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October 28, 2017 3:14 am

Don’t Be a Long Weekend Statistic

Tuesday, July 28, 2015 @ 11:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – ICBC is warning BC motorists not to become a statistic this long weekend.

“Over the B.C. Day long weekend, on average, five people are killed and 530 injured in crashes across the province,” says ICBC. “Fifty of these crashes are a result of impaired driving.”

(Regionally this weekend, on average, 28 people are injured in 110 crashes in North Central B.C. every year).

ICBC says drivers can expect to see CounterAttack roadchecks across the province.

They also recommend motorists keep in mind the following tips:

– Most crashes this weekend occur on Friday so plan to leave Thursday or Saturday morning.

– Ensure you get a good night’s sleep to avoid getting fatigued behind the wheel and to plan your route on drivebc.ca.

-Do a pre-trip tune-up on your vehicle including a check of your oil, coolant and lights.

-Watch out for motorcyclists on our roads and be ready to yield the right-of-way when turning left.

– Keep patient with R.V. drivers if they’re travelling below the speed limit in mountainous areas as they’re likely going uphill as fast as they can.

-If enjoying a few drinks, be sure to check your options such as taxis, transit or shuttle services and program them into your cell phone so you can relax knowing you can get home safely


People with trailers check to see that your brake lights are working. Last Friday on my way to Vanderhoof there was a utility trailer hauling a new side by side Quad pulled by a new pick up with absolutely no brake lights, ahead of this moron was another moron with a fairly new pick up pulling an older 5th wheel trailer about a 28 footer, his trailer tail lights barely lighten, with one barely working brake light. The roads were very wet from hard rain , add to this the road spray the visibility was not good, then you add to the mix those who pass when it’s not that safe, makes for a crappy drive. It’s not surprising that there are so many accidents on the highways, and it’s not even winter.

furtree: I can add to that, having mirrors that stick out wider than the trailer. I’ve seen several vehicles in the last while, pulling trailers that they can’t see past. Not too bright.

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