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October 28, 2017 3:02 am

Cariboo-Prince George NDP Confirm Nomination Locations

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 @ 3:46 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The NDP in Cariboo-Prince George has finalized all details regarding this month’s nomination meetings.

Riding president Peter McMillan says votes will take place at the following locations and times:

Williams Lake, Saturday, August 22, 3pm, United Steelworkers, Local 1-425 office, 124 2nd Avenue North.

Quesnel, Sunday, August 23, 4pm, Quesnel Arts & Recreation Centre Lounge, 500 North Star Road.

Prince George, Monday, August 24, 7:30pm, United Steelworkers, Local 1-424 Office, 1777 3rd Avenue.

McMillan says all ballots will be counted and the winner declared at the nomination meeting in Prince George.

He adds it’s a preferential ballot and notes members must attend a meeting in order to vote.

McMillan says there are roughly 500 members in the riding and the candidates are Debora Munoz, Trent Derrick and Laura Zimmerman.

The NDP moved the vote up about a week after the Conservatives dropped the writ nine days ago, sparking one of the longest federal election campaigns in Canadian history.


They have know for a year they needed to have a candidate…
and still no candidates selected…
says a lot about their organizational skills…..

Definitely makes one wonder about there other abilities…

The other parties don’t seem to be in a much better position… they haven’t even named their possible candidates yet.

every day this election seems to be becoming a bigger and bigger JOKE

I agree bcracer, certainly in this riding. But nationally this could be a historic vote. Imagine Mulcair as a minority prime minister with Harper yelping at his heels. Harper seems to have shot himself in the foot yesterday by raising the possibility of restricted travel for Canadians.

With everything that’s happening in this country and all the issues that need to be or should be addressed Harper just keeps harping about terrorists. Very desperate man and that could lead to desperate measures, which is scary.

let us hope for a minority government …
regardless of who is elected…

steph100. Would be nice if you could give us some examples of the **scary** desperate measures that you are referring to. Living in a democracy like Canada, it is very difficult for any Government to resort to **scary** measures.

We did have an instance where a Liberal Prime Minister declared the War Measures Act and put soldiers on the streets in Quebec, arrested people without charging them, and incarcerated them.

So, give us some examples.

lbear:-” Imagine Mulcair as a minority prime minister with Harper yelping at his heels.”

Now there’s a ringing endorsement of the sanity of the NDP’s policies if ever I’ve heard one! Tom Mulcair as a ‘minority Prime Minister’. In other words, you can’t really trust him with a majority. Why not? What’s to fear? What’s he going to do to you that Harper hasn’t already done to you? What’s he going to do to cause you to deny him a majority to fully correct everything he thinks is now wrong with the country? Could it be that you’re just not quite sure how he’s going to PAY for all the wonderous things he wants to do for you? That increased taxes on the “wealthiest” and “corporations” just might not do the trick? That he might be into your pocket, that one you keep your wallet in, too? Emptying it a little faster than you’d like to see it go?

Imagining Mulcair as Prime Minister with a minority or otherwise is something that would keep you awake at night.

I have difficulty imagining him as Opposition Leader let alone Prime Minister.

Anyhow as I stated before this election for the Liberals and NDP is all about second place, and getting the Opposition job. The Liberals are desperate to at least form the Opposition, and the NDP are desperate to hang on to this position. They of course would never admit this in public, but that’s the name of the game.

The only one that is afraid of terrorists in canada is little Stevie blunder . You have a five times greater chance of winning the lotto jack pot than you do getting killed by a terrorist . Stevie is likely more afraid of journalist than terrorists . When the shots were fire on the hill he hide in a closet . At the end of the first debate when he was supposed to answer questions , he ran away down the fire escape . And thirty nine percent of Canadians are going to vote for this coward again ? I find that hard to believe .

I agree bcracer, no matter who gets in let’s hope it’s a minority. Also they way Harper is trying to buy votes with tossing all this Money around is pathetic..

The conservatives are in damage control, and that’s why the focus on terrorism rather than the economy which is normally their bread and butter topic. Can’t resort to that after never posting a surplus in their entire time as government and now being the only G7 country in recession.

Regardless as to which party wins, I believe it will be a minority. Definitely hoping for a minority NDP or Liberal. Conservatives just keep becoming further right wing to the point they’re starting to resemble the Republicans to our south. My biggest concern is muzzling scientists and other researchers who don’t agree with our government.

We had a few terms of Conservative minority, but this last term proved we cannot trust a Conservative majority.

Too bad Jack Layton didn’t pass away. I don’t think it would have been a just a threat of the NDP winning the next election, but a good chance at a majority. Mulcair just doesn’t have the same inspiring qualities.

Both the NDP/Liberals have it right about needing a stronger middle class. India’s economy saw large gains once a middle class had been established. These people will spend more in the economy than the wealthy holding onto the majority of their net worth.

