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October 28, 2017 2:49 am

Cariboo -Prince George NDP Candidate to Be Named Tonight

Monday, August 24, 2015 @ 3:55 AM

votePrince George, B.C. -The last of three  ballots in three  different communities  will  take place  this evening in Prince George, and when it’s all done,  it will be known  who will  represent the  Federal New Democrats in the  election.

Voting started Saturday in Williams Lake, then  ballots were cast in Quesnel on Sunday.

As 250News reported on the weekend, New Democrat Party members  have to  show up  to cast a ballot.  Voting  in Prince George starts at 7:30 this evening at the United Steelworkers building on 3rd Avenue.

Members must register to vote between 5:30 and 6:30 tonight with speeches from all candidates to follow.

Once the Prince George ballots have been cast, the ballots from all three communities will be counted, and the winner will be announced.

The candidates are Debora Munoz, Trent Derrick and Laura Zimmerman.

The other declared candidates in the riding are Conservative Todd Doherty, Liberal Tracy Calogheros, Richard Jacques of the Green Party, independent Sheldon Clare and Adam de Kroon of the Christian Heritage Party.



I don’t know much about her, but I think Laura Zimmerman stands a good chance being the outsider from PG.

Munoz will have a hard time living down the whole Skakun affair and all the legal drama around that. She came off as vindictive and that is not a much liked quality in politicians.

Derrick is sincere but I don’t think he has much of a base and might need a few more years life experience before being qualified to represent our nation.

Zimmerman could very well get the Cariboo vote and be well on her way… I think the Vanderhoof vote could be the king maker so its too bad they couldn’t organize a ballot for that part of the riding as well, because it would be very telling about electability in the general election. I guess Vanderhood doesn’t know what an ndp is though anyways, because one would be hard pressed to think of where they would be in those parts.

We always know where the NDP are. Lost in a corn maze.

But not, you will notice, running away from reporters, fumbling for an answer to questions about what they knew and when they knew it, restricting questions, avoiding voters, giving total non-answers to questions that voters want answered, and so on, and so on like the harper does over and over again.

Do ‘voters’ want those questions answered? Or the media? Which isn’t really looking for answers at all, but rather something they can make a story out of where there really isn’t one. In any case, it’ll all come out in the trial. Let it take its course. And if Harper has been found to have been lying, even after he’s been re-elected Prime Minister, precedent would dictate he resign, and some other member of the Conservative caucus would be named to succeed him. The big question is who is going to take the most from us in taxes, and make it that much harder for us to pay for the things we work for and individually need or desire?

An uncharacteristically stupid comment Palopu.

I’m surprised that you support a Prime Minister who has muzzled scientists.
Before Harper there were 9 years in a row of budget surpluses totalling $79 billion; in 8 years Harper has had 7 years in a row of deficits totalling $127 billion.

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