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October 28, 2017 2:47 am

Friday Free for All – Aug. 28th

Thursday, August 27, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

Here we go , the final  Friday in the month of August.

That can  mean just one thing,  it’s time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic, but  please,   show some respect for each other,  even  if you disagree with their point of view.  Name calling will not be tolerated.   And please,  keep  your comments brief, ( that means  you Eagleone)  as  readers  may skip a comment  if it  is too long, and  that means  the message  may be lost.

So,  everybody,  play nice, and obey our three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal



L E T   ‘E R   R I P !!!


The following is taken from the Elections Canada website:

You must prove your identity and address to register and vote in a federal election. Here are your ID options when you are voting in person – at an Elections Canada office, at advance polls or on election day:


Butt-out bylaw going before city council
They best think about how many people in this town that pay money to attend sporting events or concerts etc, that smoke and those people we not attend if this bs goes through.
Meanwhile its ok to watch people get drunk at events and drink and drive because the right people are making money.

Sounds a lot like the wcb campaign for pubs. It didn’t matter what the pub owners did to improve the air-it wasn’t good enough. Even when ventilation systems proved their air was cleaner than outside air. Then they wouldn’t allow even a roof over an outside smoking shelter. Utter BS.

I had a Big-O’s burger yesterday and it was a pretty good burger. A little pricy though, although it does come with a fairly robust brown paper bag to carry it in. Can maybe use it for a lunch bag later.

So I see Harper is now restricting his conservative party candidates from engaging in public forums and debates with the rest of the political spectrum. This just plain shows contempt for the concept of responsible government that goes to the heart of our democracy.

I guess one can expect as much when we have him negotiating the TPP even while we are in an official election race. His willingness to submit Canada to onerous investor state dispute resolution processes is overt NWO in that it is essentially a transfer of national sovereignty to unelected, unaccountable, financial industry tribunals that will have precedence (under cost of financial penalty) over our law makers and supreme court of Canada in all matters covered under the treaty.

Harper hopes to sign us up prior to the election if at all possible, but surely after the election if he gets elected. Then his dream of ‘enlightened sovereignty’ will be realized where people appointed by NWO types like himself in the PMO will govern through these tribunals… and he will have accomplished his goal of the elites governing without having to subject themselves to the unwashed (just like this election where they control who can ask them questions).

The fist case before the international investor state dispute tribunals will surely be Enbridge, brought on by the Chinese oil companies that put up the $100 million to influence our elected leaders into approving the project. Surely they will be the first lined up as per Harper rushing through the FIPA deal to guarantee them if another government in Canada cancels the project they will get their pound of salt out of the Canadian tax payer. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the case is already before the tribunals in the City of London and we and even anyone in our government is none the wiser, because they way they have this set up they don’t even have to inform the public a trial is taking place until after the fact.

Just the treat of these kinds of treaty bound foreign based rulings will have a chilling effect that will cast a long shadow over what we formally knew as Canada. National policy will simply be merged with transnational policy and we will be left with what our treaties allow the lower levels of government to regulate, which will primarily be social issues.

Time will tell, but its getting to be a steep fight to even protect the notion of a national government worthy of having elections for.

Can any one tell me what the city is doing on Ridgeview dr. They are putting in the new sewer lines but are back digging the whole thing up again for 3rd time. Is this a make work project or is the engineering screwing up.

Maybe it is. Sort of like the patching on the little bridge on Foothills north of Highland Drive. Three times before they got it right.

Gas is under $2.00 per US gallon in some States and dropping, sure don’t see the trend in Canada. I’m not taking in the difference in our dollar and the US gallon. Just saying.

An Environment Canada federal scientist in habitat planning has been suspended, and is being investigated for breaching the public service’s ethics code. His wrong doing? He wrote and performed an anti-Tory political protest song called “Harperman” and uploaded it to YouTube.

Oh, the horror.