Mulcair got it right again . Harper is now hiding from the Duffy trial . Brave sir Stevie , cue the coconut shells .

As of this morning Stevie now stands against the will of the United church of canada . They have this morning divested them selves of all their fossil fuel investments . The biggest divestment in canada to date . Fossilfreefaith.ca they are tip of the ice berg . Thank you pope Frankie .

The money will be going into renewables . Smart people doing smart things . They can’t be corupted by the Kochs . They are on the side of their gods creation . Could this be the coming end of hypocrisy?

Ataloss did you read my post of all the coal power being built all over the world especially in China and India.

You never say how your solar powered house is doing?

Harper ahead in the survey and the NDP just discovered there is an election on.

No seamutt . I just scroll past you posts . I made a mistake reading this one . I’ll try not to do that again .

Harper would even go so far as trying to muzzle people attending conservative functions. Just imagine how far he will go if given another majority. Another term in office and your democracy may look completely different before you know it. Does the word dictator mean anything to you?

Possible election outcomes.

Conservative – majority – improbable
NDP – majority – improbable
Liberal majority – not even if PET rose from the dead.
Conservative minority – likely – but backed up by whom? Do Liberals prefer sharing the bed with NDP or Conservatives.
NDP minority – more likely – but again, backed up by whom. Do Liberals want to cuddle with the NDP, or do they want to form a coalition with Conservatives.

This to me is the crux of the matter. I don’t see the Cons or the NDP getting a majority, which makes the Liberals king makers. So the big question is, who do the Liberals want as King?

I think the NDP it’s an all or nothing scenario. If they get a minority government, it’ll be lucky to last longer than Joe Clark, because the Con/Lib opposition will scuttle any of their grand ideas and force yet another election.

It doesn’t matter here really…it will all be decided in Ontario and Quebec….here in BC we are nothing more than bookends. Until the western provinces get an equal number of seats in the legislature they will always call the shots, while we make the money to keep them in business. The older I get the more sense separation makes. :-)

The Duffy trial resumes . Stevie hides in the North Pole . Hopefully he’s heard of the Inuit children that have full blown rickets because they can’t afford proper nutrition. Maybe he’s up to a round of vitamins for them . Nah . They are Canadians . Why would he care about them ?

Has the Liberals announced a representative for Carriboo Prince George?

Just watched an interesting video of Harper way back when he wasn’t prime minister saying…” If the prime minister won’t answer direct question with direct answers he is probably hiding something”. So Steve..what are you hiding?

He Spoke….
Tracy Calogheros and Matt Shaw will run in Cariboo-Prince George and Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, respectively.

What’s the direct question to Harper you want a direct answer to, PVal?

Actually Stephen Harper answers questions quite well. Where he runs into problems is answering **stupid** questions, especially from the NDP, who never had a positive thought in their lives.

People like Ataloss, who swims on a daily basis in a sea of ignorance doesn’t understand how Governments work.

To give you some indication of how uninformed some people are, lets look at this scenario.

Country is going into a Federal Election, so Prime Minister Harper decides to bring in bill C-51. Why would he bring in C-51 at that particular time, especially (if you can believe the opposition parties) if it will cost him votes. Hmmmmm Perhaps he brought it in because it was legislation that was needed. Some points in the bill will go to the Supreme Court and we will eventually see if there are/were any charter infractions.

So not certain that C-51 would cost him enough votes, Harper then decides to consider restricting travel to those areas of the world that are for most part controlled by terrorists. Hmmmmm. Wonder if that will cost me enough votes or do I need something more.

Ataloss keeps throwing out information that at best could be described as worse than anything the Conservatives, Liberals, or the NDP, put out. Especially when it comes to the security of the Prime Minister. He actually thinks that the PM should have stood out in the open and get himself shot by a pseudo terrorist.

Once again he fails to understand that in those types of situations the PM, or President (in other Countries) do exactly as they are told by their secret service body guards.

Ataloss, is a Total Loss when it comes to politics he is far below the level of a novice. I would say that at his present level of learning he will never mature to the level to truly understand how things are done in a democracy.

To bad, so sad.

What’s with the New mail out from Bob Zimmer, about how great the Cons are treating and standing up for seniors, no stamp needed to respond and all paid for with tax dollars. Guess he forgot it violates the elections act or do the cons even care, just pass off with oh sorry had to be an inexperienced staffer.

I agree . I am less that a novice at politics . But I do understand our governance and how it works . I do understand the economy . And that’s what it’s about . You want to change the channel again ? It’s about mismanagement in the extreme . Palopu, you do know the democracy is a general term , right ?

Jim13136. In the last election Stephen Harper won a majority Government without any significant help from Quebec (5 Seats). He would have formed a Majority Government without these 5 seats.

So, we have now established that the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper is the first Government ever to be elected to a majority without Quebec.

So, the statement that elections are decided by Ontario and Quebec is no longer true. The election was actually decided by the Western Provinces, and that could very easily happen again.

