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October 28, 2017 2:37 am

Campaign promises not believed-poll results

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 @ 3:58 AM

Prince George, B.C.- When it comes to election campaign promises,  they may be a waste of time.

The  250 News  Opinion poll conducted over the past week,  indicated 96% of the  1580 who cast votes,  do not believed promises  made by candidates in an election campaign.

Just  4% (64) votes  said yes they  believe  the promises being made.

This week, we take your pulse on the refugee immigration issue  that has  taken the spotlight in the wake of  the deaths of two young Syrian boys who  drowned  while trying to escape to Europe and hopefully to Canada.   It is a tragedy that has  stirred emotions across the country,  and among the  political party leaders themselves.

The question this week is:

Who do you think  will best  address the refugee immigration issue?

Stephen Harper

Elizabeth May

Thomas Mulcair

Justin Trudeau

Your results will be posted next week.




Politicians will say anything just to get elected. Politicians are like diapers…they need to be changed often!

The following is taken from the Conservative Party of Canada’s federal election platform for the 2006 election – “Stand Up for Canada”, which is posted on the cbc.ca website:

“For those Canadians seeking accountability the question is clear: which party can deliver the change of government that’s needed to ensure political accountability in Ottawa? We need a change of government to replace old style politics with a new vision. We need to replace a culture of entitlement and corruption with a culture of accountability. We need to replace benefits for a privileged few with government for all.”

“Pay down the national debt by a minimum of $3 billion each year.”

“Create a National Security Review Committee to ensure effective oversight and a greater degree of accountability and transparency regarding Canada’s national security efforts.”


The poll lumped all the leaders together, that I think didn’t allow one to make a vote. Some I believe, some I don’t; some I think make promises they hope to keep which I think unlikely. So I didn’t vote on this poll.

See, they knew what was needed then. They just did not know how to deliver it.

In the working world we try to hire those people who have a track record of delivering goals which have been set for them and/or by them.

How do we do that? We look at their CV’s and talk to their previous bosses.

So, where are the CV’s of accomplishments of the local candidates? I do not see any.

Where are the references of past bosses? I do not see any.

Where are the references of past clients? I do not see any.

In other words, not enough of us apply the normal due diligence in our voting that we do when we hire someone.

But do not blame us. Those who have been selected in the past like it that way, so they are not about to change the process.

@Charles What are you trying to say, that Stephen Harper can’t be believed in anything he or his party says? Sounds about right.

Regarding the new poll, who in their right mind is voting Stephen Harper to best address the refugee crisis? I don’t think Canada has ever had a worse refugee program than we do now under Harper’s government. They regard refugees as freeloaders and criminals and do everything they can to keep them out of the country. If they’re not white Christians the Harper gov doesn’t want them.

We are all intelligent enough to know when they are lying but they still talk to us like we are stupid. The entire political scene in Canada has changed in a bad way.. we are becoming like the US.. It is no longer nothing more than saying what you think you need to say to keep your job. Then once you get in you do what you want..

Harper is exactly that.. He has a huge spin doctor team to manipulate everything.. We all know we are in a recession but he thinks we are so ignorant that as long as he doesnt say the word we will think we are fine..

The bad thing of all this if we did have a truely honest politician they would not get in … Canada is in such bad shape it will take years if not a decade or two to fix.. who wants to vote for that ?

“We need a change of government to replace old style politics with a new vision. We need to replace a culture of entitlement and corruption with a culture of accountability. We need to replace benefits for a privileged few with government for all.”

Lots of hot air! After ten years of Harper(mania) we are still waiting to see any action! In fact it got worse!

P.Michael you must be new here. Politicians will say & do anything if they think it’ll get them a few votes. Our local MP’s & MLA’s speeching about how they will be OUR voice in the capital. PFFFT! It’s just the opposite, they are the bosses voice back home. If they ever dare disagree they’ll find themselves out in the hall looking for an independent to pal around with.
I don’t trust any of them, & you can always tell when they’re lying, their lips will be moving.

Since it all boils down to the MPs having to toe the party line and if they don’t they get the boot – it is the top honcho (the PM) which better be a person of wisdom and integrity, making democratic decisions with are respectful of the people and the law. This person would ideally be more centered on the welfare of our country than on his/her own ego and self admiration.