Agree doneright, 9 meters is 30 feet, right now it is 3 meters or 10 feet. Take 8 paces from your door and see how far that is, most public bildings have a door or window within 60 feet of each other so now the smoker will be out in the parking lot or the middle of the road.

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2015 @ 8:08 AM by slinky with a score of -1

Agree doneright, 9 meters is 30 feet, right now it is 3 meters or 10 feet. Take 8 paces from your door and see how far that is, most public bildings have a door or window within 60 feet of each other so now the smoker will be out in the parking lot or the middle of the road.


Which means the rest of us can breathe a little easier.

Smoking should be banned in all public places.

So should spitting ….

Eagleone does this fit your line of thinking. mainly first three paragraphs, but the climate change thing is a 1.5 trillion a year industry also. Truth bedammed.


So with all this new paving, just hard can it be to have the manhole covers and pavement on the same level? All that is being done is trading one set of pot holes for another.

People you do not need your bright auxiliary lights on when the visibility is good. I am not talking about aftermarket lights, very few have those on, but the original equipment lights which car manufactures have made very bright. I guessing they need to shine a light on their inadequacies I suppose.

At this rate, we will need a permit to defecate.
A free and democratic Canada?
God given right to freedom of choice?

Remember, man did not create tobacco or marijuana, but man did create religion and government.

Which of these do you suppose should be “adjusted”?

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2015 @ 8:32 AM by diazamo with a score of 6

So should spitting ….


Can’t disagree with you there!

With the smoking bylaw:
A sidewalk is approximately 3 meters.
Does that mean that while walking down the sidewalk having a smoke, do I have to butt out for each doorway?
Does that mean that I have to be on the street, completely off the sidewalk?

I thought that tobacco was a legal substance to possess and consume?

If tobacco is such an evil, why oh why is it still legal?
I have been assuming that our government is supposed to look after our best interests?

Loki – I think the safest option is to only smoke where there is also a bike lane – so you could maybe walk on the bike lane while smoking, which should put you in compliance. I don’t think you need to worry about getting hit by a bike, because they’re usually on the sidewalk. Anyhow, gotta laugh at your analysis – pretty much need a lawyer to figure out what you can/cannot do. But have faith my friend, you can smoke to your hearts content (or discontent I suppose), because aint no one gonna catch you.

Endako Mines announced its closure December 2014. Have not heard a word since. So whats happening. Is this mine closed forever, or what.

I would expect that the 400 more or less employees who worked at this mine must have moved on, or they are running out of EI.

I watched the harperman video at YouTube 40 minutes ago . Just looked again 3500 more views . Great tune . All of it true . They ask where you going to go on after the election . I think , barrick gold the other crony bin .

Re new Paving: Steel Rings come in many sizes to fit the New Pavement but it looks like this knowledge has been lost with the last one gone on Pension!
Or no one gives a **it!

Nicotine addiction = native revenge . I just got to laugh every time I see a white guy/gal light up .

I smoke but I am very careful about where I smoke. I don’t throw my butts on the ground, if there’s no garbage can handy I will put my butt in my cigarette package and take it home with me. If I smoke in public I am very conscience of the people around me, especially if it’s children (I hide my cigarettes from view if a child passes by). I am so sick and tired of being treated like a 3rd class citizen because I smoke and I’m sick and tired of hearing people bitch about the smell. I’ll agree that it’s not a pleasant scent; however, it’s far from the worse one out there.

I’ll stop smoking in public when I am not forced to inhale the stench of peoples perfumes and colognes after they’ve bathed in the stuff. Or when I no longer have to breath in the fumes emitted from stinky diesel vehicles. And when I’m not forced to breath in the fumes emitted from industry here in our “bowl”. When I’m not forced to see gobs of spit, human and animal feces all over the place.

As I said, I am very conscience of my bad habit but I’m not forcing anybody else to take it up. And besides, if you didn’t have smokers to bitch at, who would you bitch at? Keep you snide comments and looks to yourselves, and remember you probably have bad habits that piss others off too. Nobody is perfect!

