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October 28, 2017 3:17 am

City Looks for New Economic Development Manager

Thursday, July 23, 2015 @ 12:44 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The City of Prince George is looking for an Economic Development Manager.

The posting of this position is confirmation Initiatives Prince George CEO Heather Oland is not going to take the position that was offered to her when the City announced it was not going to renew IPG’s service agreement which ends at the end of this year.

Oland has been assisting the City as it transitions from a stand alone economic development office, to the in house operation that will operate under the wing of the Development and Planning department. She will continue in that role until the end of the year.

Since the City announced it was ending the IPG operation, the Board of Directors for IPG resigned. The City is the sole shareholder of IPG and on Monday the 27th, Prince George City Council will be asked to name City Manager Kathleen Soltis as the sole director of IPG for the balance of the transition period.

The job description calls for candidates to have a “Bachelor degree in Planning, Economics, Commerce or Political Sciences. An Economic Development certification obtained through a two-year post-graduate course and attainment of Economic Development Officer designation is an asset.”

There will be three others reporting to the Economic Development Manager, namely:

  • Economic Development Officer, a
  • Business Development Officer and an
  • Economic Development Coordinator.

The job descriptions for those positions are under development and the positions will also be posted for applications.

Applications for the position of Economic Development Manager will close August 16th.

The City estimates  it will save  about $500 thousand a year  with the termination of the IPG budget.



I believe the city is moving in the right direction. I’m sometimes a miffed at the constant demands for high degrees of varing sorts for positions. The RIGHT person for a job is the right person. Higher education (12+) and degrees is not always a guarantee of ability. But…. we’ll see.

Higher education may not be a guarantee of ability, however, I do believe it is necessary to hold a position such as this. It’s fairly standard to expect at least a bachelor degree for management positions now.

Nice to see the demise of IPG. Should have been done a long time ago.
This was a very expensive endeavor, that returned little if any benefits to the City.

Oland moving on is probably a good thing.

A manager for 3 people, are you kidding me…what a waste of my tax dollars..

IPG was over a million a year..only one person still working for a bit and only saving half a million a year… Something fishy going on here with the math, unless they are planning to over pay the 4 new positions..

Don’t fill the position. The city needs to quit creating jobs. This city could be run with about half the people they have created jobs for.

‘The job description calls for candidates to have a “Bachelor degree in Planning, Economics, Commerce or Political Sciences. An Economic Development certification obtained through a two-year post-graduate course and attainment of Economic Development Officer designation is an asset.”’ – so no real world experience is necessary, what a joke. I’d rather have someone who’s been a developer with 5 years experience, than any of the above credentials.

Cut the BS requirements out of the big picture, this city was built by leaders, without these money wasting degrees.

P Val, I think that is an old way of thinking.

The way it works is this – the Manager manages operations of the department. The manager has a staff as large as is necessary to assist with providing information and other services to run the department effectively. The Manager’s scope is defined by function not by the number of people required, including the manager to perform that function.

Remember, we have a new Director ready to come to the City at the beginning of September from UNBC. He may only manage one or two people. We have yet to find out where he fits in. The City has the City Manager, 3 Directors and 4 General Managers all reporting to the City Manager. Below that hierarchy there are God only knows how many Managers.

I agree with Leroyjenkins. We had a person with a degree in planning. Not needed. Enough of those already there to touch bases with if needed. Throw the Political Science one out the door as well.

Of those degrees, I would limit it to an economics degree. In fact, one can narrow it down even more to someone with an Urban Economics and regional economics degree, likely at the Masters level and proven successful work experience of at least 5 years.

There is no one there to teach a newbie. They have to come with the knowledge, the skills, the aptitude and the experience.

Given that, we are looking around the $100,000 figure.

It might be nice to see a hierarchy chart from the City, showing positions and salaries, but not necessarily the names of individuals. That would give us some idea as to how many departments there are, how many department heads, how many employees reporting to each manager, etc.!

Might be nice to see, but then again, it might upset too many of us!

I agree Hart Guy.. They do work for us.. We should see what each position makes and a total cost of all city employees.

I wonder what the purpose of the Chamber of Commerce is?

holy sheet that is twice now 02 that I am with yea:) gopg2015 ,,, I have a monkey for you now too.:)

City Organization chart


Some of the senior people at City Hall


According to some people I talk to the Chamber of Commerce as well as at least one prominent last Mayor are here to protect the well being of their business members.

For some, that means stifling growth because growth may mean that things will change in the city and get tougher to do business in for the existing businesses due to the competition.

In many smaller communities the Chamber doubles as the town/city promoter including the promotion of tourism. Since the Hotels/Motels are now putting money into the pot, and hotels as well as restaurants, gift shops, entertainment venues, etc. gain from tourism, it would be reasonable for them to take on tourism operations.

Then we could build a nice log building such as they have in Williams Lake.

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