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October 28, 2017 3:16 am

And My Options Are?

Friday, July 24, 2015 @ 3:50 AM



No . They are not your only choices . Stevie only wants you to think they are .

In our region, a vote for Zimmer or Doherty is a vote for Harper as the CPC MPs never do anything other than what the CPC wants, they don’t actually represent their constituents. Ask Zimmer how many times he’s voted against his party.

Fate. Ask any MP how many times they voted against their party.

Biggest government, biggest debt, deficits, omnibus bills, criminal senators and MPs, an engineered real estate bubble, and now a second recession. Can you reward the current bunch with your vote?

Govsux , you can add that he’s trying to change the channel by stealing the NDP platform on the senate . Both he and the NDP know darn well they can’t abolish the senate . It’s about the economy stupid Steve . You can’t eat ideology .

It is sad to see how bad our political system is. It is no longer about voting the best person in. It is now about who would do the least damage to our society.

I will vote for Todd, don’t like Stevie too much. I think Stevie, has been in it too long and we need a new leader. He is a bit of a dictator, and eventually he will politically explode, and the party president will have no choice but to oust him and slide in the next leader.

The problem with Trudeau is, the west will be holding its ankles. Trudeau is from Quebec, from a province that has all the resource and operates like a have not province, because the rest of the country is held ransom. he is just like his Dad, that started our national debt.

Muclair, he has a bit of a flair. But NDP, yikes, we all will be sent too the poor house.

Harper, unfortunately he is a bit of a wing nut. But he is from the west, and will look after us….???,,, Hopefully, he will have a political explosion after he gets in, and a new leader is shoved in.

The politics of Canada,= choosing the least of all evils. SAD.

He’s more of a pocket dictator . He’s not really from the west . He’s from Toronto . The only thing about him being western is his collection of cowboy hats .

Ataloss. Your such a twit. Harper moved to Alberta at the age of 19 and has been there ever since. So he has been a Westerner for over 37 years.

According to your infantile thinking, anyone who has lived in the West for less than 37 years are not Westerners. This would eliminate a huge chuck of the population in the West.

@Palopu – I’m sure you would agree, there is no point reasoning with the lefty trolls… most are barely awake before noon and tend to talk nonsense for the rest of the day. ;)

And here’s another harper innovation Bill C51 that’s got The United Nations Human Rights Committee on his butt. Most of you should of read it as it appears on 250 news. So remember pretty face Trudeau supported this Bill

OTTAWA – The United Nations Human Rights Committee raised concerns Thursday about Canada’s new anti-terror legislation, saying it could run afoul of the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights.
The committee says sweeping powers in the law, known as C-51, may not contain enough legal safeguards to protect people’s rights.

Thank R2 . The recast of the report card is equally scathing . This why Stevie and Bob are so anti UN . Kim Jong Un doesn’t like the UN either .

Palopu , he spoke said he was FROM the west . You can’t be From the West and From Toronto at the same time . Even Stevie can’t defy the laws of physics . I understand that Kim Jong Un can . Maybe that’s what Stevie is aspiring too .

Show me some indexes, from from worldwide bodies, or think tanks, where Canada’s standing has increased, one even stayed static under Harpers rule. Anyone?

guvsux, read Hartguy’s post at 12:43 on the Friday Free For All.

Sorry, 12:42

Hart Guy’s comment at 12:42 am has been debunked by me at 4:16 pm on the Friday Free For All. Poor Hart Guy, I imagined he was so excited to finally find something positive about Canada’s standing under the Harper Government, only to find out his precious “Reputation Institute” doesn’t even appear in Wikipedia, as all reputable indexes, worldwide bodies, and think tanks do.

They aren’t allowed to vote against their party…it’s called towing the party line.. And it’s bull$hit.. But if they do against their party their political career is over..

Sophie, you’ve been debunked! I’m still excited!

SS has been debunked so many times that no one takes her seriously. But be nice HG, the latest poles show the NDP slipping and the Conservatives climbing back up so we need to talk in hushed tones – you wouldn’t want to be responsible for a complete mental breakdown would you?

interceptor, this is an “opinion” site and I’m kinda sorta of the opinion that maybe the complete mental breakdown that you speak of is already happening, if it has not already happened!

Have a great weekend!

Hey look everyone, we have a church ladies type of gossip session going on here. See how they positive stroke each other’s thoughts and “opinions” of me.

http: //tinyurl.com/oa8d4pd

Come on sage give HG a break . He just got off a 5 hour shift by my reckoning . Said he was going to work at one thirty . Five hour work day ? Who wouldn’t like that ? Me!

A 4 or 5 hour workday is the one of the benefits of over 25 years of self-employment, things sometimes take care of themselves. It’s all a part of that “master of my own destiny” kind of thing, probably not something that you are familiar with!

But I do have to put in some time this weekend! See, there’s good and bad in every situation!

as long as the conservatives are in government Canada will be in a deficit for 4 of 5 years, the only year they are not is the election year. all they do is reduce taxes (largely for corporations and the wealthy) and then reduce spending to cover the manufactured deficit the whole time talking about how they are the best for the economy. His goal currently is to turn Canada into a petroleum state, so we make the same decisions as countries like Nigeria, where environmental regulations are non-existent.

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