That a girl soapboxgirl don’t ever stop smoking . It’s your right to smoke as much native medicine as you need . The ones with the highest nicotine and tar are the best . They’re good and good for you . If you can get the ones that the natives grow and manufacture . Then you would have the best with no additives like sugar and other poisons the others add .

totally agree soapboxgirl – i too am very considerate with my smoking in public – i hold my cigarette high up in the air when a child passes, blow my smoke in the opposite direction of other people and don’t smoke in front of doorways – yes, there are many, many, more important things in this city that bylaws need to concern themselves with especially bike riders (no helmets, riding on the sidewalks, etc) bicycle riders also need to follow the rules, i.e., if one wants traffic to stop at the crosswalk for them then they must dismount and walk their bike across the street ’cause if one is still on the bike then one becomes a moving vehicle and must wait for opposing traffic to clear (just as if one were driving a car must stop for traffic)
smoking is legal and let’s not forget the high amount of taxes included in the price of cigarettes – if we all quit would all the non-smokers be willing to pick up all the extra tax money that would be lost – i think not

Had a great summer of camping. Weather was great, so many friendly people out there as well. Thanks to all we met for being so warm and welcoming,and to all the kids our boy got to play with thanks for being so nice. Only bad thing now is we want kayaks..hehehe..

Well good morning to all m friends in and others in George. Some rain last night but not that much. I hope there is more rain in the Grand Forks area to get that fire under control.

I see Eagle is all wound up this morning. I wonder is anyone is reading his stuff. He/she has some good points I hope the people of Prince George see the light and help us get rid if the red menace in Ottawa.

Its going to be a big battle here in the bible belt where God rules. We have a young candidate here maybe that will encourage the younger generation to get out and vote.

And soapbox girl no matter how conscious you are your lungs don’t much care all they need is good clean air. I smoked for 30 years and quit 30 years ago and it turned my life around, no more coughing no more colds and stuff like that.

So be kind to this old fart and I’m looking foreword to a good rating.

I got you beat R2 . I quit 32 years ago . Changed my life too . It’s a really stupid thing to do . The dumbest is the cost . It costs about five grand of your after taxes income just to make tobacco companies rich and kill yourself slowly per year . So if you start today ,smoke for 30 years and prices stay the same that a cool 150k . Genius, right !

Tried to watch Mulcair, however with his preening, fawning, humble act, I couldn’t stomach it and changed the channel. If I want to watch a comedy then I watch Trudeau for a few minutes.

If I want to get serious about Canada, the economy, jobs, etc; then I watch Harper.

Have a nice day.

Retired 02: “Its going to be a big battle here in the bible belt where God rules.”

Harper may be unaware that God has moved from Ottawa to Abby! I wonder if it had something to do with some people not being truthful and breaking one of the Ten Big Ones?

Thanks for the laugh anyways! Keep us posted! (I do read Eagle).

soapboxgirl – you’re right, but the big difference – everyone does those things you mentioned. When the majority does something inconsiderate – there’s never regulation. Smokers are a minority now – and without any charter protections whatsoever. Okay, so you smoke, and I walk through your smoke – bugged for a couple of seconds. But what about the guy with the loud pipes that save lives, or the big diesel with the big sounding muffler, or the kid with the boom box in his POS Toyota Corolla, all of them annoy possibly thousands of people as they drive around, disturb people’s sleep – remember, we do have shift workers in this town – but being in the accepted majority – they have nothing to fear.

Notfromhere:”– if we all quit would all the non-smokers be willing to pick up all the extra tax money that would be lost – i think not”

Well, the reduced costs to the healthcare system would make up and then some for any lost tax revenue! I saw two friends die from smoking related diseases (its not only the lungs) and believe me, it is a devastating experience!

