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October 28, 2017 2:18 am

Debate Time at the PG Public Library

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 @ 3:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Candidates in the Cariboo-Prince George riding will debate the issues tonight at the Prince George Public Library.

It will be moderated by Daybreak North host Russell Bowers and will focus on both local issues and local representation.

The debate will delve into some hot topics including the Mount Polley breach, the continuing aftermath of the mountain pine beetle and the federal government’s relationship with indigenous people.

It will run from 7:00pm-8:30pm and will take place in the Keith Gordon Room in the Bob Harkins Branch downtown.

All candidates have confirmed their attendance with the exception of Conservative Todd Doherty.


You can tell Todd was hand picked by Dick Harris. Telling everone he’s too busy somewhere else in the riding.

How can someone running for public office avoid so many opportunities to speak to the public. I get it Todd, they may have scary questions about your chosen party’s track record in our riding. But if you believed in Harpers message you would be able to stand up and answer them.

If you are not allowed to speak in public forums where the questions have not been submitted days in advance and screened. Maybe you should apply for a different job. I would not hire someone who was too scared to come in for a job interview.

The 500-page binder of material compiled by the Tories is a treasure trove of controversial Harper quotes, listed alphabetically by subject matter.

– Then there’s his 1995 assertion that “providing for the poor is a provincial, not a federal responsibility.”

– “Let’s face it, the average backbench MP is little more than a bench warmer for his/her political party.” Letter to The National Post, February 1998.

– “MPs are bit players in a top-down parliamentary system and role players on their own top-down partisan team.” The Bulldog, August, 1998.



Maybe he is busy picking out his early retirement home in Osoyoos?

According to Doherty FB page he’s signed up for four debates so I’m pretty sure he’s not running from anything. This makes your politically slanted misleading point completely baseless. Its laughable you would thinks he’s afraid to answer hard questions, quite honestly, the hardest questions don’t come from debates, they come from one on one conversations everyday with voters on their doorsteps, within their businesses and workplace. Those conversations are by far the toughest job interview anybody could ever have.

Can’t trust Dave!

Right, whatever.

Have to disagree with you on that one Veritas,

I have good debates with people all the time one on one. But I would not want to stand up in front of people and be questioned.

The other thing is a politician can say whatever they want one on one. In public they can be held to account.

If he believes in his message he would not be scared to share it in public.

So is this what Todd has in mind for debates?

ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=ikMKJwbMQ_M&spfreload=10

Bush vs Bush by Will Ferrell

The forum will focus on local issues and local representation ..Todd is only following Harris… out of town golfing. That is how one deals with those issues!

@Dave So how do you explain Doherty’s participation in an all candidates forum this morning at Nechako Rotary? He’s certainly not afraid to stand up and talk to those hard working community service volunteers! Your narrative that he is running scared and hiding is complete nonsense and certainly favours your own political agenda. I understand some other candidates have sent regrets as well to past and future debates… So by your misguided logic, are they afraid as well? Or are your silly accusations only directed towards Conservatives?

Can’t trust Dave!

Wow, -13 already on my first comment. Looks like the lefties are getting their morning exercise hopping from one computer to the next to vote down the truth. ;)

I’m not sure about this mornings forum at rotary. Funny how you know this so soon I would guess you are on Todd’s team and are posting for that reason. Was there a debate or did they just do the usual rotary introductions.

We all know the Harper conservatives have been told to avoid public debates and the press. It’s not like Todd is the only conservative doing this. It’s going on country wide.

The bigger problem is he has not been elected and he is already lying to all of us. The fact that he will be untruthful to us over something so minor is scary. What’s next. The Harper conservatives have been lying for far too long. But they take their lead from the top down. Since Harpers team knows he is lying to the public about Duffy and other things its okay for them to do the same.

Corporations take the lead from the top when your leader is untruthful the people working for him will be as well.

No, I saw it on Facebook! So once again your assumptions are wrong… Next!

Can’t trust Dave!

No worries Veritas,

But you’ve left out the more important parts of my post. But that is the conservative way attack the messenger and ignore the message.

Harper and his team are lying to all of us. Less politics and more governing would be nice.

I agree with Veritas.

Can’t trust Dave:

I would think that the forum at the library tonight is non partisan and would be a good opportunity to hear from all candidates. Citizens have been invited by CBC to submit questions for this evening. While I think that the Rotary is a valuable organization, the general public would not have been invited or asked to submit their questions so the gathering would be much smaller and have a more partisan focus. Disappointed that Todd is not attending tonight at a very public event, shows lack of respect for constituents, in my opinion.

Have to agree HAS . The neocon minion bubble is a fact free zone .

To avoid the CBC debate seems like a very intentional move. This is likely going to be the best attended debate.

