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October 28, 2017 2:48 am

“Miracle” Ticket Launch at City Hall

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 @ 10:45 AM

From left, Bill Glasgow of the Salvation Army, Anne Laughlin, Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall, Ted Price and Christos Vardacostas of 27 Million Voices hold first tickets to theatrical production “Miracle on South Division Street” – photo 250 News

Prince George, B.C. – Tickets are now on sale for a fundraiser aimed at help needy kids here and abroad.

All proceeds from “Miracle on South Division Street” will be donated to the Salvation Army food bank and 27 Million Voices.

The production is the brainchild of Theatre North West founders Ted Price and Anne Laughlin.

Price says the idea hit the planning stage after a flyer arrived at his door soliciting baby food for the Food Bank.

“That just made us mad,” says Price. “What kind of country are we when people have to go door to door to get food for our babies?”

The play will be produced by Laughlin and directed and designed by Price and run November 20 to December 6, 2015 at ArtsSpace at Books and Company.

The goal is to raise over $50,000. Tickets cost $30 and can be purchased at Books & Company or by calling 250-563-6637.


What kind of country are we living in now ? It’s called harperland and the harper government where little Inuit kids have to scavenge in dumps in the arctic to sate hunger . A country that allows babies born when this government came to power that are now 10 and 11 years old , stunted growth with rickets . There are only 54 thousand Inuit and the guy can’t even handle that properly . Stevie is either the most incompident or the most evil pm ever . Kids going hungry due to mismanagement . Oh Canada .

Ataloss, surely this isn’t a problem that just developed over the last 11 years. Seems to me there’s been poverty in the arctic long before Harper arrived – in any event, this is about alleviating child poverty in Prince George and stopping child slavery in Africa – neither of which Harper has had much to do with.

And to rephrase Mr. Price’s question – “What kind of country do we live in where parents standing smoking outside of the food bank talking on their Iphones while their babies need milk?”

This isn’t just a problem of not enough resources, it’s also a social problem of parents who have children they know they can’t afford or raise properly, and expect everyone else to pick up the slack. And we’re stuck because it’s not the kids fault – so clearly we can’t let them starve, but anytime we inject resources into the family, it tends to support the parents substance abuse problems, not end up in the kids stomach.

Again, Ataloss will use every twist on any news item to put ALL blame for ALL shortcomings on Harper.

I cringed when I saw Harper visiting a food bank the other day for a photo op! How sad is this? This country (which Harper claims to be in the best shape of the western developed democracies!) should not have ANY food banks to begin with! The billions which are spent on chasing down some nuts with attack planes and guided missiles are sorely needed right here in Canada to alleviate poverty and child neglect! Talk about being totally out of touch with reality!

Ataloss, you are certainly correct in pointing out inexcusable child poverty and its consequences.

Prince George. You are a hoot. Why is Harper the one that is responsible for all the problems in Canada. What have you done lately for children??

Playing the blame game is a lame game.

Ataloss is totally out to lunch, and at the very least should get some instruction on how to spell.

His constant use of the Inuit children are examples shows how little he knows of the real world. Wonder what he has done to alleviate the situation. A good idea would be for him to move to the Artic and lend a hand.

Northern Health could alleviate much of child poverty in their district. Go to the hood, every food bank and IR with a mobile clinic. Case of beer and a carton of cigarettes for anyone who gets a vasectomy.

Palopu I don’t have the power to tax and address child poverty ,stevie does . Move to the arctic ? Why is it you righties never think things through ? If I went there I would be using resources others need . I’m just asking that a few of my pennies ( taxes) go to making sure that deprived Canadians are looked after properly . That’s all it would take on the bottom line , pennies each .

Palopu:”Why is Harper the one that is responsible for all the problems in Canada.”

You are the hoot! Find the place where I said that your hero Harper is responsible for ALL the problems in Canada! He certainly has missed badly when it comes to homelessness, child poverty and the elimination of food banks! You are insinuating that I have not done anything for children! You could not be more mistaken. I wonder how many people one can persuade to one’s view when one attacks and insults them? Good Luck with that!

” I wonder how many people one can persuade to one’s view when one attacks and insults them ?

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a Con attack add all day.


Palopu:”Ataloss is totally out to lunch, and at the very least should get some instruction on how to spell”

Another cheap shot! This is not a spelling contest! You make the occasional typo and spelling error, as do I! Get over it!

I just noticed how Palopu spelled Arctic.

Ataloss likes to take shots at Stephen Harper, blaming him for poor starving Inuit children!

I don’t wish for any child to be hungry! However, we have lots of poverty issues with our First Nations Bands! Some Chiefs and Councils seem to be living very, very well, paying themselves ridiculous salaries while their band members suffer! This is not what I pay taxes for!

Ataloss, rather than complaining about Stephen Harper, why don’t you contact some First Nations Chiefs to demand that they start spending your few pennies in taxes to the benefit of all deprived band members instead of the well being of just the Chief and Council!

Artic is the Newfy way of saying Arctic. LOL.

Darn you guys . Better to let the likes of Palopu think he’s perfect . Artic arr arr arr . The funniest kind of hipocrites are the ones that don’t know it .

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