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October 28, 2017 3:06 am

Weather a Factor in Crash

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 @ 4:54 PM

Quesnel, B.C. – Police believe heavy rain was a factor in a crash involving a horse trailer on Highway 97 yesterday 20 km north of Quesnel.

“A south bound vehicle towing a horse trailer, lost control in heavy train, causing the horse trailer carrying two horses to overturn,” says North District Corporal Dave Tyreman. “One of the horses succumbed to the injuries in the crash while the other was transported to a veterinary clinic for treatment.”

He says the crash closed the highway for a short time but says no one else suffered any injuries

Tyreman adds neither speed nor alcohol were considered factors in the collision and says it’s unlikely any charges will laid.


Obviously I don’t know all the details, but from what I read here, it sounds like a simple case of overdriving the road conditions at the time.

Posted on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 @ 5:48 PM by Vikingnuck

Obviously I don’t know all the details, but from what I read here, it sounds like a simple case of overdriving the road conditions at the time.


Shhh….we must never blame the drivers.

really? you can determine that from what you read? have you ever hauled a trailer carrying standing, live cargo in a storm? perhaps you need to rethink your comment until you have done this!

You can’t make a broken record play a different tune kiplett.

Could some one PLEASE explain to me how heavy rain could possibly make any trailer overturn? I call BS.

I was just giving One Man’s Opinion. One also has the option to pull over and wait it out if it was raining that heavily.

Guys towing horse trailers are some of the most impatient drivers on the highway. Its a wonder more horses don’t get hurt during transport.

Vikingnuck – I just wanted to say that I got caught in that rain while driving back into town from 97 south. I immediately slowed down to ~30-40 km/h and was still slightly hydro-planing in the wheel ruts. I crawled back into town sub-30 where I got through the rain, but it was so sudden that had I been pulling a heavy trailer full of living cargo (that could also have been spooked by the thunder/lightning/rain on the trailer) I don’t know how easily I could’ve recovered.

Could’ve been driving too quickly, sure… but that was some crazy sudden rain and we don’t know which stretch of the road the driver in question was on.

One would naturally assume that the driver was going too fast for the conditions but, we here don’t know. There are several potential reasons or causes for the crash, I keep coming back to Vikingnuck’s opinion, “overdriving” the road conditions. If police believe that the heavy rain was the cause of the crash, then the truck and trailer were travelling too fast for the conditions.
If the horses were properly ‘stalled’ within the trailer, and assuming that the trailer has a roof (some early straight haul models came with only a half dome front with a very short roof) they would not have enough movement to affect the stability of the trailer.

Unless of course, he had to suddenly avoid something on the road. Possibly because of the heavy rain, the trailer slipped sideways, if that was the case.
I think the police have a pretty good handle on the situation. No charges. That says something.
Accidents sometimes do happen, in spite of precautions taken.

Just read the article, neither SPEED nor alcohol were factors

Hey…unless you’re local most drivers don’t expect the ruts or grooves that run down each lane. Most highways don’t have those. Even being local you don’t realize how deep they are until they fill with water during a heavy storm.

If you can , pull of the Road onto a Side Road and wait out the Storm, let the so called better Drivers go ahead. Works for me, less Stress and get Home alive!

I’m so sorry for the poor horse that died, and very sad for the owner. Hopefully the injured horse is okay.

Part of the road between Quesnel and PG also tends to get very foggy. If you get into heavy rain or other conditions that make you want to go slower, you may hesitate to slow down too much for fear that other vehicles, going faster, may hit you. On at least a couple of occasions I’ve spent the night in Quesnel rather than continue to PG in that fog.

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