Sometimes a country is fortunate to have such a person at the top, but more often than not it does not happen.

P.Michael speaks about leaders when the question was about candidates. Of course, leaders are also candidates in their ridings.

The thing is nobody, whether the leader of the party or any other candidate can make ANY promise that they will do any more than lobby for something or vote for something. Actions of Parliament are based on majority vote of those present when a vote is taken. It is not one person’s decision but a decision of many.

Every single MP can remain blameless for as long as they want. Nothing will stick to them.

So, the result was close to unanimity because that is all it could ever be if one really thinks about it.


In some cases I would agree, but when it comes down to representing our riding we need to send someone that will get the job done for us. Our sitting MP has been abscent from this riding far to long. And going with his hand picked replacement will do us know better. They even messed with dates in their nomination process that didn’t allow their strongest candidate to stand for nomination.

We have had next to no growth in our riding for the last 20 years. Where is all the money promised for the Beatle wood. Dick and the Conservitives promised Billions.

We elect a representative for our riding not a Prime Minister. We have been electing Dick and the conservatives/Reform/alliance for the last 22 years. What did that get us a MP that has the highest spending of any MP and lives in Osoyoos for the last 10 years. Sending another MP that only shows up at election time is a mistake

We need to send someone that will listen to our concerns and bring them to Ottawa. And have a strong voice for us to make sure it is heard over and over.

So who do you vote for? We just cant keep on complaining about bad politics. You need to have faith in one politician and get out and vote for him/her. You can not elect a responsible government with only a 40 or so present turn out at election time.

Accept the responsibility and take an interest in those that will govern us. If you don’t you will have another type Harper government who is only responsible for the elites in our society.

Dave:”Dick and the Conservitives promised Billions.”

They did, but what if the later (after the election) decisions of the Decider are contrary to what was promised – the beetle wood is a good example! Silence from the two you mentioned speaks volumes!


I’ll do this again with out web site links I’m guessing that’s why my post was removed

I saw a resume on Tracy Calogheros’s web site still lots of info there but its been changed probably to make it read easier.

Looked at Todd Doherty’s web site it used to say coming soon but now it says the site is suspended. Not a shock since he is not allowed to speak in public forums or to the media. I’m sure they don’t want him to put anything in writing.

Could not find a web site for Trent Derrick or Sheldon Clare.

Green party guy doesn’t live here so I never looked him up.


And our conservative MP just went silent about the Billions promised.

You can be part of a federal party and still be an advocate for your riding. Our conservative MP just did not care. Showed up for elections that’s it. Look at his record in the house. 20 years of a conservative MP and nothing but broken promises. They don’t care about us. I’m betting lots of that money went to try and win votes with attack adds and programs in Quebec and Ontario.

Why spend anything on our riding when we have proven we will continue to vote in the same ineffective guys over and over.

We need a change here. We all pay the same taxes, and our region has a wealth of good people and resources.

Let’s vote in the strongest candidate.

Dave, I had to look. Doherty’s website was there the last time I looked. Maybe its just down while some of the items on there are “corrected”.

Not sure Impudicus I’ve only seen it say coming soon. And now it’s say’s its suspended.

Just keep on complaining and October 19th you will get the government you deserve. Complaining on 250 can’t do a dam thing to improve our next government.

Well, if I was complaining to the Abbey News…would that change anything ?

Thanks for that search, Dave.

I get the same for Todd’s web site. Zimmer’s is blank but other Conservative MPs have their personal pages up.

Todd has a facebook page and he is on Twitter and there are current posts.

Likely the others have facebook pages as well and also Twitter.

They have to remember that not everyone is on the internet, and of those not everyone is on facebook, although the facebook pages are accessible without being a member, as are the twitter pagers/tweet, chirp chirp…. :-)

The Abbey News is a very powerful paper. :-J

I thought the Clair performance on CBC morning news was strong today. At this point I think he would be the best candidate for the riding. He would ask lots of questions, and be vocal, and I don’t see him ever changing. I think that’s what the PG Cariboo riding needs in Ottawa a genuine proven character.

I think Clair is genuinely in it for the riding, the vets, education, and good governance. I’d like to hear more on his ideas around foreign policy and free trade issues, because they will be a large part of an MP’s job in Ottawa as well.

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