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October 28, 2017 2:49 am

Let me make this perfectly Clare

Monday, August 24, 2015 @ 3:45 AM
By Bill Phillips
It’s probably a good thing Sheldon Clare isn’t running as a Conservative.
If he got elected as a Conservative MP he’d probably set the record for getting kicked out of caucus the fastest.

Clare, for those who don’t know him, doesn’t mince his words, isn’t shy about speaking them, and would be a round peg in the square hole that is the Stepford Wives world of party politics.
In short, it wouldn’t take Clare too long before beaked off about something the prime minister said or did and he’d be out. And, I just can’t see Clare taking well to being told where and when he can open his mouth.
However, those are the same qualities that make Clare a good independent candidate. He certainly won’t get drowned out in the cacophony that is Centre Block. There is no doubt that, as an independent, he would fiercely fight for Cariboo-Prince George in Ottawa.
That would be refreshing.
However, when asked if he would consider crossing the floor to the Conservatives he didn’t hesitate … of course he would, if it was the best thing to do for the riding. Good answer and we, the media, didn’t ask if he would cross the floor to the NDP or the Liberals, so that one remains up in the air.
That would be tougher for Clare. His politics are definitely on the right end of the political spectrum. His campaign manager is Nathan Geide, who writes a very right wing column for the Prince George Citizen. The NDP or the Liberals would have to have something pretty darned good for the riding for Clare to consider crossing the floor to either of those two.
So, while he made a good case for running as an independent, which was the party system is broken, he’d be quick to jump into that broken system.
There is also no doubt Clare’s entrance into the race is bad news for Conservative Todd Doherty.
Clare will undoubtedly pull votes from the Conservatives. When I asked him about whether he’s concerned about splitting the vote, Clare gave a good response in that he is pulling support from the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, and Greens. A good sound bite, but the reality is he will attract more right-of-centre voters than left, and that isn’t good news for Doherty.
Conservative voters who are upset with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the shenanigans in Ottawa and who don’t want to support that regime but can’t swallow that bitter pill of voting NDP or Liberal, will have a place to park their vote … Clare.
With the Liberals and the NDP running good local candidates, there is a real possibility of vote-splitting on the left. Now there will also be vote-splitting on the right.
The question, which won’t be answered until October 19, is how much Clare will split the vote. Bear in mind, Clare says he’s in it to win and, for those who know Clare, when he says that, he means it. So, anyone thinking Clare isn’t a serious candidate, think again.
And, with the federal race, at least currently, tight as a drum, one independent MP could be kingmaker for the entire country.
Bill Phillips is a freelance columnist living in Prince George. He was the winner of the 2009 Best Editorial award at the British Columbia/Yukon Community Newspaper Association’s Ma Murray awards, in 2007 he won the association’s Best Columnist award. In 2004, he placed third in the Canadian Community Newspaper best columnist category and, in 2003, placed second. He can be reached at billphillips1@mac.com



I think Harpers first minority government had an independent king maker if memory serves me correctly.

I don’t think the conservatives have much of a chance at government this time around. So in that case if one is a conservative then electing an independent is a far better choice for the riding, than electing a backbench rookie MP in a opposition status.

A gagged opposition MP or a vocal advocate that could be a king maker is the choice before conservatives.

Sheldon Clare is certainly on a mission, I guess all his NDP and Federal Lib friends are doing a great job motivating him. If Conservatives are fooled by this, then Orange is the new Blue for Caribou- Prince George. That old saying “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.” applies here. Vote splitting is a lose/lose. He can talk all he wants about pulling votes away from the NDP and Federal Libs but it’s ridiculous plain and simple. Delusional is not a character trait I desire in an elected official. I just can’t shake the feeling the only reason why he’s running is out of spite. His “guy” lost in the Conservative nomination contest last fall and he’s had a hissy fit ever since. A very poor reason to run and put the riding at risk. So after 40 years I’ll stay with the Conservatives cause nothing feels better than a win in politics. Love Harper/Hate Harper yes that sucks, but what sucks more is losing.

