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Friday Free For All – October 2nd, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015 @ 11:59 PM

It’s the first Friday of this month and as always, it’s time to hear your thoughts.

It is time for the Friday Free for All, when you pick the topic.

We once again ask that you respect each other’s opinion even if you don’t agree, so stick to the issue presented and leave out the name calling.

We have three simple rules and we expect you to follow them:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying

L E T ‘E R R I P !!!


Wouldn’t it be nice if all those muzzled backbench conservative MPs were actually at a secret conference discussing the best way to turf Harper before the election?

So it appears that the conservatives do not want to talk at all about the Trans Pacific Partnership, but will do anything to sign on to this ‘enlightened-sovereignty’ agreement (as Harper puts it) prior to the election.

The CBC had an article this week asking why Canada didn’t have its leader at the UN for the 70th anniversary. Asking if the UN was relevant anymore to Canada.

My response was to write that Canada has abandoned multilateralism, as envisioned through the UN, which protects the national sovereignty of Canada and global trade through the rules based World Trade Organization, but without infringing on national sovereignty.

The real change is not the abandonment of the UN and WTO as a form of rules based organizations at the global level, but rather the hidden terms of the TPP agreement that undermine Canadian rules and regulations relating to trade, the environment, and worker rights… a national arbitrage of whole sectors of the economy. The real danger is the investor state resolution clauses that undermine our constitution and the authority of the Supreme Court of Canada in favor of unaccountable jurists in hidden tribunals out of the City of London determining what Canadian policy can be under threat of financial penalty as a cost of national sovereign policies.

Many agreed and the comment was soon the number one comment in terms of people that agreed with the comment, that was until about mid day when suddenly the comment went from number one to just disappeared, gone without a trace, as if it never even existed.

Obviously censored and removed even though it mentioned no political party, nor any names like Harper or what not, and had no foul language… just a strong critique of a major policy decision being made behind closed doors. Just another in the latest examples of issues Canadians are not allowed to talk about during an election, and evidence of a CBC mole that has authority to remove comments that don’t fit the political agenda of their masters.

Political insiders have come to realize that the most powerful source of election meme’s is the so called ‘under the line’ comment sections of online media. Main stream media use to be able to control the debate and to herd voters through a parochial view put out by the MSM. This has now broken down as we have seen with the election of guys like Corbyn as opposition leader in Britain, or the likes of the outsiders in the US republican leadership debate. As such the under the line comments section all across online media has come under assault in recent months by the powers that be as a place to control the debate by removing meme’s that might go against partisan ideological purity. This is a danger to democracy, because when they take away the rights for others to challenge the positions of those in the ivory towers, then they take away the ability for democracy to function as it should through open and informed debate.

Harper plans to push through a trade agreement that no one in Parliament has yet read, much less from the provincial governments. A trade agreement that has provisions that undermine the rule of law in Canada as determined by parliament, legislatures, or municipal councils whom can be over ruled under threat of financial penalty by overseas tribunals.

The TPP agreement is about monopoly globalism gobbling up the small business free enterprise market, and about duel tracks in global trade for those on the inside governed through TPP provisions, and the outside governed through WTO rules. For the idea of a small Canadian family farm it essentially ends that dream by allowing in unrestricted imports from large multinational agribusiness… as does it also weakens Canada’s ability to diversify our industrial base, uphold environmental regulations, or even protect basic regulations of dignity in our workforce.

TPP is an issue that should be openly discussed in Canada prior to the election so the electorate goes to the polls informed of the issues, because if TPP moves forward all the promises the politicians make in regards to the trade economy, the environment, the service economy, and related areas mean nothing as they will no longer be governed through our elected officials, but rather through the investor state resolution clauses of the TPP framework agreement (essentially the lowest common denominator effect).

The globalist insiders no longer want to deal with our democratic process and would have Canada operate under their own corpocracy based constitution as envisioned through the TPP treaty process.

We need to know where our local candidates stand on the issue of TPP and its investor state resolution clauses.

And for word of advice for the road today.

Its always the one that follows the slow driver that needs to be watched, more so than even the slow driver leading the parade.