Unless something drastic comes out of this debate, the Liberals will have my vote. I’ve listened to interviews, and Tracy seems like a great candidate. I would love to see someone who actually cares about our region in Ottawa. We’ve been missing that for 22+ years.

@HAS So, are following in your opinion public debates? If so, and if everybody can agree on this… these are the ones Mr.Doherty has listed confirmed on his FaceBook page. I really think it’s time to put this sad display of silly assumptions and political posturing to bed. Have a great day!
– Vanderhoof Oct. 2 @ TBD
– Quesnel: Oct. 6 @ Billy Barker Hotel
– Prince George: Oct. 8 @ UNBC
– Prince George: Oct. 13 @ the Aboriginal Friendship Centre
– Williams Lake: October 15 @ Pioneer Complex

I agree pgjohn, that some of the Liberal platform is good. However, what concerns me about that platform and our local candidate is that the Liberal party supported Bill C-51. However, when asked about their stand on that bill via a question from 250 News, both Tracy and Matt said they do not support the bill. So, how can you try to get elected but not know what your party supported in the last parliament? Noticed that both Sheldon Claire, the independent and Trent Derrick, the NDP candidate do not support Bill C-51 and would work to repeal it if elected. That particular bill I find offensive and alarming and will vote for a candidate who is clearly not in support of it.

Veritas, thanks for the list of debates that Mr Doherty is attending, it seems that there are a number of recently announced ones and it is good to know about those. I believe that public debates are an excellent method of hearing from candidates and I have changed my vote on occasion, based on a good rational, logical presentation that meets my expectations and needs. So I am disappointed that the list does not contain the All Candidates Debate on Oct 7 at 7:00 pm at CNC. This debate is specifically about Bill C-51, a bill which I believe strips some of our freedoms which we hold dear. Perhaps Mr. Doherty can be persuaded to attend that very important debate.

Veritas…I am not on facebook.

Isn’t a big sign that the “orange kool aid” folks are running scared, as we see them ramp up the rants, the innuendos, the name calling, the below the belt remarks?

I think they have realized the Todd Doherty is working hard and doing everything he needs to do in order to win this election campaign,and the anti Todd/Conservative/Harper/Harris groupies having fits to think that Todd and the Conservatives will once again win this Riding. Oh and that will make 8 Elections in a row won by the conservatives, what a great record.

I will predict that when Todd wins..the lefties on this site will ONCE AGAIN be claiming that the Liberals and NDP did not run a “credible” Candidate. Watch for it.

Todd Doherty will win and make a great MP, and will be around for many years.

My prediction: Doherty – 22,000 votes
Derrick – 12,000 votes
Calegeros – 8,000 votes
Clare – 700 votes

See you after the Election

Harper conservatives have not done anything for our riding.

With an MP that’s lived in Osoyoos for the last 13/years. We payed more to fly his wife around the country then him. It’s sad people can defend this just because he where’s blue. How does a party allow this to go on.

We need voters to educate them selves.

“I agree pgjohn, that some of the Liberal platform is good. However, what concerns me about that platform and our local candidate is that the Liberal party supported Bill C-51. However, when asked about their stand on that bill via a question from 250 News, both Tracy and Matt said they do not support the bill. So, how can you try to get elected but not know what your party supported in the last parliament? Noticed that both Sheldon Claire, the independent and Trent Derrick, the NDP candidate do not support Bill C-51 and would work to repeal it if elected. That particular bill I find offensive and alarming and will vote for a candidate who is clearly not in support of it. ”

I wouldn’t leap to the conclusion they didn’t know the Liberal party supported it. They’re well aware, but it doesn’t mean they need to agree with a decision made by the party before they were running.

Perhaps if more people like Matt and Tracy were at the table with the Liberal team, the outcome would have been different in parliament. I’m a supporter of the Liberal party, but not a supporter of C-51. I don’t believe you have to agree 100% with a party to support them. Generally speaking I believe in their platform when compared to others.

Both Liberal candidates do not support Bill C-51 in its present form. Trudeau supported its passing because we had to have some protection at the time, but the support came with the proviso that after the election the Liberals will amend the sections concerned with Charter Rights and Privacy.

The NDP wants to scrap it and the Senate. If Harper gets a minority government he will be forced to change Bill C-51 or we will have another election very soon. So, it will be either amended or scrapped after the election. Other issues are far more important in this election. Everybody knows what they are, the ones that have become intolerable during the last ten years.

@ Dave

“Dave” What have you been mixing in your orange kool aid?

It is reported and verified that although Harris and his wife bought a condo in Osoyoos 13 some years ago, they certainly haven’t lived there until the last couple years, and in fact I think they spent most of the last 2years in Ottawa where they have had a place for many years. Prior to his changing residences, he had spent about 50 some years as a permanent resident of Prince George, so I think he has a good understanding of this Riding and his many many supporters know that.

