. And tragically there seems to be more mentally ill people at large. The cop is not a psychologist and can only respond to the threat. Not saying there’s no bad cops saying that as long as there’s a threat their weapon can be taken from them people will continue to get shot,even unarmed.

The RCMP, as a law enforcement institution is broken, and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. When over 350 female RCMP Officers file a class action lawsuit, over discrimination, sexual harassment and assault, you know this is an organization in trouble.

IMO there needs to be a review of recruitment and basic training for RCMP candidates. A psychological exam should be administered with extensive background checks being conducted. IMO, a large number of RCMP recruits are there because they yearn for, desire, and covet the “power” and “authority” that comes with the job.

The very nature of an RCMP’s job would stroke some of these candidate’s massive egos. Check out whether these candidates were bullies in high school because odds are a lot of them were. Bullies have power and control issues, look for those kinds of issues in an RCMP candidate’s past, because they would naturally be attracted to “power and control” based jobs.

Also look at restructuring training, add a conflict resolution piece, and concentrate on de-escalation of potentially violent situations, and not escalation to violence and conflict. However, having said all this, look for the righties to say deadly violence is the most appropriate response. Example: “he didn’t drop the knife, so kill him!” It’s a simpleton’s way of looking at things.

Sophic, I know you declined to watch this video on another post, but I encourage you to give it a chance, it may enlighten your perspective of police confrontations.

Remove the space after https:

https: //youtu.be/q63GKKbBSgk

Is this province turning into Mexico? Soon people will be afraid to get pulled over by the Police. Evolution — I also saw a video.. I think Kelowna where a person was adhering to the officer’s commands and then got kicked in the face when he was down on his hands and knees. Don’t get me wrong because there a lot of good police officers out there but there are many that should not wear a badge.

Exactly oldman1, we don’t need misogynistic, power tripping, egomaniacs applying to become RCMP officers, weed them out during the recruitment and training process, don’t let them out in the public wearing guns.

There is getting to be quite a track record in northern BC of people who didn’t do much wrong, dying in their interactions with the RCMP. Started with the young man in Houston who had an open beer at a hockey game. The comment above about mentally challenged people being out in society instead of in care is part of it.

That said, LEO’s probably fear people with knives more than anything, for good reason. Best practice for civilians is to avoid interactions with the law if possible.

As they say, if the only tool in your toolkit is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.


Evolution > That video are idiotic role playing examples.

The first one shows an untrained cop getting himself into a boxed-in situation between two cars which provides the suspect with cover while the cop in pursuit leaves little room to manoeuver and take cover. He should have taken cover in the first place and given the fellow room. A possible car theft is not a reason to be shot or to shoot the perpetrator to kill. Basically the cop has placed himself in a position where he is forced to shoot.

Split second decisions. Get out of them and provide more time and more safety.

Second one, he holds his gun pointing down while the perp is closing. Why does he wait till he is so close that he has to shoot? Why did he not shoot into the ground when he was much further away? And if he kept closing simply angle the barrel up to hit the legs?

Why do role playing off such phoney situations when there are enough videos of the real thing making the rounds.

Here is a famous real one of a cop shooting at someone running away for what I think was an expired license plate > youtube.com/watch?v=JCh8HhZ3Bww

Just copy into your browser as is. Any modern browser should not need any other tag.

The cop was fully aware of what he had done and re-arranged the crime scene within a minute.

Then watch this > youtube.com/watch?v=EUp4bDa9M3o

I do not know why they went knocking on the door.

The mother knew exactly what was going to happen. The cop who shot 3 to 4 times (hard to hear whether there were two shots close together) kept the gun on him for around 90 seconds after he was down and kept asking him to drop the screwdriver. The cop thought he shot once or twice.

The excitement of the moment causes people to not act in rational ways. Others still wondering whether to handcuff him. Step by step by the book, not being able to adjust to the reality of the situation that this guy was shot multiple times and is out of commission. Amazing!
But that is what happens in the real world, not some stupid makeshift setup by the excerpt from FOX News propaganda team.

So, this is a long video about a changing mindset in the USA that may be migrating to Canada.

9/11 and the subsequent implementation of Homeland Security changed a lot more than many think.


I watched your video, now it is time for you to watch mine. I doubt it will change your mind, but you can’t say I did not try.

The Mounties are made up of a lot of men and women who want to help others.
To say they were bullies in school or on a power trip is simply childish.

If you cannot follow a simple order to ,, stop .. or lay down … drop whatever is in you hand , or go to your knees, pretty easy instructions to follow, they would not even be there these people that are here to protect. Someone has called them because something isn’t right . Been here along time , never has been a concern for me.

I have no fear of ever being shot by the police ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ever.

monkeyseemonkeydo; I bet your comment made a lot of deaf and hearing impaired people nervous, not to mention other legitimate reasons why someone would not, or could, not comply with a member of law enforcement orders.

www. youtube.com/watch?v=EEXjfACemmA

The moniker monkeyseemonkeydo says it all. No need to waste time on further debate.

Greg Matters comes to mind. He probably never feared being shot by police either. Then again he was afraid of something. One never knows what PTSD will do to a person. In fact, one never knows what any kind of mental illness or incapacity will do to a person when put under stress.

Never judge others by your own standards. You obviously have no clue of their ability to act as you believe you would under stress.

An interesting “discussion” about the officer’s authority to do what he was attempting to do > youtube.com/watch?v=fNpYe0N_T6Y

If this guy were a black law student, I wonder if it would have ended up this way. Even this guy had balls.

25 of 50 states in the US allow open carry guns without the requirement of a permit

This is either in Portland Maine which is one of the 25 states that are permissive

If it is in Portland Oregon persons with concealed carry licenses are exempt from local open carry restrictions.

Only 6 states ban the open carry of guns. Some are involved in court cases stating it is unconstitutional to ban the open carry of a gun.


How about this one.

If anyone thinks that First Nations visiting PG and frequenting the wrong parts of town do not run the risk of getting harassed like this, they are living in a dream world.

Gopg2015, we are blessed to have a use of force expert on here to mock us simpletons. With your vast knowledge of police work, the Incident Management and Intervention Model, the seven tactical considerations and your seemingly unrestricted access to police files, not to mention your astute sense of psychology and mental health, I would think you would realize that the video link I posted is simply an opportunity for an individual to experience an issue from another perspective, and as a result has gained some insight, everyone benefits.

BTW..”Idiotic role playing” as you put it IS training! And thankfully all professions do it.

In reference to your first comment on this discussion thread gopg2015, I believe this pro-active and positive approach will help reduce the number of Greg Matters incidents. What happened there could have been avoided because there are other ways to address incidents involving persons with mental health issues, such has having mental health workers attend those incidents with the RCMP.

Of course the preferred method is bring back mental health institutions and properly fund mental health care and veterans care, however how likely is that under our current governments?

www. 250news.com/2014/09/29/plan-to-reduce-the-number-of-police-calls-to-handle-mental-health-issues/

“we are blessed to have a use of force expert on here”

I have not seen one. Please identify who you are referring to.

I agree that the entire strategy around mental health went off the rails a long time ago. Although changes needed to be made, I think they relied too much on mood altering prescription drugs to free those who were care givers from their responsibilities and it ended up in the laps of other support services, including the police, most of whom have little training and even less experience under proper supervision.

I don’t know why they have to kill people? Can they not aim for a leg ? Pretty sure that would take someone down as long as the person does not have a gun to shoot back. Pretty much if they are not a good shot they shouldn’t be packing a firearm.

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