When a driver is willing to drive 20km under the speed limit, rather than pass a motorhome or slow moving vehicle when safe, then watch out because more often than not these are the ones that are driving distracted and make sudden stops, lane changes, or delayed movement from an intersection. I see it all the time without fail.

Its almost as if the thinking is that once they form part of a convoy they are then free to play on the phone or take the attention off the road and their surroundings.

I wonder if Harper will at all have to account during this election for his disastrous policy on Libya and the incubation of the national terror states?

Under Harper Canada led the coalition in the removal of Qaddafi using the Canadian navy and air force as enablers of the rebels (Canada was the lead nation for the NATO forces). The militants Canada sided with in Libya didn’t use the rule of law, but rather deposed of their dictator in a road side lynching under Canadian air cover.

After the destruction of the nation state of Libya Harper walked away from the mess, and left behind a failed state that became the nucleus of the fighting force of isis in the early part of the Syrian civil war.

A politician that never fails to take an opportunity to use terrorism as a source of civil liberty infringements to Canadians like Bill C-51, or the two tier Canadian citizenship notion… and yet when it comes to enabling the worst of the global terror groups in Libya, Syria, and Ukraine Harper always seems to find himself at the center of the wrong side of the issue of peace.

When is the media going to start calling this guy out for what he is… a hypocrite that is willing to twist any situation to his liking even when his policies have failed in the past and continue to create instability going forward.

If the Canadian voter is not informed then does it take someone like Putin to finally put a stop to Harpers foreign policy adventures around the globe?

Im picking up what you are throwing down Eagleone. Would it be worth your time to inquire to CBC as to why this post of yours was dropped? Or who for that matter would be able to cut it? A screen shot of these posts before and after would lend credibility (just a suggestion). I know you cant post pics here but a link to a fb group or the like may grab you some traction. I do find it suspect that Two candidates (con & ndp) will always always decline to answer questions posed to all candidates on this site. And that Todd was “too busy” to attend the all candidates debate hosted by CBC’s Daybreak the other day.

Anyway watch out for pedestrians, have a great weekend, and dont be the person that gets into an accident this weekend folks

Also, i would like to add, i drive delivery for work, and drive quite a bit on my own time (all around town). I see lots of pedestrians and cyclists, all areas, all demographs, all times of day (well mostly during the day)… i dont know what some of you are smoking to say no one walks or bikes in this town.

Let us define “lots”. I see pedestrians and I see bicyclists. Generally speaking, I see more pedestrians than bicyclists when I drive around town. I do not include downtown in that observation.

I see most of the pedestrians when driving up or down the hill to UNBC. I see a few bicyclists there as well.

When I do see bicyclists, and this is no matter which city I drive in, there is a high frequency of disregard of traffic laws – riding on sidewalks, riding against traffic direction, not stopping at stop signs, riding on 5th avenue from the bypass to downtown which is a restricted road … The rate of infractions far outnumber the infractions of motorized vehicles.

We need a giant awareness campaign in order to reduce those infractions.

I agree Artisan. My family and I are avid bikers, both street and off road. Safely has always been a top priority especially for the grand kids, who are just starting to ride on the roadways. I see it as well in Prince George and other communities, with one too many yahoos out there who feel separated from the shared responsibility for road safety.

What little we know about the Harper government’s many international trade deals is cause for grave concern.

Selling Canada out, one deal at a time

“Considering the financial transfers they tend to create, a more precise name for these deals might be: A Locked-In Agreement to Transfer Public Money to Large Companies, Lawyers and Arbitrators.”


Headline: NDP Mulcair to switch to all-out attacks on Trudeau instead of Harper.

History may well repeat itself. NDP Layton concentrates attacks on Liberals instead of on Conservatives and Harper gets his wish fulfilled for a majority government.

Nice going! Keep doing that, Thomas!

Just returned from a trip in Washington and Oregon. Gas prices are dropping everyday in the States. The highest we paid for regular gas with the dollar exchange was 83.7 per liter and the lowest we paid was 65.8. Meanwhile in BC, Prince George especially, pump prices are climbing, what’s up with that? Most stations are at 117.9 Also noticed that BC takes number one for the highest prices in the country. Can someone explain to me why we are being robbed? I know the BS carbon tax has something to do with part of it but let’s get real.

