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October 28, 2017 3:05 am

Mixed Reaction on Pipeline Proposals

Friday, August 7, 2015 @ 4:13 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A new poll conducted by InsightsWest  indicates a slight increase  in the percentage of  British Columbians who oppose  and support the Northern Gateway  pipeline project.

The  survey, conducted in July,  shows  41%  support the project,  while  52% oppose it.   That’s up 3% points in each  category from the same survey taken in June of last year.

The percentage of  people  not sure about where they stand on the project slipped to 8% from  the 11% recorded in June of last year.

There is strong  belief the project will create jobs (71%)  and  support economic growth (63%), but there are also very  strong concerns  about  the  pipeline with  79% citing the risk of an oil spill,  concerns about  oil tanker traffic  at Kitimat (78%)  and  about the impacts  the  construction of the line will have on the  environment (73%).

It is interesting that  among those who oppose  Northern Gateway,  the  highest percentages come from those who live in Metro Vancouver (53%) and Vancouver Island (57%).  Among  those who support the  line,  49% live in Northern BC.

As for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion, the numbers tell a different story.

In the case of that project,  42% say they support the project, unchanged from a similar survey conducted in May of 2014.  There  has been a slight decrease in the  percentage of those who oppose the expansion,  now at 46%   down from 49% in a May 2014 survey.

There has been  slight growth in the percentage of those who are not sure about the Kinder Morgan  plan,  now at 12% up from 10% recorded in May of last year.



I would sure like to know when and where these polls are supposed to be taken…
do they pick a mall?
phone people?
on a corner on George Street,
inside city hall?
I never seem to hear about them until they are long since done.

Most companies generally use a third party phone survey company as well as online surveys of which I have participated in both mediums about the pipelines usually it is a represent ice sample of the region when conducting phone surveys so they may contact 2000 people but maybe only 700 are from PG the rest would be from towns and cities from Quesnel North

Hmmm… I wonder why so many are concerned about a pipeline oil spill, when just last month Oilsands emulsion surged out of a hole that looked like a “fish mouth” in a northern Alberta pipeline even though it was a high-pressure, double-walled conduit that had been installed less than nine months ago.

A new double walled pipeline spills more than 5 million liters of oil emulsion, why should we be worried? *sarcasm

and that pipeline was on flat ground Sophic Sage…so little wonder some of us worry about just how safe that type of pipeline will be in the mountains where the ground is shifting and avalanches fall and could rip open a pipeline…. it took them over 24 hours to notice that one in ALberta and people drive by the spot on a regular basis…and that won’t probably be happening in the mountains here in BC……
am I worried and concerned… you betcha
will the pipeline be built…
if Clark has anything to say about it it will….and I truly believe those 5 points she claims need to be met before the pipeline is authorized..are a smoke screen…

This is just like everything said about site C was….
and it too is going ahead before all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted and all appeals and challenges are ended.

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