That’s so right princegeorge . Back around the time I quit we watched the wife’s aunt die one chop at a time . She was a real trooper . Smoked to the very end . She had perfect lungs but no legs left to chop . Smoking causes extremities amputations . I hadn’t known that till then . Smoking can literally cost you an arm and or leg .

“If I want to get serious about Canada, the economy, jobs, etc; then I watch Harper.”

Eight deficits in a row, and adding $150 Billion to the national debt, even when times were good. You call that getting serious about Canada and the economy?

It’s serious alright. Seriously mismanaged.

How funny is it to watch Harper rant and accuse Trudeau that Trudeau would destroy Canada economically with three stimulus deficit budgets when Harper himself had eight deficit budgets in a row? Not very funny and downright devoid of any seriousness! It is totally bizarre!

It would help if drivers knew the rules of the road. Lots of drivers dont appear to know about pedestrian/bike use of cross walks, of four way stops, of bike lanes, etc. I do follow the rules and am shocked at the things that drivers encourage me to do (run a red light on my bike, um no, thanks), cycle across cross walks (again, no thanks), etc. Education and enforcement is needed for ALL road users.

On an somewhat unrelated note, does anyone know when the city will pave the sections they dig up on man streets for water main work? There’s a bunch along tabor from 1-5 ave and some a few other places, though I cant think where right now.

Palopu.. How can you laugh at anyone but Harper.. You like his 8 deficient budgets in a row? Even though he said a few of them where balanced but he lied as they weren’t.. He violates our privacy .. He dropped the ball on the missing women, veterans a seniors. The only thing I see him doing is increasing our debt while selling us off to big business.

Hopefully most people will see who/what he really is and send him packing.

Wonder what the climate researchers up the hill and the Citizen’s science columnist would have to say about this information. Silence most likely but worried if their gravy train will continue.


Okay, be fair Harper haters – I’m a Harper indifferent – but to be fair, the last quarter was a 5 billion surplus. Now, if Harper ran continuous surpluses there would be endless demands for it to be spent on education, healthcare, daycare, child poverty. In fact, anytime a government has a surplus there’s lots of left leaning citizens demanding it be spent, – they being unaware that a budget surplus isn’t the same as having no debt.

Deficits aren’t as much of the problem as what the deficit was spent on. Part of the deficit came from a tax credit for people renovating their homes in 2008 – a move that many say helped Canada stay out of recession. Should he not have done that? You need to look at the 150 billion dollars of extra debt, and determine how much of it was for roads, hospitals, schools, etc., and how much was for holidays and going out for dinner and buying a brand new truck.

I agree, Harper should go, he should’ve stepped down before this election – but that’s the problem with egomaniacs, they sink the ship rather than hand over the controls. I’m just looking forward to seeing how the NDP/Liberal coalition manages to feed all the chirping chicks in the left wing nest without spending more than they take in. And when they tax those big evil corporations, watch your RSP returns take a dive, because it’s you who own those corporations through your mutual funds and pension plans.

Ski51:”You need to look at the 150 billion dollars of extra debt, and determine how much of it was for roads, hospitals, schools, etc., and how much was for holidays and going out for dinner and buying a brand new truck.”

Well, Trudeau’s intended 3 deficit budgets are for infrastructure like roads, hospitals, schools, etc.! so why was that kind of deficit spending o.k. for Harper (as some people like to say) and NOT o.k. for Trudeau, in fact Harper says that it will lead to the economic collapse of Canada???

Gimme a break P Val, Cretien raised the federal debt by 150 billion in his first 5 years as Pm, least it took Harper double that amount of time

Ski51, Harper hasn’t included the 3 billion in bribes to,parents he recently handed out.. Then again since the changed the income tax deductions for children he will get most of it back anyway.. The numbers he uses are false.. The man can’t be trusted.

And when they tax those big evil corporations, watch your RSP returns take a dive, because it’s you who own those corporations through your mutual funds and pension plans.