Seeing the gist of todays commentary is on the subject of the election, I notice that about 60/40 is the split of anti/pro Harper. However, I suspect that is not an indication of what you will see on Oct/19 …rather that the “anyone but Harper” crowd tend to be more vocal on the subject.

Eagle you may want to read this CBC post on the TPP, your information is not all correct. The government is forced into the TPP to have a trading relationship with the large amount of countries jumping on board.

Harper has said he will bring it before parliament but is not required to do so. The Liberals support it generally and of course the against everything NDP are against.


Intersesting how carmakers have been adjusting car computers to give false readings. All ties into the carbon scam.


Eagleone have you ever looked into the carbon trading scam and how its overtaking the oil industry in moving money especially since the big money houses have moved in.



Much sooner have Trudeau in Opposition than Mulcair. Cant stand the thought of listening to Mulcair whining for another 4 years.

I don’t know about his post on the CBC, but Eagleone is right about the TPP. The corporate sovereignty and copyright extension provisions of the draft treaty are completely unacceptable, and the secrecy in which this treaty is being negotiated is an additional cause for concern.

Man kills lion Man to Blame, Man kills students GUN to Blame.

For more information on the TPP from a real expert, I suggest reading Michael Geist’s posts, such as this one.

Seamutt, do you have any statistics about emissions from diesel powered trucks, pickup trucks, buses, heavy equipment and railroad diesel powered engines ? Without these today’s society would come to a complete halt, wouldn’t it?

Are there any tests done on those and what are the emission standards they have to meet? What about the bunker C oil that is used in tankers, cruise ships and cargo carriers?

Now they have all car makers under investigation, not only VW. Cheating of course is illegal but in the greater scheme of things cars use only a very small amount of diesel compared to what the others are using.

We can perfectly well have free trade, as that is generally understood, namely trade without tariff barriers, without the noxious provisions of the TPP. To its credit, until recently the Harper Government actually resisted some of the least acceptable provisions of the TPP. Unfortunately, it has given in to US pressure. Most of the countries involved have no particular interest in corporate sovereignty and copyright maximization – those provisions are pushed mostly by certain politically powerful business interests in the US.

Pg my post was about showing a small part of the carbon scam and some of the irregularities involved . The scam is huge money attracting all sorts of illiegal activities. The green blob has morphed into a huge money maker of which I would be interested in eagleones view.

Canada is not forced into the TPP by the US. CANADA is forced into the game if it does not want to be shut out of trading with the countries involved. At least the liberals also understand this. The government is striving for the best deal it can get, there is no conspiracy.

Hart Guy – that speech by Green Party leader May has been mentioned enough that your post reminded me to finally watch it online. I am in TEARS! hahahaha How anyone could possibly take that as a serious candidate is beyond me. I was chuckling already throughout but the shout out to Khadr and the F-bomb at the end had me howling. Thank you for the Friday humour!
Have a great weekend

Thanks for all the informative comments and links to other sources (yes Charles, yours too)regarding the TPP trade deal. I feel like I’ve had a mini course on a subject that I didn’t realize was going to have such an impact on Canadians. It almost seems like we’d be better off becoming the 52nd state of the US than signing on to this secretive trade deal. It just frustrates me so much to think that Canadians may blindly vote Harper to power again.

Seamutt – Canada already has trade agreements with the main countries of the TPP. So there is not much advantage to be had there. The downside is enormous though, ie. lack of market access for new players due to extended copyrights. What puzzles me is why the Liberals seem to be on board, considering no one has seen the whole document yet.

As someone in their 20s. I cannot make sense of why the two PG ridings are so devoted to the Conservative party. For most of my life, we’ve been represented by the Tories. What have we had? A career back-bencher who couldn’t even be bothered to live in our riding for half his time in office.

What has our riding seen? A stagnant population growth (decline in some communities). We have an aging population, and are going to be faced with some challenging times if something doesn’t change.

PG has never had a significant population growth in my entire lifetime, yet the constituents continue to choose the “stay the course” option. As far as I’m concerned, the Tories have failed us, and have taken our riding for granted. We’re a safe riding for them, why bother making us a priority? They couldn’t even commit to the $1 billion they promised us for beetle kill. Only giving us about $200 Million. I guess we’re used to only getting 20%, that’s about the amount of effort put in by Harris over the years.

