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October 28, 2017 2:55 am

Carney Crash South of Quesnel

Monday, August 17, 2015 @ 2:07 PM


Quesnel, B.C.-  The driver of a pizza food truck has been hit with three violation tickets, following a crash south of Quesnel.

Around 8:48 this morning,  the southbound pizza truck and the  trailer is was hauling,  ended up in the ditch off Highway 97  around Red Bluff Road.

The  driver of the truck was not hurt and the truck  was not damaged, but  the  trailer  will need a great deal of work  if it is to be used again.The  trailer appears to be  a type of  carney game, like one  that was in use at the BCNE on the weekend.  It has not been confirmed if the food truck and trailer had been at the BCNE and were heading to their next destination when the incident occurred.

The truck driver has  been cited for:

  • operating  contrary to class
  • failure to  display an “N” and
  • Failure to produce a trip inspection report.


wow I am shocked to hear that this could happen to such obvious professionals as carnies. I wonder if he hadn’t had enough meth that day or something

That was FUNNY!

I wonder if his employer had also renegotiate his wages from an hourly rate to paid by the trip agreement, with over time after 11 hours of work.


@1.5 INCH DETECTIVE stereotyping?

Was the break and enter and other theft numbers up this weekend? I bet they were.

How about the fact the driver had an “N”.
How about the fact this person with a novice license is employed.
How about this presumably young person was ordered by the owner/boss to get in and drive beyond his ability and license.

As to break ins increasing: I have worked the carnivals and when the carney is in operation, there is little time to leave the grounds.

Wow! After seeing what the driver has been cited for, One must imagine how safe these carny rides really are!

This is exactly the reason I will never take my kids to these fly by night amusement setups.

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