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October 28, 2017 2:44 am

Economy Main Issue say Poll Respondents

Monday, August 31, 2015 @ 3:55 AM

Prince George, B.C.- It  is not a scientific poll, but  the  results of the latest 250News Election poll show the economy is the number one issue  among those  who voted.

Of the 1,513 votes cast,  880 named the economy as the number one issue.  That’s 58%, and no other single issue listed  came even close.

Environment ranked second with 14% ( 210 votes,  followed by ‘other’  with 12%.  Among those who commented when the poll story appeared last week,  ‘other’ issues mentioned included  homelessness  and poverty reduction.

Crime and Justice was third in the ranking,  with 136 votes ( 9%) .  Door to door mail delivery  garnered  66 votes, for 4% of the total,  and  Veterans Services came in last with  37 votes, or 2%.

There have been many promises made by the political party leaders over the past week.  Justin Trudeau has announced he would reopen the closed Veterans Affairs Offices ( including the one in Prince George), Thomas Mulcair announced he would  run small deficits for  a couple of years before  delivering a balanced budget,  and Stephen Harper  promised more  focus on  Pacific salmon.

So, this week,  we  ask the question: “Do you believe the promises made during an election?”



“Over the last 35 years, the economic growth necessary to increase living standards, increase wealth and manage growing inequality has been based increasingly on rising borrowings and financial rather than real engineering. There was reliance on debt-driven consumption. It resulted in global trade and investment imbalances, such as that between China and the US or Germany and the rest of Europe.”

“The official policy is “extend and pretend”, whereby everybody conspires to ignore the underlying problem, cover it up, or devise deferral strategies to kick the can down the road.”

Why we need to lie to ourselves about the state of the economy


I think it was Trudeau who announced that he would run three small deficits in order to stimulate the lagging economy. Mulcair said that no matter what he would produce a balanced budget if elected – unless he is back paddling already. If I was a Pacific salmon I would treat Harper’s latest with a lot of suspicion! Perhaps putting more focus on Pacific salmon meant including more of it in the weekly diet! :{-

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