I hope in this next election the two ridings in the area will realize there’s no benefit to party loyalty. If we elect an NDP or Liberal candidate, these parties will put us on their radar as a swing riding and will likely pay close attention to us, or at the very least I hope it’s a close election if the Tories win. Then perhaps they will realize it’s time to take the car off cruise control and invest in our region.

Our resources are important for BC, and thus Canada. Why do we continuously choose to cut ourselves short?

Donald Mackenzie wrote;
“Man kills lion Man to Blame, Man kills students GUN to Blame.”
Certainly it is the man to blame for killing the students and not the gun as it is simply a tool!
However why is it that the USA has 100 times the gun related deaths and injuries than any other country in the DEVELOPED world? Could it be that most of the developed world has controls on who purchase that simple tool? Could it be that those same counties place strict controls on the most dangerous of those tools?
One would think that the USA would finally come to the realization that continuing to give unfettered access to every kind of firearm under the sun without so much as a simple background check is a recipe for disaster, however even a mass killing a month is not enough to drive that message home for the gun lobby!

Wonder if cyclists are supposed to have winter tires on their bikes. Maybe the cops should give out tickets to them also. Just sayin

pgjohn with a score of -1

This time around ( Cariboo-Prince George) we have a good choice and that is the independent that is running, he only has to answer to the constituents of the riding. In , what seems like a close race, an independent will hold a lot of power in the legislative process.

Anywhere I go, I see Driver with the Cell Phone glued to the Ear, Fines must be to low. I got a better Idea to stop this ” Phone must be turned off when entering the Car, I think that will do it, I hope .
Passing in the Construction Zones on 16 West, must be Nuts, seen it twice on Tuesday.

pgjohn with a score of -1

This time around ( Cariboo-Prince George) we have a good choice and that is the independent that is running, he only has to answer to the constituents of the riding
In , what seems like a close race, an independent will hold a lot of power in the legislative process.

pgjohn – it’s the oldtimers that keep voting conservative. Nice to hear from the younger people, hope lots of you come out to vote.

Good morning to all my friends in George. It’s a cloudy dull day in Abby but it looks promising for the morrow.

So you had a great political debate in Prince George but it appears the wolf did not leave the chicken coop tp participate. Im pulling for you people in PG but it looks grim. It seems strange that there are so many middle class residents yet Harperman seems the choice to represent Prince George.

You probably need to get the younger generation involved in politics to bring up the voter interest. In Abbotsford there is no hope. We see the younger generation wearing white shirts an a tie to attend school so they will also become interested in the Lord and fallow in there parents foot steps.

So you had better forget about bad driving habits and concentrate on who will represent you after the 19th October.

Retired 02, we are so blessed, those of us living in PG, to have someone as wise as you telling us what we should and shouldn’t do!

Do you extend the same courtesies to your neighbours in Abby?

Don’t mention it Hart guy I am more the pleased to help but you appear a bit dense I have ready mentioned that it would be impossible to convert a bible puncher to vote for a more liberal minded idea.


Don’t try to sugarcoat the way the youth in Abbotsford dress. Everyone knows that it is a dark colored hoodie, low slung jeans with an 8 ball in the pocket and a glock tucked neatly in the waistband. The only time they wear a shirt and tie is in the pine box.

Saw on the news that even the old guys in the old farts home in that neck of the woods are getting into the gangsta lifestyle getting all stabby and stuff with each other and any cop who tries to intervene. Brutal.

Was in Port Kells on business last week and stopped in at Mountain Equipment Coop and noticed that they have an “Abbotsford Collection” of outerwear. Nice jackets lined with both Gore-Tex and Kevlar, equally good at shedding cold rain and hot lead, perfect for the dreary winter days in Abby.

Ibear you should listen to your elders. Don’t forget your elders smartened up after the idealistic sixties and got on with real life.

^^^^ Curmudgeon, the good old days are just a myth that supports the false idea of how good we were,da.

seamutt – you should do your research before you spout off on things you don’t know about. I did.

frank2 I don’t know if it is a legal requirement or not but I already have my Hakkapeliitta studded winters on my bicycle.

