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October 28, 2017 2:44 am

All Work Means No Play at Duchess Park

Monday, August 31, 2015 @ 2:00 PM

Prince George, B.C.- There may be some disappointed little people and their parents as the playground at Duchess Park may not be available for use over the next couple of weeks.

The City is having an irrigation system installed in Duchess Park, and that will see contractors digging trenches in the area. It could mean part, or all of the playground may have to be off limits until that work is completed.

The playground itself  has a special artificial turf,  but  the irrigation system will be installed along  the playground’s borders. “It’s really a safety measure” says Manager of Parks, Sean LeBrun, as  no one wants to risk  having a child  hurt  while heavy equipment  opens up the trenches around the  playground’s borders. 

The sprinkler heads will spray 180 degrees out and away  from the turf edge.

The work will not impact the dog park.

While the overall project could take a month, the operations which might negatively impact the playground are expected to take about 2 weeks.

The project  will cost $200 thousand dollars.



So why not perform this activity during the school off season that is generally known as School Summer Break.

If they did it during the summer Loki it would make sense, our city hasn’t made sense in years.

my bad for expecting logic, preparation, planning and timely execution.

You realize they are talking about “Duchess Park” right? The playground known as “Duchess Park”
There is no playground at the high school, or any of the high schools in Prince George.
The little people they are referring to are the little people who come from all over town to play at the park.

Why would they do the work in the summertime and interrupt so many little kids in favor of high school students who would never use the kids playground? That would sure make sense and be logical.

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