I think when Quebec came to realize that they has basically lost their power base by voting NDP they will now have second thoughts and try to vote for the party that they think will win. It will be pretty risky voting for the NDP again as it got them absolutely nothing the last time, and could very well get them less this time. If the Liberals cant win (and it appears at this time they cant) then that leaves the Conservatives. So the Conservatives could actually pick up some seats in Quebec. If they do then things start to change again.

Giles Duceppe is back on the scene and perhaps he will take some NDP votes in Quebec, and the Liberals certainly will. So it doesn’t look good the NDP, which is fine with me.

Won the election, to funny how many of the cons and staffers and senators are in jail, pending court ect…. won not

Palopu:”We did have an instance where a Liberal Prime Minister declared the War Measures Act and put soldiers on the streets in Quebec, arrested people without charging them, and incarcerated them.”

Yes, that is correct! I do remember that a British diplomat was abducted and later on found dead with evidence of torture inflicted upon him. Correct me if I am wrong about that! I bet you dollars to donuts that Harper’s response would have been the same, if not stronger. So it is alright to support Harper as a perceived decisive leader but when another PM takes decisive action as well – it is not acceptable?

Steph:”What’s with the New mail out from Bob Zimmer,”?

What is wrong with it? It jammed up my paper shredder!

PrinceGeorge, it’s interesting that you would state that Harper’s response would have been the same!

Some condemn Stephen Harper for calling an early and lengthy election. But as the man in power and the man with the decision as to when he calls the election, is anybody surprised that he would call an election at a time and under circumstances that might give him and his party an advantage? Harper is after all, a pretty smart politician!

I suspect that if either Mulcair, Trudeau or May was the person in power, the person in the same position, I suspect that their actions would be, as you put it “the same”!

Funny how all those complaining about the early election call fail to recognize that their leader, if in the same position, likely would have done the same thing!

Pullopud…. what makes you think Ataloss is a male ?

Jim13136 said, “here in BC we are nothing more than bookends.”

In this election, as in some in the past, I don’t believe that is true. If a party elects enough MPs to give a slim majority then the number of MPs elected from BC will count very much, since they could well decide which party forms government. As long as the difference in number of MPs between the winning party and the next most successful party is fewer than the number of MPs from BC, we most certainly will count. For that reason, please do make sure you vote, preferably NDP.

Step100, this is nothing new. Jay Hill did it all the time. They send out the mailer on the last day or two of the parliament so that they are “technically” mailing to constituents. Careful timing is required to use taxpayer’s money for electioneering in this way.

To Hart Guy, you may suspect what ever you choose to suspect but you don’t know what Mulcair or Trudeau would have done. The suspicion comes from your pro-Harper brain with absolutely no grounding in reality, and is a deflector. It deflects attention away from Harper’s abuse of his Prime Ministerial authority to give his own party an unfair advantage during the campaign, showing his contempt for voters and democracy.

ammonra, some on this site are of the opinion that Mulcair, Trudeau or May would have handled the economy better than Harper has. They suggest that their candidates would have handled the 2008 crash or today’s low oil prices better!

Have you suggested to these posters that their suspicions about how their candidate would have handled things is based on no grounding in reality and is a deflector? Of course not, haha! You believe in the “Harper = bad, Mulcair, Trudeau, May = good” school of though, right!

If you seriously think that Mulcair or Trudeau and perhaps May wouldn’t take advantage of every opportunity that presented itself to gain any sort of political advantage, then I’ve got a bridge that I can sell you!

Digitus Impudicus. Good point,. Must have been his reference to making money on the stock market. However either way he/she needs to take a deep breath and count to ten.

Prince George. I was in favour of the action taken by Pierre Trudeau in the FLQ crisis, as were most Canadians, and I would support Harper under similar circumstances. The point was made tongue in cheek to show how the action of a previous Prime Minister is good, however the same action by Harper would be bad. Hmmmmmm.

You are wrong again, Hart Guy! I believe in the “Mulcair best of them, Harper worst of them, Trudeau so so, May maybe one day, when pigs fly” group.

Actually, your post and rambling are just other distractors. In any case, I wasn’t commenting on their opinions but on what you said were your suspicions. If you don’t want comments on them, then don’t post them. However, thank you for acknowledging that harper is guilty as charged. Was that acknowledgement conscious or unconscious?

It doesn’t matter what you think the other three party leaders may do in a hypothetical scenario that has no basis in reality. What matters is that we know for a fact that Harper DID misuse his authority as Prime Minister by making choices that unfairly favored his party, and in my opinion that shows a serious defect in his ethical standards. Why would anyone want a proven unethical, self serving Prime Minister?

ammonra, “Mulcair best of them”? Ok, so that’s a joke, right?

Mulcair is no Jack Layton! Mulcair is simply riding what is left of the Jack Layton popularity wave! There’s not much left of that wave and I suspect that a large amount of the orange wave will wash out this time around.

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