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October 28, 2017 2:21 am

Vanderhoof Resident Named Coach of the Year

Sunday, September 27, 2015 @ 3:28 PM
Nicole Ebert (l) receives Coach of the Year award from ViaSport's Alyson Gourley-Cramer.  Photo 250News

Nicole Ebert (l) receives Coach of the Year award from ViaSport’s Alyson Gourley-Cramer. Photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Vanderhoof speed skating coach Nicole Ebert has won a prestigious provincial award.

Each year ViaSport recognizes coaches in B.C. in three categories: Recreational/Grassroots, Regional/Provincial and International.  The three winning coaches receive Coach of the Year Awards as well as an honorarium in recognition of their contribution to the advancement and well-being of athletes and their sport in BC.  Ebert has been named the 2014/15 Recreational/Grassroots Coach of the Year.

Ebert, who is also a family physician in Vanderhoof, has been a driving force behind the Nechako Lakes Clippers since formation of the speed skating club eleven  years ago.    There are now 70 young skaters in the club.   Ebert has encouraged young families to take up the sport and has also been involved in fundraising efforts to build a new swimming pool in Vanderhoof.

Ebert says she certainly wasn’t looking for or expecting to recive an award “because the big part about coaching is the kids and just being part of that with the kids.  But it is neat to see coaches recognized because there’s so many hours that are put in from coaches around the province and country.”  She says she has been approached about moving up in the coaching ranks to work at a higher level but says that is not where her interest lies.  She is happy right where she is, working with the young speed skaters in the Vanderhoof area.

As for speed skating facilities in Vanderhoof Ebert says “we have a hockey rink that we share with hockey and figure skating so it’s been challenging.  We’ve had to all compromise and give and take a bit, but it’s okay.  And Fort St James has their long track so we’ll go up there and kids will skate outside on their long track and sometimes come to Prince George and skate.  We’re too warm to have an outdoor long track in Vanderhoof.”

Ebert says she offers lots of encouragement to her young skaters to take part in meets in other communities.  “Ya, because it’s an individual sport you also want to get that social atmosphere and get them exposed to other places.  And racing, for some kids that why they do it and for other kids, they’re not interested, that’s too scary.  But it’s pushing yourself, and really you’re training to push yourself and so when you improve your skills you can see your skills improve when you race.  So ya, I think it’s worth trying to make it a fun event for them.”


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