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October 28, 2017 3:18 am

Eleven New Wildfires in B.C. Make Seasonal Total Climb

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 @ 2:08 PM

Prince George, B.C.- The number of wildfires in B.C. since April 1st of this year, has reached the 1300 mark.

Of that number, 254 are currently burning, with eleven new fires today, and 43 new fires yesterday.

The cool wet weather has created a north-south divide in the Province says BC Wildfire Management Branch Chief Information Officer Kevin Skrepnek. The wet conditions in the northern portions of BC led to the rescinding of campfire bans in the Prince George and NorthWest Fire Centres.

Skrepnek says since April 1st , the fires have burned 295 thousand hectares, at a cost of $140 million dollars.

Of the 1300 fires this season, Skrepnek says 861 were caused by lightning, another 398 confirmed to have been caused by humans.   He says there are some fires where the cause has yet to be determined. So far,   he is not aware of anyone being fined or charged for causing the human sparked blazes.



Nice to see, and hear, Christy Clark say today that the increase in BC forest fires is caused by global warming, and that years like this year will be the new normal. I am surprised that someone with a grade 12 education actually got the connection. Now she just needs to link forest fighting costs to the cause of global warming, which is the fossil fuel industry, they need to start paying for these additional costs.

This will eventually happen, mark my words folks!

www. cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-fires-christy-clark-blames-climate-change-for-wildfire-increase-1.3162956

I am right because I listen, and believe, in the science of global warming. My assertions, and positions, are based on evidence and facts… strange that some of you are not able to do the same, is denial part of your ideological belief system?

You are so sorely misinformed. There is a huge disparity between modeled and observed tropospheric temperatures. Scientists cannot figure natural effects let alone Mann caused. But hey lots of money being made off the scam.

Wow, it’s been very quiet on this discussion thread, hmmm… I wonder why? Where are all the personal attacks, now that Christy Clark publicly supports my assertions that global warming is behind the increase in BC forest fires?

Going forward try not to be so closed minded about what some very smart people (scientists) are telling you, if you can do that… maybe our country and this world has a chance.

https: //betternature.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/what-if-its-a-hoax11.jpg

Nobody finds it ironic that we fight fires on the native protected forest reserves, but they don’t pay for it? Why is that again?

A fire is a fire, no matter where its at.. even if its up your white butt

Poor sage you are confused. No scientists deny warming, been warming since the LIA the question is how much Mann is involved if any at all. Is it not interesting that it is rent seeking government scientist pushing the Mann caused warming.

Yes ,poor sage . You can’t fight ideology with fact based reality . the ideological right would deny that gravity exists if it interfered with the fossil fuel affliction and it’s damage because all the science isn’t in on gravity either . All one would need is one persons opinion against for them to cling too. I would imagine that the deniers also believe in the invisible man in the sky . Good thing they’re so few of them . It only seems they are many because they are so loud . They get their talking points directly from the pmo who pay real cash for their online trolls .

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