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October 28, 2017 2:44 am

Crews From P.G. Helping to Restore Power in Lower Mainland

Sunday, August 30, 2015 @ 6:16 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Crews from Prince George  are among  the more than 400  people working to  restore power  to those  hit by a severe windstorm on  Saturday.

The storm knocked out power to more than half a million customers in the Lower Mainland, making it one of the largest single-day storm events in B.C. Hydro’s history.

Crews have  restored electricity to  more than 300 thousand customers, but there are still another 180 thousand who are waiting for  service.

There are  more than 250 power  line workers  on the job,  including  teams from Prince George, Kamloops, Smithers, Terrace,  Vernon and  Vancouver Island.




“making it one of the largest single-day storm events in B.C. Hydro’s history.”

Unusual? Did I see someone writing on the other report that this was unusual? Must have been some person who did not know what he was talking about. LOL

While the grid is working . It would be a great time to visit the , Off Grid Solar Solar Store . They’re closed right now but in the morning . They’re in the book . If you don’t like them there are others you could work with so you don’t have to freeze in the dark next outage . If memory serves they are on third . Been a while . The Lubicon nation in the tarsands just turn their lights on this week with solar . It’s all happening in spite of our oily governments . Funny how the righties are so against solar . They talk great rugged individualism but when it comes to reality it’s , carry me .

I can’t right now. I’m busy with the Tree Went Through My Solar Panel Insurance Company.

Har har DI . That’s why I cut down all the trees that could reach my house Before the wind blew . You should see my hose colection and well . I won’t need them this year thank mum nature . It’s been raining and blowing for days . What a relief !

Gopg2015 this is what you wrote

“The same windstorm hit the Washington State area. Power was out all the way down to and including Olympia. Well over a million people affected between the two countries. That is very unusual.”

It is not unusual to have the same storm affect from Vancouver down into the Seattle area or haven’t you paid attention to past storm systems. So in your world a storm should only hit one country at a time.

Now if the storm hit a little north of lotus land all those breathless talking heads would have had a slow news day.

Now with the population increase in lotus land if a hurricane showed up as back in 62 now that would make for a news day. There would be flying solar panels decapitating people.

Ataloss you mentioned your solar system in the past but when pressed for details nothing, why is that?

Ataloss you are stretching the facts about solar as usual, with your statement about the Lubicon nation. They are not powered by solar, only their health center has some panels. These where provided by donations and are still connected to the grid. Wonder how those panels where transported to the Lubicon, unicorns.

As for selling the excess back if any, that is at a much higher rate than what Alberta can generate its power so a continuing subsidy from the taxpayer.


Hey looks great in Abby we were with out power for four hours but we survived. Man it was tough. And yep the talking heads are having a field day. There have actually been more severe storms in the past. But we forget.

Retired did you feel the ground move, I agree with your last comment.

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