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October 28, 2017 2:36 am

McBride Nasty Calls Solved

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 @ 9:25 AM

McBride, B.C.- The case of the threatening calls to the Mayor of McBride  is closed,  with a   person stepping forward and taking  responsibility.

In late July, McBride RCMP were advised  a threatening phone call had been made to the Mayor of McBride  and to  a Village Councillor.

The village of McBride  issued  a media release  asking anyone with information  on the calls to contact the RCMP.

During the investigation the person responsible for the calls came forward to the RCMP.

The individual admitted to making these calls along with others and explained that no harm was intended. The young adult had located contact information for the Mayor and Councilor then placed the calls but only intended them to be a prank.  The suspect was informed that these types of calls, under certain parameters, may not be a joke but in fact, a criminal offence and could very well have resulted in charges.

Personal apologies were made to the Mayor and Councilor. The young adult asked that these apologies be extended to all persons affected by this incident including Council and staff who had to be called in on a weekend to ensure the Village data systems were secure.

The name of the person involved will not be released as no charge recommendation was forwarded nor was an information sworn.



lame story. So who is being protected ?

This story is not lame.

This is a story about a youth making prank calls to a civic official.

When I was a youth, we made a few of these sort of calls, just like many youth have done for fun.

The issue today is that depending on the content of the call, there could be serious repercussions as indicated in the story, or even more serious repercussions if it were construed as an act of terrorism. With the direction that governments around the world are taking in regards to terrorism including our own bill c-51, it would not be a surprise if they charge this young mischief maker with a terrorism charge.

You might laugh at my suggestion, but it is stated as such in the story.

hardly lame.

I do recall making Prank calls.. but they were NEVER threatening.. That person must be dealt with accordingly.

We did the old.. is your fridge running… or do you have prince albert in a can… funny..not threatening.. HUGE difference.

I do believe the report stated the person responsible was a young adult. Therefore should be held responsible. Any threat against an individual’s safety should be dealt with seriously.

Loki you know not what transpired, why in the world would you go to such an extreme in suggesting bill c-51. This event does sound to be quite serious from the little that can be gleamed from the story, enough possibly to have warranted a mischief charge, but if you read the final line it states, no charge recommendation was forwarded nor was an information sworn. I guess it all depends on who’s ox is being gored.

Looks like someone not thinking about the consequences of the prank calls and felt extremely remorseful. Thankfully the police has a heart and decided to not ruin his life with a criminal record.

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