I am sure Mr. Clare would never let the pmo make him read from the exact same script like those 13 conservatives who droned on in that funny you tube video. (the video includes Bob Zimmer – PG Peace)

Every politician starts out saying. Don’t worry I will do exactly what you want. Then they find out that, politics is way different than they thought. If Clare gets in, he will soon find he is a big fish in a tiny pond, and the world of politics is a very big pond, with big sharks.

With no friends is the pond, he will quickly find a group of people to hang out with, and accomplish not much, if any thing. He will say. “I am working hard for everyone”. but with no power, it will be like hunting a bear with a bee bee gun, and Sheldon know that is a bad idea, even if you are a really good hunter.

Good Luck Clare, but I suspect if you get in, you will be very disappointing at what you find, and we will be disappointing with you. Good guy or not, because I believe you are a good guy.

IMO this is good news. I expect Sheldon Clare is running because he was so sickened by the process the Tories used in nominating a candidate – I certainly was. He will make an excellent MP for Cariboo – Prince George, and I think he has a good chance of being elected. the Libs have Tracy C. who would also be good for the constituency, but will the voters back a liberal – not so sure. The NDP have a choice of three nominees, and the “winner” will be announced tonight;unfortunately, the voters of PG have recently rejected two of the nominees for council and Mayor – WHY do the NDP think we’ll vote for them for MP? the third nominee is from Williams Lake – I think she’s another good candidate, but traditionally PG voters want someone who lives in PG, so IMO another no-hoper. Seems to me the choice is between Sheldon and Tracy – I know both of these good people, and for me it’s going to be a tough decision. BTW, I’ve always voted for the person who will do best for Prince George, and not for any particular party.

Poor Bill Phillips…he has about the worst record of political predictions in the province…maybe the country. Sad part is, that he has become just a little more than self delusional in thinking he might just get the “Clare” prediction right. Oh for those who may have missed it, Phillips used every media tool at his disposal to try and assist his regular predictions that “THIS is the election that Harris goes” His record on that level still stands at 0-7. Moving to the Provincial scene, Phillips had the NDP winning by a landslide in the last election, and in previous provincial elections, he again used his almighty “pen” to boost the NDP and trash the Liberals. Phillips provincial win loss record remains dismal at best.

So now Bill is touting Sheldon Clare, and I suspect the real reason is to slag Doherty as per “There is also no doubt that Clare’s entrance into the race is bad new for Conservative Doherty” Whoa!! Bill, how are you going to square that one when Clare tallies about 500 votes. Problem is that poor Bill has been drinking orange kool aid for so long, that reality can never replace his tinted ideology. I don’t anticipate any apologies from Bill after the election, but then the “orange” never apologise, they only blame someone else for their misfortunes.

@hartly2 I saw the video as well . Hilarious bunch of parrots . Have you got the title of it ?

Watch 13 conservatives drone on like robots reading from the same script . That’s the title . Watch Bob and friends pulling the wool over some sheeples eyes .

Akanemo…”I always voted for the person who will do the best for Prince George, and not for any particular party”

OK well that makes sense…..

However somehow you have made a prejudgement about Doherty, and you have surmised that he would not be good for Prince George????

Would you perhaps like to share what your personal reasons are for not adding Doherty to your list of maybe’s.

Remember now, we are talking about the person, and not the party as you said. As well none of the Candidates have been elected before so they are all starting out new at this game.

So please be specific for us all…..


Also Akanemo….

The Conservative’s used a “transferable” ballot which means preferences are transferred to other candidates as someone drops off, until one of them get more than 50%.

This type of voting has been supported by all political parties. Doherty won on the first ballot….is that not fair if he won by a first majority determined by the membership vote.

Why would you be “sickened” by that process

Maybe you could enlighten us all on the defects of that voting process.

