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October 28, 2017 2:51 am

‘Bite’ Marks Actually ‘Bike’ Marks

Friday, August 21, 2015 @ 4:35 PM

Vanderhoof, B.C. –  Concerns in Vanderhoof  that a vicious  wild animal may be roaming the  community have been laid to rest.

RCMP in Vanderhoof were called to a  residence on Derksen Road last evening, where a  young man was found to be bleeding  from what at first glance  appeared to be  bite marks.

RCMP contacted Conservation Officers  who examined the wounds, and said they were not consistent with  the kind of  punctures one would see if a human had been attacked by  an animal.

RCMP now say they believe the injuries were caused by  the young man wiping out on his dirt  bike.

The  male was taken to hospital for treatment of his injuries and released.

Residents in the area can  breathe a sigh of relief.




Hmmm, that opens up a few questions. A lot of questions.

The young dufus didn’t know what got him?…………….

Did he report getting bit by a wild animal?

Was he on drugs, impaired in some way? How do you get a complaint like this? Was he unconscious when the report was called in?
And, how is this news? C’mon Vanderhoof Det., there’s gotta be a hilarious story behind this.

it doesn’t say he call the police, all it says was the police were called to the house and they found him…so why is everyone so quick to hang him out to dry?
Could it be that maybe the police thought the marks looked like bite marks… anyone who has ever done first aid knows things are not always as they appear.

but I will agree there are lots of questions here that were not answered, except he is fine…that is what matters…

Parents probably didn’t believe the kid’s story and called the cops.

Axman, the City Hall Changes article has closed…i owe you an apology, i asked a friend that works at the City, and the Environmental Co-ordinator, engineering assistant, and presumably the Enviro. assistant are in fact inside CUPE positions.
Not sure about the 2 Engineer positions however….all in all more office staff, no new “coverall” folks. I stand (sitting actualy) corrected.

LSD. That stuff makes anything believable.

Hmmm, bite makes, bike marks, interchangeable apparently.

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