Gee I wasn’t aware that I was part owner of a big corporation! I always thought it was the natural recourses in our country that the big corporations were raping.

Ski I have to call you out on the $5 Billion dollar first quarter surplus quote.

From what I read this was an estimated surplus for the year that was provided by a right leaning organization without a good track record for these kinds of estimates. They based their estimate on a growing economy of 2% GDP growth and $70 a barrel oil, when in fact we have been in a recession and we have sub $40 oil, making their projection purely political for the election cycle, and not based at all on the realities of the current economy.

One has to be careful when quoting the ‘estimated’ surplus from vested interest groups that use rosy projections to fit their own narrative.

All indications using real current data trends suggest we will actually have another deficit for the year.

Slinky but Chretien inherited a massive deficit from Mulroney and a CPP that was bankrupt.

Harper inherited a $13 billion dollar surplus and the strongest fiscal balance sheet in the world at the time.

Just like the ndp in Alberta inherited a bankrupt province with a ten billion dollar deficit. Time will tell if they can turn that one around.

The common theme is that conservative governments rack up huge deficits and its the left leaning parties that have to come in and clean up the fiscal mess. Once the mess is cleaned up the conservatives come back in with sound fiscal balance sheets and give it all to their supporters in tax cuts running the country into deficit again leaving no room for contingency funds to weather bad economic times.

Call me out eagle one. The news story on the cbc Web said according to dept of finance. Retired 02 banks are corporations and a major mainstay of pension funds. So are pharmaceuticals. The point is corps pay dividends out of after tax profits Higher Corp tax smaller dividends. So when mulcair raises their taxes he is indirectly raising ours by reducing our investment income. So when mulcair starts throwing around the cash to keep his support base happy, some of it will be your cash.

I still think harper has to go. I think the left deserves a chance to show what they can do.

I don’t care which party says it, I’m just tired of this recent fascination with “balanced budgets”, as though they are some sort of panacea.

I’m much more interested in how much we’re bringing in, what those sources of revenue are, what we’re spending our tax dollars on and what the gaps are (what do we need to spend on that we currently aren’t). That’s the important discussion.

One could drop taxes to basically zero, eliminate virtually all government services and have a “balanced budget”. All while our infrastructure crumbles, our security is compromised and the many foundational pieces of our country are eliminated. Balancing the budget isn’t the issue. Managing it properly is.

And Eagleone Harper also boasted a surplus until the recession hit in 2008.

There was a global recession in 1991 and it took the liberals 6 years to bring the budget to a surplus afterwards. Lo and behold the global recession in 2009 took the Conservatives 6 years to bring the budget back to surplus… hmmm

I can’t believe they are talking about running deficit budgets, but if you look at past history Trudeau had one surplus, Cretien/Martin had 8 and Harper had 2. And this is starting from Lester Pearson in 1963.

1997 to 2000 were the best years Canada saw in terms of growth for decades, for the NDP in BC it was the worst. Can’t believe anyone is contemplating the NDP, Mulcair can’t even budget his own finances on a leader of the opposition salary – how in the heck is he going to even come close to a balanced budget in the house? Maybe the bartending waitress who now sits as a member of his party for Quebec can balance it for him? You know, the one who was vacationing in Vegas during the last election?

The Harper Carpers are so busy slagging Harper they cant see the forest for the tree’s.

Not one of these whiners had a drop in their pensions, or in their income. A lot of them live in $250,000.00 to $500,000.00 homes have two incomes that exceed $140,000.00 per year. Have a couple of vehicles, and go on extended holidays every year.

In other words they are living the good life, and when not out spending their money, they spend their time bitching about Harper and the Conservatives.

Well lets face it. Canada has some to the most well off CCF, NDP, Lefty Liberal pseudo socialist in the world.

And guess what. Like all well off socialist do, they bitch, bitch, bitch.

Take a look at your last T4 and count your blessings.

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