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October 28, 2017 2:32 am

Full Agenda for City Council

Monday, September 14, 2015 @ 3:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It will likely be a long  night  for Mayor and Council at  this evening’s  city-hallregular  Council meeting.

The agenda  includes:

-revised license plate recognition  plan  for the downtown

-two  presentations,  one of which  will outline plans for the International Student Celebration night, the other  will  ask Council to consider  adding the Gymnastics  building to the City’s  asset management plan in order to facilitate upgrades

-call from Mayor Hall for staff to  come back with a report on the budget implications of reducing the ‘seniors’ age to 60 for  price breaks at recreation facilities as well as a report on the budget implications of  reinstating the voluntary water meter program

-details on the alternate approval process that will be put in place in order to borrow money for  the Fraser Bench  rehab  and stabilization plan  and for the purchase of new fleet vehicles.

-public hearing on  a  rezoning application for the Fraser Bench Lands  to  create a new subdivision with more than 200 housing units.

-public hearing  to  rezone a piece of property to  allow for the relocation of Prince George  Motorsports sales and service on Highway 16 West

The regular meeting starts at 6 p,m while the public hearings  are slated to start at 7 pm.



So here it is in black and white…..Can someone tell me why our tax dollars may possibly pay for the Fraser Bench Lands rehab and stabilizing as it appears to benefit the land developer the most with the alternate approval process??

Two things I am very opposed to.

Water meters? In Prince George, really? This is just more about finding a new tax source and paving the way for the globalists who want to own things like public utilities such as water distribution as a for profit enterprise. PG has no need for water meters and probably never will.

And then the Fraser Bench Lands project… what a waste of public dollars for the infrastructure this will require to prop up insider developers. This will be another University Way type project for the city… its common knowledge that that land is moving. That’s why they want to go with the undemocratic alternate approval process to push through for Bench Lands Remediation.

I think the Bench lands is a horrible place to build new housing as it is anyways. It is down wind and down stream of the city sewage treatment plant… something that smells as far as Superstore when coming down Peden Hill into town in the evenings… being right next to the discharge will do nothing to enhance PG’s image. Expect this to slow PG’s growth by limiting its available new housing stock to the sewers, and increase the cost of infrastructure demands that far outweigh the benefits.

Why not have the city say no for once to a developer that wants to make a quick buck with the cheapest most inappropriate land they can profit from.

I would much rather see the city have some vision and say that the city will only invest in new infill infrastructure along Crandbrook Hill crest towards the University.

You can bet L&M Engineering did all the legwork for that area too.. City Hall has them in their back pocket

The other thing about that development is that it’s too close to the BCR Industrial Site. Homeowners there will complain about dust and noise for all time to come. I am 100% against paying for a poor location for housing developments. There were no surprises.

Is there any update on the phantom hotel project beside the library.

Nothing should be zoned or built anywhere near a river. If you choose to build near a river it should be at the land owner or developers expense. I am tired of seeing my money go out for stupidity.

This Fraser River Bench land project is a done deal. We the taxpayers get stuck for the stabilization and rehab. Seems to me at the time the City decided to do this work there was no mention of borrowing the money.
They put the project forward as a safety issue, but in fact it ties in very nicely with the proposed development.

The next thing we will hear is that the City will want to move the sewage treatment plant, because the road out of the bench lands will come out around Ferry just East of the Graveyard.

Lots of tax dollars being spent with little concern about who’s paying the bills.

We still have not received an honest answer as to why the Quinn Street transfer station was closed. They gave us the BS about having it come under the jurisdiction of the Regional District, however in my opinion that was hogwash. I believe they have big plans for that area and as a result a perfectly good transfer station has been trashed. (Pun intended)

They better not even consider putting a water meter on my home. If they do,I will personally lead the revolt myself to get all these commie left wing socialist freaks thrown off city council.

Seems city hall just keeps dreaming up new ways to tax the snot out of people.

Last year we heard they wanted to tax homes and businesses by the square meter for area of impervious surfaces ( roof, deck, driveway if paved etc) because they were going on about stormwater maintenance costs.

Now they want to tax water coming IN to our homes? If they put a water meter on my home, I will want my utilities slashed to 1/4 what they are now.

Here’s a thought, how about we look at the salaries of city hall employees. They all make what… $ 85,000.00 to $ 125,000.00 or more per year and that’s just the clerks.

How about normalizing salaries and only THEN start hoovering what’s left of our incomes.

Wasnt sure where exactly this was, so did a quick search in google and found this. Figured I would share here for those who are interested:


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