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October 28, 2017 2:34 am

Crime spike sparks warning

Thursday, September 10, 2015 @ 1:07 PM

Prince George , BC- The Prince George RCMP are warning members of the public of recent property crime spikes in specific urban and rural areas

Upwards of 25 Mischief and Theft from Vehicle reports have been made to the Detachment since September 1st in the Heritage/Tabor area in the City of Prince George.  Suspects are breaking into or attempting to break into vehicles throughout this area during the late night or early morning.

Theft of Vehicles and Break & Enters are the theme in the Buckhorn/Pineview area just outside City limits.  Since September 1st there have been several of these crimes reported in this area.  Thieves are active in these areas during the day, while people are not home.  

Both of these spikes are unusual and investigators do not believe the same persons are responsible for both increases.  Police are actively engaged in both these investigations and are looking for the public’s help in identifying the persons responsible.  Police are asking residents to review surveillance images they may have and report all suspicious activity no matter what time of day.



I would hope that the RCMP are ramping up patrols in these areas. It was in the Heritage/Tabor area where recently that woman had someone poison and kill her dog in her own back yard. Keep your eyes and ears open folks

ohhh we must have newer criminals moving to town

Yup call and report someone suspicious and you get asked 36 questions like you know the person on a personal level….

Funny that this should come up on the news because last week I noticed some strange vehicles in the area where I live and all in daylight hrs. when a person should be at work. Makes one wonder.


ice….good thing your not at work..

So these are outside of the city limits. I wonder how they will be recorded for purposes of the national crime index.

Also, I wonder whether that is handled by the city police or the regional police.

Thumbs up for those who are wondering the same. Thumbs down for those who do not care.


no kidding digit. just wanted to say I did notice 3 different vehicles in my neighbourhood cruising around and they acted awfully suspicious. this was last week and they showed up at different times during the day, working hrs. for most of us. just beware

What neighbourhood was the suspicious vehicles in ? It’s good for everyone to be more aware of things

I live in Pineview and my car was broken into. It was locked but no sign of forced entry. They emptied the glove box and console throwing stuff around the car and the only thing they took was a toonie and a loonie. Left the small change because they couldn’t be bothered I guess. Also they were in a vehicle as the tracks showed they pulled up right behind the car. No damage to anything, thank goodness!

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