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October 28, 2017 3:00 am

FrontCounter BC Moves to WIDC

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 @ 1:27 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  The  “FrontCounter BC” office is  on the move.frontcounterbc

As of  Monday, Aug. 17, the  office will be  in its new home at the Wood Innovation and Design Centre at the corner of 5th and George in Prince George.  That’s  west one block from its current  space.

FrontCounter BC serves as a single contact for information regarding all licences, permits and registrations required to access Crown natural resources.

With the addition of FrontCounter BC,  the Wood Innovation and Design Centre  now houses  UNBC’s wood engineering programs, Emily Carr University of  Art and Design, and  offices of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations for the Omineca Region.



All government entities as tenants… No one else could/was willing to pay the rents being demanded/required. Cant have it continue to sit empty so put government entities in it.

How much will the renovations cost to make it workable for front counter? It’s definitely not currently set up to accommodate that type of client, their business layout and their accessibility needs.

I agree with Fate. Clearly a move to utilize a new building which is empty. This project would have been better if it had spanned the whole block, and included student housing (as Campbell first envisioned it would). Gordon campbell is far from my favorite person in the world, but he had a good idea with the original plan of that building.

Maybe the staff could be nicer at the new location. Getting a license renewal made me feel like I was waiting in line to be admitted to prison. Does training include “hating people 101”?

Looks like it being moved up onto a second/third floor makes it more a “Back counter BC”

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 @ 2:13 PM by pgjohn

Maybe the staff could be nicer at the new location.


Nicer? I’d be happy if they moved a little bit quicker. If some of those “workers” moved any slower they’d be going backwards.

Not a good decision!! If FrontCounter BC even needs to be moved in the first place (and I doubt that it does), then it should be to a more accessible location with better parking. Why do our Government entities always feel the need to move to the newest, latest and greatest office space? Oh right, it’s not their money paying for the lease!

Oh new this would happen, more space vacant in the private sector. Hard to compete with government. However it is a nice building on the inside.

FrontCounter BC has nothing to do with driver’s license renewels… we will still need to wait in that painstaking lineup for those things.

Hart Guy, I imagine it’s being moved to fill space, to look better politically, not because it needs to move. Can’t have the libs crown jewel in PG sitting vacant now can we?

I have heard rumor of more than one Liberal insider sitting on a board trying to convince his organization to move in there, at 4x the price of their current space.

Been reading these post the last couple of days and it may appear that Sage has taken on a new Identity!!

Shhhhhhh ohreally! Don’t speak it’s name for fear that it may reappear! You did see Beetlejuice, didn’t you?


What bothers me is that this was built as an wood innovation centre, and, how many floors? Now it has become a new home for existing government offices. Kelowna has funding for a technology innovation centre ( much bigger budget and not promised in provincial budgets so many times)… and you can bet it won’t end up being a new home for existing governments offices…who is going to take up the old forestry office on Ospika and the old Service BC office? No one…fullfilling election promises to what end? Where is the innovation?

it pains me to say this, but the new BCGEU buiding is much nicer, showcases wood and was built without the use of taxpayer money…and we won’t be subsidizing the losses for years to come.

Dilstone . The innovation is in taking B.C. assets ,tax dollars and putting them into private hands . Take from the 99% and give to the 1% .

That WIDC building is butt ugly, can’t believe that was the winning design.

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