Personally I don’t see a big swing in the Conservative vote. Some Conservatives that did not support Doherty in the nomination process, will vote for Clare. After all Clare is their last chance to get someone from their so called **team** to Ottawa.

Contrary to some peoples opinions, Conservatives are not stupid and they will not split the vote just to put an Independent in Ottawa. Independents hardly ever get a chance to speak in the House of Commons, and when they do the House is usually empty. So voting for Clare is a complete waste of your vote.

The split of the Wild Rose and Conservatives in Alberta shows what can happen when you let your personal ambitions over run common sense. Good for the NDP, bad for the Conservatives. So my guess in that Clare is about to take a long walk off a short pier.

Conservatives are not stupid ? Or they are only stupid in Alberta ? There is only one guy that you are voting for if one votes con and that’s Stevie . No one else matters in the party of one . Read vice.com and see how he has cowed the msm press . They are actually paying him 78 thousand dollars to be in on the Stevie election and to be allowed to ask questions .

Its funny how all the REFORMERS have swallowed the HARPER koolaid!
Harper can lie through his teeth, yet you all continue to repeat the party line!
There is no accountability, no transparency, and ZERO honesty in our current government, and until the REFORMERS turf Harper there never will be.
I am a life long conservative, however will never vote for any CPC candidate!
The fact that Sheldon Clare is running allows me to vote for a candidate that aligns with personal beliefs where in the past I simply had to spoil my ballot rather than vote for “Dead from the ass up” Dick!


As I recall 60% of the electorate voted for Harris in the last Election and over 50% voted for him in 5 out of the 7 elections he won.

So you either accept the peoples choice or you spend your time harping that the minority should rule the earth. Kinda looks like you chose the latter…..good luck with that quest.

Let’s be perfectly Clare – Sheldon, independent candidate, just got what amounts to a public endorsement from Margaret Atwood on Twitter for his position on C-51. It seems he can take votes from the left and the right!

Oh I completely missed it….NyteHawwk, you are an old PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE still smarting from the 93 election…aha now you have been identified. Well the PC’s were thoroughly wiped out by the Liberals everywhere east of Saskatchewan, and if it hadn’t been for the Reform Party, the PC’s would have been wiped out by the Liberals in the 3 western provinces as well. You should be thankful that the Reformers/Canadian Alliance/Conservative Party gave the conservative vote a home as they regrouped.
Jeez you sure hold a grudge a long time…the PC’s have been wiped out for over 20 years….time to get over it.

Notsofast, the fact that the Reformers won elections with huge pluralities does not make your argument any stronger!
It just speaks to the BLIND loyalty of the people that always vote that way!
The REFORMERS could run a dead horse named DICK and still win the riding!
(Come to think of it, that’s been done) Anyway my point is that at last I have someone to vote for that isn’t a REFORMER, and does align with my political, and social beliefs! Is that too hard to comprehend?
Here’s another one for you since you are so quick to always bring up the past…if it hadn’t been for the REFORM party splitting the the right of centre or conservative vote in the first place the Progressive Conservative Party would have survived and regained power. Instead the party was hijacked by Attila the Hun, and the REFORMERS! This election I hope the REFORMERS are decimated right across this great country of ours so that HARPO and his GESTAPO can go off into that good night, and never be heard from again!

Look, you guys can think what you want… I’m just calling it how I see it, Clare should’ve just run for the Conservative nomination last fall. The party system and Harper were certainly good enough for him to publicly support Nick Fedorkiw. He can’t win as an independent, using fuzzy math in politics is just plain stupid. Clare is being steered by the opposition, and yes that includes Margaret Atwood who know vote splitting is their only chance to win conservative strongholds, he seems to be oblivious to this and he’s willing to take the whole riding down with him. I’m hopeful sanity will prevail on election day!


Careful…one of those blind followers that you speak of might just be part of your family…..

Notsofast….here’s the thing…in my family we don’t worry about having an opinion and expressing it openly.

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