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October 28, 2017 2:39 am

MVI Sends One to Hospital

Saturday, September 5, 2015 @ 3:46 PM

crash 1

Prince George, B.C. – A young male was sent to hospital today following a motor vehicle incident between a bicycle and a truck.

Police confirm it happened at around 2:30 pm at Upland Street and MacDonald Avenue.

No word yet on any injuries.


Again?! Seems as though there has been at least one accident a day in the PG area for almost 2 weeks now – really hope the boy is okay and that truck driver was not impaired in any way.

It kind of looks like the bike lane cut off at a certain point. Someone wasn’t driving defensively…

Many drivers are rushing today I had seen 5 cars so far today running very late yellows pretty well red lights
Thinking to myself WHY

Excellent picture! Clear as day a Pedestrian crossing, two bike lanes, signage EVERWHERE, and still someone is struck by a vehicle…unless the biker didnt dismount to cross the street and the truck was the one that got hit…it would be nice to have a follow up on who was doing what…

Quite often in that neighbourhood it’s not the driver who is impaired, but the bicyclist. Riding in the middle of the lane towards traffic. In addition, take drive around there when it’s dark, no one uses a sidewalk and the choice colour of attire is black, and once again, in the middle of the road. I’m really surprised that it doesn’t happen more often around Upland/Strathcona area.

I believe the sign is a school crossing so not in effect on evenings or weekend. The roadway is another great example of the haphazard way they are built in some parts of town. If that is in fact a bike lane who in their right mind would end it suddenly at 90 degrees to flow. A better design would see the lane gradually transition to the narrower road width with maybe even a few rumble strips as an additional warning.

Perhaps the bike rider was not paying full attention coming down the hill and at the last second looked up to see the lane ending and veered into the path of the truck to avoid going ass over teakettle into the lamp standard.

Curbs are a real challenge when your biking, really unsafe. I can only imagine what snowplow operators face each year. The designers of curbs should be forced to bike and plow snow for a year.

It is an optical illusion guys

The road and curb is straight, just the camera angle makes it look like the curb does a 90 degree turn

The picture would have been taken by the fence around the slough at Diefenbaker, the two crosswalk signs are a block apart so taken with a very nice lens

Sad . No bike lane . No divided lane . No bike path . Ms. Merrick was too late for this guy . Let’s hope this changes . Let’s hope that this poor guy is not a relative of those who bashed ms. Merrick for trying . Let’s hope he survives . The guilt would be over whelming otherwise . And so it should be . Thank you for trying Ms. Merrick . I have kids , grandkids and a great grandkid . We all bike . Trying to keep us safe is more than noble . Thank you , thank you , thank you .

Good eye Sparrow, you got me there. After I looked more closely however, you can see another sign in the background that is not a school crossing. Also, you can see the temporary lane lines (white dots) where the lane/bike lane meet, before and after the road narrows. It seems the bike lane doesnt end (under the cop car in foreground) but the total combined width gets smaller. In any event i hope everyone is ok.

Holy crap! It is an optical illusion, nice catch slinky.

Watcha babbling about Ataloss? There are bike lanes on both sides of the road. You can even see the little white bike pictures on the hill behind the police, ambulance, and fire vehicles. The solid white line is not painted there yet but it is dotted in white all the way down the hill on both sides of the road. There are vehicles parked in the bike lane at the top of the hill but that is not a no-no quite yet.

If you click on the picture it will blow it up on your screen and you will see the dotted lines and bikes painted on the asphalt.

That picture is taken with a telephoto lens from a position at the curve of the Upland transition into Milburn Avenue. Thus the picture is quite distorted. None of the crossing signs apply to the location of the incident.

Also, the “bike lane” is continuous from the Upland street, HWY 97 underpass right to the corner of the Milburn Street intersection. There is a bike lane only on the east side of Upland. Thus a constriction of the “bike lane” also cannot be the cause since there is no constriction.

The front visible crosswalk sign is at the corner of Upland and Diefenbaker. The one in the distance is at Pearson.

As the article states, the incident happened at MacDonald with the bike lying on the ground on the opposite side of the MacDonald intersection. There is no constriction of the bike lane there and there are no crosswalks there.

There are many possibilities as to how this happened. The biker turning out of or into MacDonald could be one possibility. We’ll have to wait a few years for the actual report.

That, of course, causes one to pause and reflect, how does a bicyclist actually make a left hand turn from a bike lane on the right side of the road into a side street?

Sorry slinky, I did not notice your post. :-(

Just a small correction to your post: if you click on the pic you can zoom in on a shadow behind one of the parked pickups at the top of Upland and you will notice a bike painted on the road and a dotted line. Bike lanes exist on both sides of Upland not just the eastern edge

A dotted line ? Only in pg does a dotted line constitute a bike lane . I guess you guys don’t get out much . Looks like the truck ran right over the bike and threw it right off the road . Or was it moved ? That would be tampering with an accident scene . it may be legal to park in bike lanes in PG but is it ethical ? I wouldn’t do it .

Your bang on Ataloss, and I’m sure the 250 will agree 100% with what ever you say or suggest.

Okay, I can assume it is a bike lane marking instead of spilled paint/milk, etc. :-)

The reason I was unsure of the bike lane on that side of the road is because the streetview image taken in May of 2012 shows a very unclear demarcation, while the line on the east side was very clear.

I also went to PGMap which has much higher resolution aerial photos of the City taken much more frequently than Google Earth. The May 2014 aerial photo shows a very clear/strong solid line on the east side but a faded line on the west with dots painted. Looks like that has not changed since May of last year and we now have September. The map is “Map7b_southbowl_cycle.pdf”.

In addition I went to see the official bike lane map for the south sector which shows existing bike lanes, proposed bike lanes and proposed bike lane/shared parking. Tabor, Ospika, Foothills, parts of Westwood are all shown as existing. Those are the streets currently under discussion to ensure they are no parking zones.

Upland as well as Milburn, on the other hand, are proposed. We have to remember that the original lines painted on those roads, and the purpose for making those very roads wider, was for parking, stopping, buses, car breakdowns etc. so that those activities would not impede a major traffic artery such as could happen in a local residential street.

Upland is marked as a proposed Bike Lane/Shared Parking. It makes sense on the west side because all the houses on that side of the road are served by the street directly rather than a back lane or by a a street parallel to Upland allowing the houses to have their backyards to Upland.

Perhaps that is why the west side still only has dots. In addition, they should be putting a different symbol on such shared road sides clearly showing that it is a shared use.

In my opinion, the whole thing is a mishmash. Maybe that is why they have not maintained the line painting there.

Sorry for the aside.

BTW, given current information about bike lanes in PG, the two vehicles in the distance parked on the right hand side of the road are legally parked, irrespective of a bike symbol on the road. If they were ticketed, the judge would throw it out of the court and the City would have egg on its face because of their procrastination.

The dots are just temporary. They are down the center of the road aswell. They are just there till the line painting crew gets to it. That road was just repaved this summer and lines need to be painted.

Curbs never been a problem for me, but wet Cobble Stone Roads and Street Car Tracks Watch Out, non in Pg just Snow and Ice as a Hazard. Defencive Driving for all on the Road and keep your Lights working on your Bike, you never know you may need them, Bad Guys in Cars may even see you!

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