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October 28, 2017 2:38 am

And the Campaign Continues

Monday, September 7, 2015 @ 3:45 AM



And before you have your morning coffee… news out of Scarborough is their local conservative candidate was caught on hidden camera peeing into the coffee mug of a client reports the New York Daily Post.

http ://m.nydailynews.com/news/politics/canadian-candidate-caught-urinating-coffee-mug-article-1.2350811

CBC also has the video. Disturbing to say the least.

This happened in 2012 another example of CBC glowing journalism. CBC Canada’s taxpayer funded National Enquirer.

It happened in 2012 and CBC only decides to release it now? This guy has been in how many houses since. Maybe those homeowners would have liked to have known that.

The Conservatives have flushed this candidate.

The home owner probably had a Liberal sign in her front yard.

Can’t trust Harper, or their coffee cups.

Seamutt….I’m guessing you don’t watch Marketplace, because it’s on CBC and not on Fox. Do you really like appliance repair people and wannabe politicians to urinate in your coffee mug ?

It’s funny he pulled out.

That’s what got him in trouble in the first place.

I don’t know what’s worse,. The guy peeing in the cup, or the CBC guys laughing about it.

The guy peeing in the cup obviously. It is gross.

Almost everyone is laughing about it.

#peegate I love CBC . You can bet your boots that the righties watch power and politics every day that it is on . All the while cringing at how utterly incompetent the righties in power are . Paul calandra and Michele rempel are my favourite Tory whiners . Neither of them know when to shut up .little paulie crying in the House of Commons was epic .

And, a second Con candidate has been dropped today. Apparently there are youtube videos of him making prank calls. Real nice !

#timdutuad nice piece of work that guy or is he a typical Tory . They really know how to pick them .

That’s #timdutaud

#cpeec even the newzealanders are laughing at the harperettes .

CBC Marketplace has done other stings, like exposing crooked garage door opener service people, regardless of their political affiliations! Catching them on hidden camera in the act of intentionally misaligning sensors and charging people for replacing control boards which were perfectly alright. Honest and decent people have nothing to fear and nobody has to make excuses for them! Shouldn’t decent and honest behaviour be a prerequisite for becoming a representative of the people in any public office? The lack of these qualities is becoming very obvious as this election campaign grinds on and on, especially with glaring inconsistencies of the Duffy affair!

And the Harper-Carson fraud case gets underway this week as well.

The peegate guy was an incumbent three term MP, so he’s been in Parliament for some time before this incident took place. One wonders why he is even out doing appliance repairs if he is on the dole for the people… shouldn’t he be spending his time doing research or something.

Same with MP Ryan Leaf, who is hiding out in bushes near midnight wearing army cloths and packing handcuffs? Shouldn’t he be doing better things with his time?

I guess that’s why Harper has a ban on his candidates doing any debates?

You could read the comment section at the Whitehorsestar . Looks like Larry is going to unseat the Leef creeper . If the women come out and vote , he’s gone .

Here’s one.
Just read the highway act (see http://www.hpw.gov.yk.ca/trans/maintenance/know_the_road.html), which actually states that no signs (or anything at all) is allowed to be placed along the highway or in the highway exclusion zone. Permits are available for maintenance work (only?) with a maximum of 30 days. So how do these signs of Leef fit in that? Maybe this woman was helping him by removing the incriminating evidence of his name from the signs preventing the Yukon government going after him?

Eagleone – Scarborough-Rouge Park is an NDP riding. I don’t think Bance was ever elected.

Could Toyin Dada be next to go ? Let’s hope so . The righties are stewing in their own juice . Very quiet eh !

By the tone of most of the posts on here there sure seems to be a lot of panic still evident amongst those who support the parties of the left. What are you all so worried about? The CBC, that great, unbiased, government owned organisation that supports all those journalists who would never deign to slant any of their reporting, let alone ever use the nuances of body language to ever be unfavourable to any party of the right, (right?), already have the Conservatives in third place. Yet you all go on as if they were still going to win, trying to make an issue out of some inanity that’s just another blip in electoral history.

Panic in the left ? This is hilarious ! Watch PnP . Bye ,bye Toyin Dada . Tory hat trick this weekend .

Rather than reward and appoint CBC news celebs like Duffy and Pamela to the Senate clique perhaps the Great One should have simply muzzled the CBC.

If polls reveal that the Cons are now in third place should the CBC hide that from us by not reporting it, lest it be accused of being biased?

Lefties sure are an insecure lot.

About the cup what details where left out of canada’s national Enquirer two year old expose.

Journalism at its best.

I don’t know that”panic” is the right word. The election is still described as being close. Obviously people who support every party focus on anything that can make their party look better. The Conservatives were doing it a few days ago, not the other parties are havinbg a go.

Peeing in a coffee cup is funny, though, isn’t it. Irrevelant to the election, of course, since he wasn’t going to win anyway.

Always interesting to talk with cab drivers in different City’s, they have the ability to hear a lot and form an opinion that gives the NDP a win Libs in second and Cons all but wiped out. Over the years they have turned out better predictions than the pollsters.

Socred: Well said. At the end of all the polls, surveys and whatever else the forecasters and psychics have to say on the election, the Cons will still be there, because the promises the other two parties have made are going to cost us billions that we don’t got. Wish they’d give us some realistic plans and goals instead of spewing ad nauseum.

Ibear I think you are right. The way the NY Daily article was I could have read it wrong.

“The three-time Toronto Conservative was running for the country’s House of Commons in Toronto’s swing Scarborough Rouge Park district.”


In any event a three time conservative had to have at least run for a few election cycles….

Seamutt- ” About the cup what details where (were) left out of canada’s national Enquirer two year old expose. ”

I’ll bet this fellow has a severe case of uromysitisis.

“Support for the Conservative Party declined over the long weekend after a week that saw Leader Stephen Harper on the defensive over the economy and the government’s response to the international migrant crisis, a new poll shows.”


Some of the best comments I read today on the two incidents….

“Harper’s trickle-down economics”

“Harper suffers from electile dysfunction”

“Perhaps Harper should vet his candidates as well as he vets the journalists permitted to ask him questions”

Digitus, just curious most panic news reports leave out information for sensationalism.

Prince George wrote:-“Rather than reward and appoint CBC news celebs like Duffy and Pamela to the Senate clique perhaps the Great One should have simply muzzled the CBC.”
Duffy worked for CTV, Prince George. But if the “Great One” is as much a ‘dictator’ and ‘control freak’ as he’s made out to be, one would think he would have muzzled the CBC. But has he?

PG:- “If polls reveal that the Cons are now in third place should the CBC hide that from us by not reporting it, lest it be accused of being biased?”
Of course not. Poll results will likely change several times throughout the election campaign. The only one that will mean anything will be the one we all get to participate in on Election Day. Then we’ll find out whose predictions were right or wrong. But for a Party that’s now supposed to be in third place, Conservative supporters don’t seem to be exhibiting too much worry about the eventual outcome. Maybe because when people start to ask which taxes are going to go up to fund all the left’s proposals, (GST will likely be one ~ back to 7% or more), they’re not going to view Harper so unfavourably after all.

Well look ,at how many times one can look at saying well look , with out looking at looking at being clear about looking at look as a stutter or look as if looking is looked upon as a looking glass full of looking at me saying look . Well look I’m looking to look like I look at looking like I want you to look all the while asking you to … Well look at how annoying that would look to a person who has to look at a person saying well look at the begining of every sentence . Pleeeeeeze Stevie put frum out to pasture . He’s passed his best before date .

Okay scratch that his sister Linda the senator wouldn’t approve David getting canned ( no pun intended ).what a gong show .

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