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October 28, 2017 3:09 am

Trudeau Targets Opponents In Campaign Kickoff

Sunday, August 2, 2015 @ 1:06 PM

Prince George, B.C. –   Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau laid out his party’s election platform during a stop in Vancouver on Sunday and took some pointed shots at both of his major opponents.

Trudeau says “Canadians want change, they want real change, and no wonder.  Stephen  Harper’s plan has failed our country.  We are working harder and harder to make ends meet but are falling further and further behind.  Those few who have done well have done very, very well but the middle class and those hoping to join it, the truth is folks today are more likely to fall out of the middle class than they are to join it.  And now, to top it all off, we’re headed into another recession.”

He says ‘it’s time to chose a person and a team with an economic plan that is based on this fundamental truth about Canada, that if you want to create jobs and grow the Canadian economy you have to give the middle class Candians a fair and real chance to succeed.”

Trudeau says Canadians are concerned about lost jobs and opportunities and are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.  “This election is about people with bills to pay and futures to plan.  It’s not about polls.”

The Liberal leader says the Conservatives are tired, out of ideas and disconnected from reality and it’s time for a change in government.  “But you want that change to mean something, for you and for your family.  You don’t want to replace a failed plan for the economy with a mirage.”  “That change is not just where we all sit in the House of Commons, but where your finances sit when you go over them at the end of the month and crunch the numbers.  That plan is our Liberal plan.”

He says under his plan a family with two kids making $90,000 per year will get $2,500 more tax free.  Low income families will see 315,000 kids lifted out of poverty.  Nine out of ten Canadians will be better off in hard dollars and cents under Liberal plan compared to either of the other two leaders’ plans.

Trudeau says “we will pay for our plan by making the wealthiest pay more in taxes and will stop sending cheques to millionaires just because they have children.  He says he will talk during campaign about other job creation measures including new infrastructure investments, ensuring post-secondary schooling opportunities are available to everyone and investing in research and innovation dealing particularly with environmental issues.

Trudeau also went after NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair.  “The NDP talks about an increase in the minimum wage but will not tell you that the plan will not help 99% of people that are earning the minimum wage.  It won’t help staff at restaurants or hotels or those who work in parking lots or cashiers.  Tom Mulcair’s plan will not give them one cent for it only works for those working under federal rules earning the minimum wage.  NDP candidates will not tell you that.  His is sending false hope to those who work hard.  He pretends to help them but that’s not what they’ll do.”

“The NDP’s other answer for everything is to make the company you work for pay more in taxes.  That means fewer jobs and less investment, all while our economy is stalled.  The NDP would put the brakes on the economy at the worst possible time.  The NDP will talk about helping the middle class but they won’t raise taxes on the wealthiest Canadians, and Mr Mulcair won’t cut taxes for the middle class.”

As a parting shot Trudeau says Stephen Harper is spending $125 million taxpayer dollars calling this lengthy election campaign in an attempt to keep his job.


Yada, yada, yada,

Should all vote for the party with the least amount off attack adds.

I use to think he had some useful rhetoric, but its become clear Trudeau is not even a contender. The guy is a half-wit that will try to say anything it seems to please everyone. Obviously a politicians son.

In my view all I see in Trudeau is someone that doesn’t have a genuine idea of his own and is all to willing to be anyone’s champion if it checks off a box for useful idiots in his campaign to be Prime Minister… and then all bets are off.

Bill C-51 showed his true colors.

I hope Trudeau looses his seat and some other candidates that are worthwhile in the liberal party can get elected, so they can make it a true party of the middle class again.

The Liberals seem unable to find a decent Leader. Some of the past leaders left a little to be desired, ie; Dion, Ignatieff, Paul (Mr Dithers) Martin, John Turner. Although I was not a big fan of Chretian, at least he got peoples attention. Pierre Trudeau also was able to rally the people, mainly because of his obnoxious attitude, and by using (Digitus Impudicus) (Salmon Arm Salute) and imposing Martial Law.

The young Trudeau, is a mere shadow of his father, and really should have gotten into some other kind of business to make his living.

Once again the party grasping at straws took whoever they could get to become leader, and in my opinion it will cost them seats. The only thing Trudeau has going for him, is that Mulcair is the leader of the NDP, and after the dust settles in the first few weeks of this election, Mulcairs true personality will start to emerge. When that happens, down he goes in the polls.

E1, obviously you have already picked your useful idiot who you think will win the whole thing! You think that your pick has nothing to fear as he is opposed by useless idiots! That is an enviable position to be in! As long as you do not get upset when someone points out personal perceptions of potential character flaws of YOUR hero everything will be fine.

Let me add one more thought. During the Friday Free For All certain standards have to be met by comments. I think the same standards could be applied to postings of a political nature, which instead of concentrating on the matters of politics resort to personal aattacks and character assassination of those who have stepped up to the plate by running for election, thereby giving credibility to our democracy and election process.

I retract by apologizing for repeating the words useful and /or useless idiot. It will not happen again. In this election we have candidates who are family men/women and who have children and who are educated law abiding citizens. All of them deserve respect, even those who have political agendas with which we may disagree!

From the article above:- “Trudeau says “we will pay for our plan by making the wealthiest pay more in taxes….”

That’s never worked anywhere in the past, and there’s absolutely no indication of it ever working in the future. The ‘problem’ is not that wealth is mal-distributed, which to some extent it is, (and always will be ~ because just what constitutes ‘enough’ of anything in actual “wealth” is never equal amongst individuals, it’s different. There would or could be no ‘quality’ to life if you had absolute ‘equality’), but that the numerical ‘reflection’ of this wealth ~ ‘money’ itself ~ is insufficient in its totality to properly represent ALL the ‘price values’ of actual wealth expressed in it. So the idea that “the poor are poor because the rich are rich” does not hold any credence in any country where actual “wealth” and the continuing ability to produce more and more of it is not limited by any physical constraints that might limit it, but purely by flawed financial ones which mis-respresent it. And you do nothing to touch the core of the problem when you try to do it by taxing the “wealthiest”. Especially when he doesn’t even try to explain just WHAT he’s going to tax them on. Their ‘incomes’? Who needs a high income when one is already “wealthy”?

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