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October 28, 2017 2:29 am

Open House Today For Highway 16 Widening Project

Thursday, September 17, 2015 @ 3:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Locals are invited to an open house today regarding a proposal to widen Highway 16 west of Prince George.

The proposal is part of the provincial government’s 10-year transportation plan, On the Move.

The project proposes to widen a section of Highway 16 to four lanes from the Bunce/Gauthier Road intersection to the east of Jensen Road.

The government says the upgrade will improve the safety and capacity of Highway 16 for those travelling to and from B.C.’s northwest and for those living in communities west of Prince George.

Staff from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will be at the open house to answer questions and provide information.

It will take place from 1pm to 7pm today in the Banquet Hall in the Bon Voyage Inn. Those unable to attend may forward their comments or questions to the project manager, Brent Davies at: Brent.Davies@gov.bc.ca.

Construction is anticipated for the summer of 2017.


I think that is just brutal if that is the plan to have it stop at Jenson. Why not scrap the whole idea and instead add a passing lane from the top of the Mud up to Blackwater turn off so all the loaded trucks coming into town climbing that hill can be passed breaking up the traffic congestion.

The section they are looking to four-lane flows good as is without much congestion and adding lanes with all the side streets and people making turns off the highway could present more problems than it solves.

I agree Eagle, though most cities the size of P.G. have 4 lanes that reach at least city limits. Four lanes to at least Mud River should have been done 20 years ago.

I am not sure exactly why they have these consultations, they never listen anyways. I am guessing it is to give the people the impression they care. A warm fuzzy being ignored feeling.

Why don’t they construct a new two lane highway adjacent to the existing one to produce a four lane divided highway. That way there would be less interference with traffic flow during construction. The threat of head on collisions would also be reduced with a divided highway.

Jensen is the point of many accidents in PG, vehicles being struck both pulling out and just driving along normally. 4 laning 20 years ago would have prevented at least 4 accidents I know of (and i do not have knowledge of them all) and saved the lives of those involved. Two of those had fatalities to four people I had acquaintance with and two I did not, but all had at least one fatality.

They tried to make the entrance to Jensen safer by moving it further from the corner but one of the accidents was a head on by the intersection after the changes. 4 lanes would allow for a lot more room to maneuver and it is quite possible their lives could have been saved. I fail to see how adding lanes would create any more problems than there are now.

Good project . Would be nice if they went at least to Carmel Road (Petro-Can), but better than nothing given other budget priorities and such. BTW, Jensen Road is past city limits.

ampm you are only talking a couple kilometers from Cycle North to Jensen and with the frontage roads I don’t believe there is enough room on either side

The highway does go out of city limits at Jensen but ducks back into city limits and out again by Beaverly Elementary, there is a small subdivision there with city sewer and water including Cinch Loop. Continuing on to the Beaverly Elementary turnoff at Western or Hartman would be a plus to make school travel that much safer IMO, although I personally haven’t heard of any major incidents in that area.

Our highways are busier than ever. The whole idea of doing it one piece at a time, is so that as pieces of land get assembled it can get done with in 12- 18 months. The other reason is about economics. in order to widen all the way to Vanderhoof all at once will cost huge sum of money. Thus they want to do it 2-3 km at a time. allowing it to be done in smaller pieces for provincial funding.

It would be my opinion that it will be 3 lane to Vanderhoof before the Cariboo Connector is completed. This is a good thing to have this done, it won’t hurt Prince George.

It is a balancing act, for the provincial government to widen the highways and keep the budget under control.

To think. Salmon River Bridge is finally getting changed to a bigger two lane bridge which should have been done 20 years ago. That thing is a death trap. Everybody out west shouldn’t complain at all. They can’t even come up with funding to make it four lanes.

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