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October 28, 2017 2:56 am

BCNE Draws “Huge Numbers”

Monday, August 17, 2015 @ 11:09 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Northerners flocked to this year’s BC Northern Exhibition (BCNE).BCNE-gates-315x177

“It was fantastic, it went really well,” says assistant event coordinator Talia Bleiler. “Based on how much the parking filled up, we had a lot of people come through our gates.”

And though they won’t have official numbers until later this week, she figures they surpassed last year’s attendance of roughly 50,000 people.

“I think we did a little bit better than last year, just with the added day and the fact we had the rodeo back this year,” says Bleiler. “And with an extra day with free admission, we saw a ton of families come through our gates that day (Wednesday) as well.”

She says the free parking didn’t hurt either. “Yes, in addition to the lowered admission costs, that made it quite a bit more affordable for everyone. We saw a lot of groups of large families come out that wouldn’t have necessarily been able to afford to come before.”

Bleiler says the lone challenge was accommodating the big turnout for the rodeo.

“We did have a few more people than expected come to the rodeo which was a good thing and a bad thing,” she says. “We had a few issues finding sitting space for everybody but we did end up getting everybody in there to see it.”


Not to take too much away from the event, but the weather was probably the biggest factor…

we spent about 10 hrs there on Saturday. The best $20 we spent. Saw a bit of the rodeo, firefighting games, the Kin 2 stuff. Kin one we sat thru the semi finals. Went upstairs to the beer and wine tasting, than we saw the light and heavy horse pulls. Was worth all of that, and won two tins of coffee from Over-weigth-tea.

The food court was good, too bad some of the stalls were real quiet. The live stage was a good idea.

Did not go on the rides or spend too much time in the midway and Carnie world.

Good job with the BCNE staff and organizers.

I will go back to it next year if it was the same set up. Hope they did well on it. The price of $10 is cheap, Still ended up spending a $100, for this or that, and of course MINI Donuts.

Thanks to the organizers for realizing that you don’t make the money at the gates, and parking lot. You make it off of the people once they are in the compounds.

Too bad the past organizers couldn’t get themselves past this old thinking. Everyone is looking for a deal, that is why Wally World and Dollarama will do fine.

I agree He spoke, a good time indeed. Lots more food options this year than any year I can remember and the prices were actually half decent. If I have one gripe, and I only have this gripe because I have two kids under 10, who love the rides…

BRING IN SOME NEW RIDES! Holy cow, it is the same rides every single year. I remember riding the little roller coaster when I was a kid. Some of the rides were clearly not in great working order, with seats ‘out of order’. At 40.00 for a wrist band, I always just hope for a better selection, more options, something different, not for me, mind you, but for my kids. And as much as I hate to say it, I’m always disappointed in this regard.

I understand this isn’t really the fault of the BCNE, I don’t know if organizers choose the rides or if West Coast Amusements does it. Either way, let’s do better next year!

That has got to be the best PGX I have been to yet, and I’ve been going for a lot of years. That there rodeo was excellent.
BUT, West Coast Amusements is way overrated, really feel they’ve got to clean up their act. Really wish the Organizers could find another company to contract.

Grizzly2, we also attended the BCNE and I agree with all of your comments! I sometimes wonder if Westcoast Amusements have two sets of rides, the good ones that they keep down south and the not so good ones that make the rounds up here! But in spite of that, the fair was very very good!

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