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October 28, 2017 2:28 am

Economic Debate

Friday, September 18, 2015 @ 3:45 AM

three blind mice


I would have to disagree with the above cartoon. It should be changed to, two blind mice,Trudeau and Mulcair. The only one who had any insight to the economy was our current PM Steven Harper. Trudeau’s big pitch to put the country into further debt and create a new bank to handle the monies for the projects, is scary indeed, by paving the road (pardon the pun) for corruption and friends to benefit from the backs of Canadian Tax payers. Mulcair’s financial plan is laughable, from the scrum after the debate, Mulcair was asked why he based his financial framework on a $67.00 dollar a barrel oil, when oil is at $47.00 a barrel and heading downward from there. Mulcair looked like a dear in the headlights at the question. The debate was stupid, not allowing Steven Harper to finish what he was saying and Mulcair so rudely interjecting his non-sense. Trudeau and Mulcair, just do not make the grade and last night’s debate re-affirmed it. I think Harper is heading for a land slide victory on October 19 because Canadians can’t trust Trudeau and Mulcair.

You’ve nailed it Cheetos.

I hope you’re wrong Cheetos, and that we go back to a minority government. At least that way Harper’s heavy handedness can be constrained.

Harper has sunk us deeper in debt…doesn’t know how to run a balanced budget.. He hasn’t in 8 straight yearsHas cut transfer payments to the provinces.. Has cut money to vets, seniors, disabled.. He wants to violate our freedom with Bill C51. Has nit done anything for the missing women.. Spends money fighting wars we can’t afford.. Etc.. He is the worst priminister we have ever had.

I watched the whole debate and still not in favor of Harpo. Should never ever have the ability to have a 3 term in Canadian to easy to become a dictator. Open your eyes your loosing your rights people. Harper is still scum and will passing laws with out full consent of the citizens of Canada. He has lied in the whole Duffy debate. If you think he made a mess in the last four years you have not seen anything yet.

P Val, if you are going to criticize Stephen Harper and the Conservative Government for the deficit budgets that occurred, you also need to point out the global economic crisis that occurred AND you also need to point out that while in a minority government position, the Conservative Government was basically forced by the NDP and the Liberals to run deficit budgets!

Any particular reason why you would “forget” to mention those details?

Also, regarding cuts to vets, seniors, disabled, etc, budget numbers show that spending in these areas actually increased!

The only one in the debate that actually had any solid numbers and didn’t loose his cool was Harper. The rest of the debate was essentially a cat fight between Mulcair and Treaudeau.

Hart guy.. You believe harpers numbers..lol. He will lie cheat and steal just for fun.. When you cut a billion..then toss a million back at the problem Harper sees this as an increase..that’s the kind of weasel he is

P Val. I gave you some credit in the past for having some common sense, when posting, however lately you are making it very difficult with your stupid statements. What’s your problem??

Very little of what you say about Harper is correct and in fact is mostly nonsense. You are starting to sound like Ataloss.

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