Oh by the way…the people who actually do know what Harris has done for this Riding are the ones who kept electing him election after election, count ’em 7 consecutive over 22 years. And with big majorities.

Guess they are right when they say “Can’t trust Dave”

You left out an explanation about his wife’s flights notsofast.

It’s funny you spout that out like your proud of the fact our riding sent Dick to Ottawa. Again some how you think you’ve won because your guy is in. It’s not a hockey game. Our riding has lost over and over with Dick.

There was so much more he could have done, working with our municipal officials and business. But he did nothing. A 22 year back bencher.

Can’t Trust Harper

notsofast, Dick had been re-elected 7 times because the electorate never held him accountable. To be a back bencher for 22 years is embarrassing. The blue banner behind him was his key to re-election. The voters never challenged him or the party.

And I would love to know what he’s done for the riding in 22 years. I bet it looks really good if you were to condense it into 1 term haha.

He did keep the bench warm in his back bencher role. One has to be present at the time when crucial votes take happen, like proroguing parliament and other democratic efforts like that.

“when crucial votes take happen” ??? When crucial votes take place or happen…. Harper and his baloney and his 78 day longest in history campaign is having his desired effect on me! Sorry!

Dave. Strongly suggest you look up the travelling expenses that MP’s are allowed. I think that its about 64 trips per year. They are allowed to have their wife’s on some of these trips, and furthermore the trips do not have to be from Ottawa to their riding,. They can be to other destinations as long as it concerns constituency work.

So as an example if Harris flew Ottawa to Kelowna, then drove to Osoyoos, then drove to the following towns in his riding ie; Williams Lake, Quesnel, Prince George, and Vanderhoof, and then flew from Prince George back to Ottawa it would be cheaper than flying direct to and from Prince George as you have to go through Vancouver. So much for that line of BS

There is no problem with MP’s having a summer home anywhere in Canada. Nor is it necessary that Harris live in Prince George, he could live in Williams Lake, or Vanderhoof if he chose. In any event the constituency office is in Prince George, and for those people who wanted to contact Harris there has been no problem over the years.

Its a pretty sad state of affairs when we have people who did not vote for Harris or the Conservatives trying to pretend that the 20,000 plus that did vote for him have a problem with him. Wishful thinking I would say.

Can’t trust Dave.

@ PrinceGeorge, one of the very best things about this 78 day long campaign is that the electorate is getting an ever increasing clearer and clearer view of exactly how pathetic both Trudeau and Mulcair are!

At the same time, we see more and more good economic news! Better job numbers, better budget surplus numbers and the like are giving voters the opportunity to see that we are far better off with the Conservatives than with any of the also rans!

The rapid implosion of the new Alberta NDP Government and the antics of that wingnut Kathleen Wynne are also helping to bolster the Conservative’s fortunes!


Duffys expenses were also considered legal, but it doesn’t make it right.

If either Duffy or Dick belonged to another party you would be singing another tune.

You truly need to look further than the color blue.

It’s about our region and our represenitve.

NDP losing ground in Quebec, Conservatives, Bloc, and Liberals on the rise.

Thomas Mulcair (Canada’s Uriah Heep) must be getting twitchy, he has a good chance of losing his position as Opposition Leader, and will have to move out of Stornoway.

Dave. You have to be able to distinguish the difference between a Senator, and a Member of Parliament. Two different things entirely.

It will be determined by the Courts whether or not Duffy’s expenses were legal. Keep in mind he is facing some 21 charges. In addition we have Liberal Senator Mac Harb who has been charged with fraud. He has paid back $231,000.00 in expense money, however he goes to Court sometime this month.

The expenses claimed by Harris are legal, and are covered by the various rules and regulations covering MP’s travel. Harris’s expenses this year were the highest of all the MP’s, however he was closely followed by Nathan Cullen NDP MP for Skeena, Bulkley Valley, who chalked up expenses for travel in the area of $492,000.00. There are many other MP’s who are very high on the list when it comes to expenses, and there are reasons for all of them.

MP’s are allowed 64 points per year for travel either to and from their constituencies or for constituency business. A one way flight is considered a half point, and a return flight is considered as one point. Wife’s are allowed to travel, and the flights do not necessarily have to be direct to the constituency office. The point system is used so that MP’s are allowed the same number of flights regardless of the cost. As an example one MP might fly from Ottawa to Winnipeg and return for one point and another would fly Ottawa to Terrace and return for one point. Understand??

So you have two choices. 1. Do some in depth reading of expenses for Federal MP’s and how the system works, or 2. Keep your head in the sand and learn nothing.

Dick Harris a true back bencher I mean Back scratcher

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