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October 28, 2017 2:48 am

RCMP Look to ID Graffiti Vandal

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 @ 11:19 AM


Samples of the graffiti produced by “FAKS” –  photo-250News

Prince George, BC – For the past year, one Graffiti vandal has hit 50 sites with 120 images.

This one individual tags as FAKS and police believe he  has caused upwards of $100 thousand dollars in damage.RCMP in Prince George are hoping the public can help them identify  “FAKS” and  have  him charged. While police have logged  120 images they attribute to “FAKS”  since last July,  they  believe  he is responsible for many more which  have not yet been discovered.

“We believe  this  person is male, between the ages of 15 and 30 and  will often use the cover of darkness in the early  hours of the morning  to  help shield him from detection”  says RCMP Corporal Craig Douglass.

Cpl. Douglass says people need to be reminded that  graffiti is not art “It is an act of vandalism, it is illegal to cause damage  to  another person’s property.”

As  the tags by FAKS  are often  accompanied by other tags,  Cpl. Douglass says  FAKS often does not work alone,  that  he may  have   a couple of accomplices.  Since  the  tags by FAKS  seem to be limited to the bowl area of Prince George, Cpl. Douglass says  the  culprit likely does not have a vehicle.

While the styles may be different in  numerous tags,  Cpl Douglass says  they  have been verified as being done by one person  as elements of the tag are  the same “It’s like a signature.”

‘FAKS’  likely wears a hoody  and carries a back pack to carry the paint.  He would also  likely have pint on his hands.  Cpl. Douglass says retailers need to be on the lookout  as well, as the paint is likely being  shoplifted from stores. ” Retailers  can refuse  to sell to anybody, so if they think  something doesn’t look  right,  they can refuse  to sell the product.”

The ‘tags’ are not  gang related  in that they are not  connected to  drug dealing, but they are linked to a group which calls itself TYA, (Tag Your Ass) and that tag often appears near a tag by FAKS.

(at right,  graffiti on the sign at the Rotary Skate Park  on Massey Drive)faks5

In all, Douglass says  there are  about 8  graffiti vandals  doing damage in Prince George right now.  “They want attention, and unfortunately I have to give it to them in order to identify them .”  Cpl. Douglass  is asking that anyone who works at night,  taxi drivers, security  guards, or anyone who  is  on   a night  shift,  to  “pay attention to the dark shadows and blank walls.”

Crime Stoppers  has assured police they will give special award consideration  to those who provide information  that leads to an arrest.

“Graffiti vandalism is not a victimless crime” says Cpl Douglass. “Causing any damage to any property that does not belong to  you is considered Mischief in the Criminal Code of Canada.”

Anyone with any information  about the identity of “FAKS” or other graffiti vandals is asked to contact the Prince George RCMP at 250-561-3300or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.




Sorry , city is too concerned with bike lanes to address real issues

“FAKS likely wears a hoody and carries a back pack to carry the paint”

This is my favourite line. Not to point out the obvious, but this doesn’t exactly narrow it down. At all. Basically, be on the lookout for any teenager in this city.

possible solution:
11 pm curfew for any minor unless they can show that they are in transit to or from employment, school, sporting event or other “legitimate” activity.

There is no reason for a minor to be on the streets after 11 pm except to look for or cause trouble.

Near the farmers market i saw they painted over the Graffiti to only have new Graffiti appear shortly after…doesn’t any of the businesses in the area have cameras pointing in that direction?

You can get some cheap wireless cameras now online for $100 in HD quality

A cheap wireless camera will give you the same description “wears a hoodie and carries a backpack”

There is paint that does not allow graffiti to stick to it. They tried it in Vernon and it works. In fact it works too well; they painted a mural on the wall and the next morning the mural had slipped off the wall.

Other Cities allow graffiti in certain areas and then they paint murals in other areas and the graffiti artists do not attach the murals. There is some nice art working showing up downtown on the walls and it would be nice to see more of it.

Perhaps a substantial reward should be offered to anyone turning these misfits in to Crime Stoppers. It is not only Prince George which is afflicted by this disease. It appears to be everywhere. Railroad cars, underpasses and overpasses, seen on tourist videos made here and in Europe.

Public caning prevents them from doing it in some Asian countries. We however are far too lenient with these misfits when we actually arrest one. Slap on the wrist, no time in the slammer or criminal record. Other misfits knock over mail boxes and garbage cans in the dark, we have seen them and they are not kids, they are teens of high school age! Of course the parents do not question them why they were roaming the streets after midnight! Probably afraid of them!

possible solution:
11 pm curfew for any minor unless they can show that they are in transit to or from employment, school, sporting event or other “legitimate” activity.

Nice, declare marshal law on a segment of the population!…..you are an enemy of freedom.

And now we are going to see a lot of copycats. Maybe tag them when they are caught with a little tar and feathers. Nothing like tar and feathers to get your message across

That would be assault froggy, how about next time you break a law , we allow the state to physically harm you.

@ Furbink Do you not understand sarcasm unless it bites you in the butt? They first part I meant the rest. Well I guess you need someone to explain it to you.

This damage causing night time slinking degenerate sociopath when caught will only get a stern talking to from some useless overpaid liberal left judge.

Part of the penalty if any should be letting Victims “tag” his place.

public caning on the courthouse steps.

Maybe furbink can give them a hug while he helps them pay back the damages.

Absolutely hilarious. Tomorrow, when you folks are having your McJavva at Wally World, and some youngster covered in tats and piercings is buying a bunch of cheap spray paint…… let them know how you feel. Don’t hold back. :-)

Digitus what would your thoughts be on you getting tagged?

Thanks for bringing him fame, thats all he wanted. Now that he’s a local celebrity I’m sure he’ll paint much more.

I hear there is a room at the Collage or the University that have signed Tags all over the walls-have the Cops looked at this place ?

I understand this used to be an Undercover Investigation – so it has been going on for some time with no results – had to make it Public for Help.

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