10 years of this harpers non governing…..I said years ago he is dangerous…so far he is proving me rite…and his bible thumer followers …well theres a trip waiting for them to Hell…along with these cons..still $3.1 billion missing under his watch…[give it to the JEWS].
this no good dirtball belong in jail…liar,cheater,thief,treasonest…war Pig ..we have no business killing women and babies in Syria…or Afghanestan….this is all the U.S doing let clean it up!!
None is NATO sanctioned….not our problem…..Terrorists …my greatest fear is this trash heep coming back for another term…Yes there will be lots of room in HELL for them and I will be waiting ,I wanna hear them Scream all the way down……..my Quarter,cause a nickel ain’t worth s**$…take your advice there muttly…ya should meet my dog he a big boy….

That post made my head hurt.

@axman Apparently Harper should be focusing on mental health issues rather than foreign policy…yikes!

Wow, I think “Retired” just changed his name to “tliotg”

Lots of ranting and raving on this site about Harper and the Conservatives. Most of it not very well researched and in fact is closer to fiction than fact.

The majority of voters in this area vote for the Conservatives for no other reason than they see them as the best to Govern this Country. If they didn’t then they would vote for someone else.

The fact of the matter is the NDP and the Liberals, have lost the election in these ridings year, after year, after year.

Even those people who do not support Harper and the Conservatives must come to the conclusion that people in this area are happy with the present Government.

Trying to win support for your cause by constantly slagging the Conservatives is not working.

Perhaps its time some people actually joined a political party, and found out how the system works.

All that’s required for a Conservative win in these ridings is for those who voted Conservative in the last election to do so again. My guess is that they will.

What do you call a kid in Abbotsford that wears a suit – the defendant.

What did the kid in Abbotsford get for Christmas – the kid from Langley’s bike.

that Toad guy running for the cons…they don’t answer the phone over there……he going to show for any meeting ?? surprised harper showed for this debate……it the con voters turn to stay home the bozo is dun…

tliotg, I wonder who the bozo is. Maybe you should take a few English courses in school. I don’t understand a thing you are saying.

The French debate on CPAC was a poorly moderated affair. They tried to address far to many subjects, it was hurried, nervous and disrespectful to all the candidates as they usually did not get an opportunity to make rebuttals to unfair accusations consisting of manufactured ‘facts’ and fairy tales.

There was way too much spin and digging up of ancient political controversies which are just an obstacle to those who want to move the country in a new direction. Harper especially refused to give answers when repeatedly challenged to do so! All he had to do was say yes or no! But no such luck! Finally he was saved by the timer. Unbelievable!

Thankfully it was the last leaders debate, so they say.

ski51 – I guess times have changed – I learned those as Surrey jokes.

Ibear from your post I can tell you only read headlines. The TPP is a whole new ballgame. yes Canada already trades with all those countries seems to be a surprise to you. Here is another surprise to you those countries also have been trading with each other. Time for you to read past the headlines.

puffer duffer WYGIYMMOC…. there ya is …you do not need I’m sure you will get the picture..hehehe…

Yes they have been trading ..he does not have to sell us out …like NAFTA…time this was redone….when we get a new Gov..yea!!

And for you blinded sheeppl..that harper is the most dangerous pm we have ever had…he is a Baby killer..over there in Syria did you Know that…Live Leaks see it all what they are bombing Kids ,women…and babies..He will have Candaat war within years or 2 if he has his way….see his arms deal with the head cutters ..they are the terrorists..they are giving those arms to isis…..who harper is supposed to be up against Hmmmm,hmmmm.this here in Syria has been going on 4years now he has killed 250,000 of his owb PPL….what did harper do ??? Nada while they were asking for help ..he did nothing …not on his radar like 1200 missing women….and Murdered women…..

duffer say hi to you Momma for me now…..remember..

What are you babbling about tliotg? Keep reading your live leaks and singing kumbaya

It is Obama’s rebels that are surrendering their weapons to ISIS for free passage through hostile territory. Trump says he will send them all back to whence they came anyway, he is just crazy enough to get elected. We need a politically incorrect candidate to stir things up here in Canucksville

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